We absolutely love an embroidered patch, and have to say we are quite addicted to them! So we've put this list together of our favourite embroidered patches available to buy. We are sure you'll find something to inspire you for your next patch.


In this list you'll find many different designs to choose from, from cute cats to a slice of pizza, there's something for all tastes, and we're sure you'll find something you love.

What is an embroidered patch?

An embroidered patch is a design made to attach to clothes or other fabric, they are usually made with iron-on backing for easy transfer to your fabric, but will also need to be sewn on to keep them from falling off. Embroidered patches come in such a wide variety of styles and shapes so we have put in patches to suit all styles and tastes.

If you’re just getting started in embroidery, make sure you check out our guide: embroidery for beginners, and this helpful library of embroidery stitches. If you’re looking for some inspiration check out these embroidery patterns, where you’ll find loads of exciting projects to get stuck into.

25 cutest embroidered patches

Lovehearts embroidered patches

Oh, we love these cute embroidered patches, they would look absolutely fab on a denim jacket or a backpack, to add that extra touch of sass. There is a huge number of phrases you can choose from too, you can even create a custom patch if there's something in particular you wanted. There's also plenty of colours to choose from too, bonus!

Love heart embroidered patches, Etsy, £3.75

embroidered patches lovehearts

Bee embroidered patches

Who doesn't love our fuzzy bee friends? They're not only cute but vital to the environment and our ecosystem. So what better way to show your eco-warrior side than celebrating the beautiful bumblebee. Pop it on your jacket, or bag to give it a new lease of life!

More like this

Bee embroidered patches, Etsy, £4.00

embroidered patches bee

Pigeon embroidered patches

Now, you may be thinking 'I don't like pigeons'... but hear us out. Pigeons are one of the most underrated birds, they're as clever as a parrot but they're docile and friendly, so they make wonderful pets. Now, we're not saying take one from your local park, but pet pigeons are still a thing and are available to keep as pets! Who knew? Now every time someone asks you about your pigeon embroidered patch, you'll have some fun facts to tell them.

Pigeon embroidered patch, Etsy, £7.50

embroidered patches pigeon

Cat embroidered patches

Of course, we have to include one (or maybe two) cat embroidered patches, just because it's a known fact (we have no sources for this except ourselves) that all crafters love cats! Black cats always get the short straw, often associated with witchcraft and unluckiness, but black cats are the sweetest ever! Join the black cat appreciation society, we're not sure that's a thing, but it should be.

Cat embroidered patches, Etsy, £8.42

embroidered patches cat

Butterfly embroidered patch

These beautiful purple butterflies would look amazing embroidered onto denim, maybe a pair of jeans? Whatever you do with them every time you look at them it'll remind you of summer. These butterflies come as a set of three ready to iron on or if you prefer sewed on.

Butterfly embroidered patches, Etsy, £3.30

embroidered patches butterfly

Inspirational embroidered patch

This inspirational patch would look fab on a bag, or be given to a friend as a thoughtful gift. It's just the right size to fit inside of a greetings card. This patch can be easily ironed on, or if you prefer you can sew it on.

Inspirational embroidered patch, Etsy, £6.00

embroidered patches motto

Pizza embroidered patch

"No, I don't want pizza", said nobody ever! If you love pizza as much as we do, this might just be the perfect embroidered patch for you. This cute pizza patch can be ironed or, but sewing it on is best for long term - particularly if you're putting it on clothes.

Pizza embroidered patch, Etsy, £3.25

embroidered patches pizza

Mixtape embroidered patches

Yes, we love a nostalgia hit! And what better fun than remembering trying to record songs from the radio onto your tape player (whether it was for the crush in your life or not!). This cute tape embroidered patch is a homage to the great cassette tape and how the youth of this generation will never know the struggle. Also, how romantic to receive a mixtape?

Mixtape embroidered patch, Etsy, £3.95

embroidered patches mixtape

Homer Simpson embroidered patches

It's a classic! Homer finding out his face is being used on a Japanese dish soap brand called Mr. Sparkle. This vague Simpsons reference will only be recognised by other die-hard Simpsons fans - awesome.

Homer Simpson embroidered patches, Etsy from £5.77

embroidered patches homer

Pinky promise embroidered patches

This one is for the bestie in your life. Send it to a friend to let them know all they're secrets are safe with you. This cute patch would look great on a backpack or you could spruce up an old tee.

Pinky embroidered patches, £4.95

embroidered patches pinky

Nature-inspired embroidered patches

Choose from a variety of nature-inspired embroidered patches, from lemons to a cute badger, there's something for everyone. They would look super cute as the pocket detail on a casual tee.

Nature-inspired embroidered patches, Etsy, 2 for £10.50

embroidered patches nature

Bonsai embroidered patches

If you love Japanese culture and the Bonsai tree, then we've got the ideal embroidered patch for you. This delicate design would look lovely on anything from a denim jacket to a tee or even a cap.

Bonsai tree embroidered patches, £2.85

embroidered patches bonsai

Books embroidered patches

We all know someone who loves books and is often found with their nose in one! Well, this patch is for them, give them this sweet gift to celebrate all things reading.

Book embroidered patches, Etsy, £6.00

embroidered patches books

Sunflower embroidered patches

Bring some sunshine to your old clothes with this bright sunflower embroidered patch. It'll brighten up any plain t-shirt, or jacket. If you're feeling creative you could sew it onto a summer hat.

Sunflower embroidered patches, Etsy, £2.99

embroidered patches sunflower

Whale embroidered patch

This cute patch is absolutely brilliant, we love the attention to detail in the design. Plus who doesn't love whales! Add this little guy to your favourite denim jacket and you'll never want to take it off again.

Whale embroidered patches, Etsy, £6.00

embroidered patches whale

Greenhouse embroidered patches

Have a mini piece of artwork on your clothing with this detailed greenhouse embroidered patch, perfect for any gardening fans out there. It would also make a fab stocking stuffer, for those tricky to buy for!

Greenhouse embroidered patches, Etsy, £7.00

embroidered patches garden

Pineapple embroidered patches

Add a splash of tropical to your outfit with this cute mini pineapple embroidered patch. It really is tiny, almost as small as a 1p coin! If you know someone who loves all things miniature, they're bound to fall for this cute pineapple.

Pineapple embroidered patches, Etsy, £2.70

embroidered patches pineapple

Squirrel embroidered patches

Go nuts for this cute squirrel embroidered patch! Add him to your bag or a plain tee to give it a quirky twist. This cute squirrel patch would make a lovely gift for all those nature fans out there.

Squirrel embroidered patches, Etsy, £2.99

embroidered patches squirrel

Balloon animal embroidered patches

Who doesn't love balloon animals?! This cute balloon embroidered patch will add a splash of colour to your outfit, giving them a quirky twist. We can picture this on a cute t-shirt.

Balloon animal embroidered patches, Etsy, £1.60

embroidered patches balloon

Hummingbird embroidered patches

Oh, how beautiful are these hummingbird embroidered patches! We just can't get enough of them, and better yet they come in a pack of two. You could gift one to your bestie, or just keep them both for yourself and decorate your outfit.

Hummingbird embroidered patches, Etsy, £3.30

embroidered patches hummingbird

Mushroom embroidered patches

Inspired by Mario these cute mushroom embroidered patches are perfect for any lover of the Mario Bros, whether that be retro games or new ones. Iron or sew onto your favourite denim jacket.

Mushroom embroidered patches, Etsy, £2.75

embroidered patches mushroom

Coffee embroidered patches

Even if you've never seen Stranger Things it's hard to deny that mornings, are indeed, for coffee and contemplation - a mantra we should all strive to live by. This cool patch is perfect for fans of our guy Hopper or simply just coffee!

Coffee embroidered patches, Etsy, £3.00

embroidered patches coffee

Duck embroidered patches

You'd be quackers to not want this guy hanging out on your outfit! This cute duck embroidered patch will certainly catch people's eye. Give him as a gift or keep him all for yourself.

Duck embroidered patches, Etsy, £7.50

embroidered patches duck

Rose embroidered patches

Add a touch of class to any outfit with these rose embroidered patches, they come in different sizes so you can choose the best size for your garment.

Rose embroidered patches, Etsy, from £2.75

embroidered patches rose

Egg embroidered patch

This cute egg embroidered patch is so quirky and unique, it would make a really fun gift for anyone who loves the more surreal side of life! Iron or sew onto your favourite bag.

Egg embroidered patch, Etsy, £7.95

embroidered patches egg

If you've collected all the embroidered patches you love, but are looking for other similar embroidery gifts, try these amazing needle minders. For your embroidery projects check out our buzzing bee embroidery, or try your hand at this new octopus embroidery design. If you want some more inspiration check out these embroidery gifts, containing something to suit all keen stitchers.


Katie Dolan
Katie DolanDigital Assistant, Gathered

Katie Dolan edits our needlework sections, focusing on our embroidery and cross stitch articles, as well as making videos for our arts and crafts projects. Katie runs her jewellery business, Ophelia Jewellery Art, on Etsy, where she sells beautiful resin-pressed flower earrings. She has a wide range of craft interests including embroidery – she particularly loves all things pop culture and a less traditional approach – The Simpsons and Rick & Morty are among her favourites to embroider. She has recently completed a silversmith workshop and hopes to expand her jewellery business with these new skills. When she’s not crafting, she’s usually fuelling her Harry Potter addiction with a Sunday film marathon and a couple of butter beers!

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