What are your plans this Halloween? We’re already excited about what Halloween costumes we’ll be wearing, how to best decorate our home and what sweet treats we’ll be giving as gifts!


So to help you with your Halloween crochet, we’ve compiled this spooktacular list of our favourite paid and free Halloween crochet patterns! From crochet Halloween costumes to hauntingly good homeware to terrifying toys, the only questions is... Witch one of these Halloween crochet patterns will you be trying?

Halloween crafts

If you're looking for more more creepy crafty makes, you could also try these Halloween cross stitch patterns or these knitted Halloween decorations.

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Top Halloween Crochet Patterns

1. Free amigurumi crochet bat pattern


First appearing in Simply Crochet issue 49, we are totally batty for this Halloween crochet pattern which we're now bringing to you as one of our free crochet projects!

This sweet little bat is designed by Simply Crochet editor, Sara Huntington, and makes a brilliant first amigurumi project!

2. Free crochet pumpkin pattern

free crochet pumpkin pattern

How cute are these sweet little crochet pumpkins by Liz Ward?! This free pumpkin pattern comes with instructions for how to make your pumpkins in 2 different sizes, and uses some clever sewn stitches to create that classic pumpkin shape!

3. Oscar the spider crochet pattern

spider crochet pattern

Give your friends a fright with this spooky amigurumi spider crochet pattern! We love the use of pipe cleaners to get those long legs looking perfect!

4. Skeleton Post Mortem doily crochet pattern

skeleton doily halloween crochet pattern

For ultimate Halloween vibes, this skeleton doily pattern is an excellent way of bringing creepy crochet into your home.

The intricate lace design provides a fun crochet challenge, and the detailed skeleton crochet pattern and coffin design is a terrifying twist on the traditional doily.

It’s definitely a must-make for any Halloween dinner parties, your guests won’t know whether to be amazed or appalled… possibly both!

5. Free crochet masquerade mask pattern


If you have a Halloween party coming up and need a super-quick crochet halloween costume, you'll be the belle of the ball with this pretty crochet lace mask, designed by Alexis at Persia Lou.

6. Free crochet spider web pattern


If you're after quick and easy crochet Halloween patterns that you can make in no time at all, then you've got to try this cute spider web motif!

We've hooked ours up in some shiny metallic yarn, and you can easily join the motifs together to turn them into fabulous Halloween crochet decorations!

7. Free spider web collar crochet pattern

spiderweb collar crochet pattern

Whether you’re a fan of that Wednesday Addams goth styling or are just after the perfect Halloween accessory, you can’t go wrong with this stylish spider web collar!

The collar is designed to be a one-size-fits-all pattern, however there are instructions for how to adapt it if you need larger sizes… plus the handy video tutorial makes it even easier to enjoy come cobweb crochet.

8. Free crochet skull pattern

Free Crochet Skull Pattern

Here's another free Halloween crochet pattern that is a simple motif that you can use in a range of petrifying projects!

This crochet skull pattern is a design you could hook up in just a few minutes, and would make a great appliqué embellishment for your Halloween outfit!

9. Halloween amigurumi cats pattern bundle

Halloween cats crochet pattern bundle

If you’re getting a bit creeped out by these crochet Halloween patterns and need something cute to calm you down, then we think you’ll love these Halloween amigurumi cats. This pattern bundle includes patterns for a ghost cat, pumpkin cat and witch cat.

Lock the door, close the curtains, put your phone on silent and settle in for a quiet Halloween with these adorable kitties to keep you company.

Skills with skulls

If you're a fan of creepy crochet, then why not have a go at this amazing filet crochet skull jumper by Pony McTate. It's super-fun to hook, and the pattern is now available in sizes 8-36! You can find the pattern on Ravelry!


10. Free crochet ghost pattern

Free crochet ghost pattern

Here's another of our free Halloween crochet patterns that you hook up super-quick and use for all sorts of different projects.

This easy crochet ghost motif is great by itself, but we've also included instructions on how to turn it into Halloween bunting, cake toppers and even a ghoulish keyring!

11. Crochet witch hat pattern

witches hat crochet pattern

For fancy dress parties or just some good ol' trick or treating, show off your skills with your crochet halloween costume. This crochet witch hat pattern by Crochetverse will have your friends dying of envy!

More like this

12. Free ghost doily crochet pattern


If you fancy showing off your crochet skills this Halloween, then your guests will be amazed by this incredible ghost doily crochet pattern by Marsha Glassner.

  • Click here for the Free ghost doily crochet pattern on a href="https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/boo-12" target="_blank" rel="sponsored noopener">Ravelry

13. Free black cat Halloween headband crochet pattern

black cat headband halloween crochet pattern

Been invited to a last minute Halloween party and need a crochet Halloween costume super-fast? Dressing up as a black cat is an easy costume to craft, after all besides some black clothes and some sort of tail, all you really need is some cat ears.

This free crochet pattern is a great way of using your crochet skills to upcycle an old headband into a pair of adorable ears. It can be easily adjusted to accommodate different sizes, and includes an optional bow too!

14. Micro skull crochet pattern

micro skull crochet pattern

Although we've included this in our crochet halloween patterns round-up, we'd happily wear these amazing micro skull earrings all year round!

This fantastic design by Steffi Glaves uses lace crochet thread and a tiny hook to create these super-small skulls, but you can always scale it up with some 4ply or Dk yarn.

15. Fancy Rats crochet pattern

fancy rat crochet pattern

Here’s one that will divide opinion – creepy or cute? It’s fair to say rats have a pretty poor reputation, but these aren’t just any rats - they’re fancy rats!

This fun amigurumi pattern is perfect for Halloween decor and props… as well as for pranking your friends! You'd certainly get a fright if they were popping out from the bottom of a bowl of sweets!

16. Free Halloween puppets crochet pattern


Here's some more crochet halloween patterns to keep your little guys and ghouls happy this Halloween! These easy-to-make puppets are a great way to treat kids... and much better for them than sweets!

17. Free pumpkin basket crochet pattern


If you are prepared to give out some sweets (or healthy snacks) to any trick or treaters that knock at your door, have those treats ready to hand out with this fab crochet pumpkin basket designed especially for us by Louise Sheward.

18. Free crochet sweets pattern

crochet candy pic n mix

We know the kids will hate us for this one, but if you want to cut down on the amount of sugar they consume this Halloween, why not try slipping them some of these crochet sweets instead - guaranteed sugar free!

19. Eyeball monsters crochet pattern

Eyeball monsters crochet pattern

Looking for a Halloween amigurumi pattern that is the stuff of nightmares? Then look no further than these eyeball monsters!

This is an incredible 108 page digital pattern that includes instructions for making a whole army of different eyeball monster characters. Choose from a range of different legs, tentacles, arms, eyeballs, eyelids and more – all of which are interchangeable allowing you to create your own custom monsters!

20. Free candy corn crochet pattern

candy corn amigurumi crochet pattern keychain

We don't really have candy corn here in the UK, but we know our friends in the US love it - so heres a sweet free candy corn keychain pattern for you to hook up for Halloween!

Dare to do it yourself!

If you're hosting a Halloween party this year, why not steer clear of those scary plastic decorations and try making one of these 35 DIY homemade Halloween decorations!

Halloween theme decorated living room. Lifestyle Halloween season family house interior. Traditional Halloween decorations background.

21. Free black cat crochet bunting pattern


Here's a fab bunting pattern for Halloween... or for all year round if you love cute kitties as much as we do! This easy pattern is quick to make and you can easily make your bunting as long or as short as you need - just keep crocheting those cats!

22. Free amigurumi Raven crochet pattern

Raven crochet pattern

Fans of Edgar Allen Poe (or that Simpsons Halloween episode) will understand the pure horror of the Raven, “Perched upon a bust of Pallas just above my chamber door – Perched, and sat, and nothing more.”

This fantastically lifelike amigurumi would make a great Halloween prop and would definitely creep out your guests perched solemnly in a corner.

23. Mosaic skeleton crochet pattern for placemats and more!

Mosaic skeleton crochet pattern

Mosaic crochet has had a real surge in popularity in recent years, and you can combine this fun crochet technique with some spooky skeletons in this spectacular Halloween crochet pattern.

The placemat skeleton crochet pattern makes a stunning Halloween centrepiece on your dining table, but you can easily convert the pattern into a creepy cushion!

24. Free amigurumi ghost crochet pattern


This fa-boo-lous ghost pattern by Sara Huntington from Simply Crochet is so simple we’re making a handful this Halloween.

Try turning it into hanging decorations for above the door and for appliquéing onto a wreath for a unique spin!

25. Sugar skull amigurumi doll crochet pattern

Sugar skull doll crochet pattern

When it comes to amazing amigurumi Halloween crochet patterns, it'll come as no surprise that superstar desginer Ilaria Caliri has a brilliant Halloween amigurumi design up her sleeve!

This day-of-the-dead inspired sugar skull amigurumi doll first appeared in issue 62 of Simply Crochet magazine, and you can now buy the pattern on Etsy - she's the perfect blend of creepy and cute!

26. Free pompom Halloween wreath pattern


Ok, so we know this pattern isn't really crochet... but we also know how much you love pompoms!

This super-simple make is a really quick way of giving your home a spooky makeover - just grab some orange yarn and a pompom maker and you'll have this made in no time (p.s. if you don't have a wreath handy, you could always make one from cardboard).

27. Free Morticia gloves crochet pattern

Morticia gloves crochet pattern

Now here's another of our Halloween crochet patterns that is so stunning that we’d gladly wear it all year round! These Morticia Gloves by Anna Nikipirowicz are a glorious spider web accessory that is both eerie and elegant.

28. Free decorative pumpkins crochet pattern

free crochet pumpkins pattern

Maybe you fancy a Halloween crochet project to celebrate the season, but don't want anything too spooky. Then you should have a go at this fab free decorative pumpkins crochet pattern, which is available as this oblong/gourd style or the classic round pumpkin too.

Perfect pumpkins every time!

Nothing says Halloween quite like a classic Jack-o-Lantern! Check out our How to carve a pumpkin tutorial - it's full of top tips, and there's even a video tutorial too!

How do you carve a pumpkin?

29. Free crochet spider cushion pattern


Give your sofa a spooky makeover with this incredible free crochet spider cushion.

It uses a host of different techniques making it a fun and fulfilling project, and the amigurumi spider pattern is made independently of the cushion - so you can always just hook that up by itself and use it to scare your friends!

30. Mosaic pumpkin cushion crochet pattern

pumpkin cushion crochet pattern

Continuing with the haunted homewares, here's another incredible mosaic crochet design that is just perfect for hiding behind during those scary horror movie nights!

We're obsessed with the tessellating jack-o-lantern design, it's got to be one of our favourite Halloween crochet patterns!

31. Free witch hat crochet pattern

free cat witches hat crochet pattern

Black cats and witches hats - this fab free Halloween crochet pattern perfectly combines the two!

Red Heart have made this pattern available in 4 sizes, so everyone from babies to adults can unleash their inner witch with this simple crochet Halloween costume!

32. Trick or Treat bunting crochet pattern

Trick or treat bunting crochet pattern

Is it even a party if you don’t have bunting? Make sure your Halloween party is decorated properly with this awesome trick or treat bunting.

This fab crochet halloween pattern uses crochet colour work to create the lettering, with each letter being accompanied by written instructions and a chart. It also includes instructions for the ghost and spider applique too.

33. Free kids crochet devil costume pattern

Free kids devil costume crochet pattern

If you need to hook up a quick crochet Halloween costume for your own little devil, this free Halloween crochet pattern from Red Heart is both easy and interesting.

Made in Aran yarn and using slip stitch rows, it won't take you long to make it and kids will love wearing it... but don't blame us if it encourages them to get up to even more mischief!

34. Free Halloween wreath crochet pattern

Free Halloween wreath crochet pattern

If you're a proper crochet wreath for your front door, then maybe you'll like this free Halloween crochet pattern by Lily Sugar 'n Cream - complete with pumpkins, witches and spiders!

35. Amigurumi voodoo dolls crochet pattern

voodoo dolls crochet pattern

These Halloween amigurumi voodoo doll keychains are a great way of hooking up a bit of crochet magic! They make sweet little Halloween gifts, and again would be a nice alternative to sweets for trick or treaters!

36. Free Medusa crochet doll pattern

Medusa crochet doll pattern cropped

You're not supposed to look Medusa in the eye, but this one is so sweet even Perseus himself wouldn't be able to resist.

This fabulous Halloween crochet pattern by Revlie Schuit would make a fabulous gift to make for your little one, but if a bit too scary for them you can always just give her normal hair instead.

Frighteningly fun crafts

If you want to encourage your kids to get involved in crafting this Halloween, there's plenty of projects they can try in our list of 45 easy Halloween crafts for kids.

Halloween crafts for kids Rainbow paper tube bats

37. Free crochet Frankenstein plush toy


We love this Frankenstein’s monster plushie by Jillian over at Spin A Yarn Crochet! She’s used tapestry crochet and although there’s a bit of sewing involved we think he’ll be the perfect Halloween crochet companion on your little one’s trick or treat trip!

38. Pumpkin patch crochet hood pattern

pumpkin patch hood crochet pattern

It doesn't all have to be scary and spooky when it comes to Halloween crochet patterns - this pumpkin patch crochet hood pattern is a fabulous example of a super-cute design that also celebrates the season!

More Halloween craft projects

Once you've hooked up your favourite Halloween crochet patterns, it's time to start giving your home a spooky makeover. Unfortunately a lot of shop-bought Halloween decorations are made of single use plastic, so we'd definitely encourage you to craft up your own that you can reuse year after year!

Even paper can be petrifying with these easy origami Halloween ideas, or use some simple sewing skills to make our DIY Halloween bunting.


Halloween Wreath ideas to try

Scare those trick-or-treaters with your crafty skills by trying one of our these frighteningly fantastic DIY Halloween wreath ideas.


Matt SpiersDigital Assistant, Gathered

Matt Spiers is a crochet artist and designer who has been overseeing Gathered's crochet articles for over 2 years. He previously worked as Digital Assistant for Simply Crochet magazine and is our in house video editing pro. What started as a hobby a decade ago led to Matt developing a passion (and then a career) with crochet. As well as still regularly writing and designing for Simply Crochet magazine, Matt is a crochet artist in his own right, having displayed and created crochet installations at festivals and fibre events across the UK. You can keep up to date with Matt at @onemancrochet on Instagram.

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