Christmas doesn't have to cost the world, and we've all got a little more time on our hands this month, so we're here to help you DIY your stocking fillers with these fun projects and inexpensive craft kits. Because everyone loves a handmade gift, right? We've filled this post with quick stocking filler ideas for the whole family, all for £10 or less.


Whether you're an accomplished crafter with plenty of kit, or a complete novice, there's something for every type of maker in this list. And as much as we love making our gifts ourselves, remember that a craft kit can be a fantastic gift in it's own right (we personally love nothing more than getting stuck into a crafty project on Christmas Day!) We've also included a few of our free craft patterns that we think would also make great handmade stocking fillers in the list too.

We've tried to limit ourselves to 40 but if you're on the hunt for craft projects to make for kids in the family, you might also like our Free teddy bear sewing pattern, get festive with our Free Santa hat knitting pattern, make them a cuddly toy to treasure with our Free panda toy knitting pattern or for babies in the family, how about this patchwork baby ball?

Looking for some more Christmas craft projects? If you fancy some more Christmas stocking filler ideas that you can make with your knitting skills, check out round-up of 67 Christmas knitting patterns or if crochet's more your thing, how about these 50 Free crochet Christmas decoration patterns?

Handmade stocking filler ideas to try this Christmas

Below you'll find 40 fab ideas for handmade stocking fillers, or you can click on the links below to jump to each section!

Stocking filler ideas for kids

If you're looking for some fun gifts for children to help get them into crafts, or just to keep them busy on Christmas day, then here's 10 fab kits to inspire mini makers.

Christmas Basket Weaving Kit

Kids will love this super-simple basket weaving kit. You simply weave the raffia threads in and out around the pre-cut template, and watch as the shape curls up to make a fabulous festive basket.

Buy it now Baker Ross (£4.95)


Colour-in puzzle cubes

Here's a fantastic way to encourage your child to both make and play! Kids can draw their own designs on these puzzle cubes (and of course there's 6 sides so it'll keep them busy), and then they'll have hours of fun jumbling them up and solving the puzzle!

Buy it now (Baker Ross, £3.95)


Sew your own lion kit

If you want to encourage your child to get into sewing early, then this sew your own lion kit is a great starting project. With a safe plastic needle, pre-cut holes to sew into, and everything you need included in kit, it's a great crafty make that pre-teens and upwards will enjoy making and playing with afterwards too.

More like this

Buy it now (Hobbycraft, £7)


Cross stitch keyrings

Cross stitch is a great craft for kids, as they'll love making their own pictures and designs. These wooden keyring blanks are a great first project, with a little bit of guidance even young kids will enjoy sewing their own keyrings, and as there's 5 in a pack they can even make some for their friends too!

Buy it now (Baker Ross, £4.95)


Snowman needle felting kit

This cute snowman needle felting kit is the perfect present to keep older kids (and adults) busy on Christmas day. Needle felting is a fun craft that is both absorbing and satisfying, it's great to see how you can transform a ball of fluff into a cute character. This is one of our Christmas stocking filler ideas that is definitely suited for older kids, as the needles used are incredibly sharp - probably best for kids over 12 and with a bit of adult supervision.

Buy it now (Etsy, £10)


French knitting kit

French knitting is a great way to get your little ones into yarn crafts. With a chunky knitting tool designed for kids to easily handle, they'll be knitting up a storm in no time. But if your child wants to knit with two needles just like mummy or daddy does, then you could always get them this Knit a Kitten Kit instead.

Buy it now (Amazon, £9.99)


Melissa and Doug Bead Set

This fab bead set from Melissa and Doug not only allows children from as young as 4 to make their own jewellery, but will also help them with their dexterity and hand-eye coordination. It also comes with a handy storage tray so you can at least try and keep your kids from getting beads all over the floor!

Buy it now (Amazon, £8.99)


Turtle pompom kit

Although this crafty kit is one of our stocking filler ideas for kids, we reckon the adults in the house will want to get involved with it too! Pompoms, pipe cleaners and googley eyes - the key components to a classic craft sesh! This pompom turtle kit would make a great little stocking filler, all you need is some glue to make up these adorable fluffy friends.

Buy it now (Hobbycraft, £2.50)


Beginners weaving loom kit

You don't need to go back to ye olden times to enjoy a good loom! This fab beginners looming kit has everything you need to get started, and will provide a lot of fun for kids, teens and adults alike (although younger kids will probably need some help with the initial setup).

Buy it now (Etsy, from £7)


Sun print paper kits

If you're looking for some papercraft fun to get your kids excited about, then definitely check out this sun print paper kit! All you have to do is place an object like a leaf or flower on the paper, leave in the sun for a bit, then give it a rinse - and just like magic, a silhouette image will appear on the paper! The pack comes with 12 pieces of paper so kids can have lots of fun experimenting, and afterwards why not use those sun prints to make some lovely handmade thank you cards. It's got to be one of our favourite stocking filler ideas for kids!

Buy it now (Baker Ross, £7.99)


Stocking filler ideas to make for kids

It's not just kids that love making, we know you love a good crafty project too! If you fancy using your skills to make your little one a special gift, here's some brilliant patterns and projects that we think would make lovely handmade stocking fillers.

Giraffe rattle toy free sewing pattern

Let's start off with a quick handmade stocking filler for the youngest member of the family. This free giraffe rattle toy sewing pattern is the perfect project to make for babies, as it's easy to hold as well as being delightfully squishable!

How to make a giraffe rattle toy

How to make a giraffe rattle toy

Make a felt doll family

If you fancy making handmade stocking fillers that are perfect for babies and toddlers, and that they'll continue to treasure as they get older, then how about making them their own felt doll family! Customise the hair colours, skin tones and clothes to match your own family members!

Free felt doll family sewing pattern

How to make a felt doll family

Elijah crochet doll pattern

Why not use your crochet skills to make your child their very mini-me doll with this awesome pattern by Aniqua Wilkerson aka MyKindaThing. We love her Elijah doll crochet pattern for little boys, but she's got loads more fantastic patterns in a variety of styles and skin colours.

Buy the pattern to make your own doll (Etsy, £7.58)


Pom pom hat knitting pattern

Keep your little one warm this winter with this free pompom hat knitting pattern. Suitable for both boys and girls, this hat is quick to knit thanks to the use of chunky yarn, and using a variegated yarn will add a playful splash of colour!

Free pompom hat knitting pattern

Pom pom hat knitting pattern

Whip up a DIY pencil case

This free pencil case sewing pattern is a super-quick and easy project that will make a brilliant handmade stocking filler. Whether your child is a budding artist or you just want to help them keep their school supplies organised, this case is sure to be a hit, and as it's made with a single fat quarter you can customise it in a fabric that your child will really love! Don't forget to treat your little ones to some new pencils to put in their new case too, like this bargain coloured pencil set.

Free pencil case sewing pattern

How to sew a pencil case

Knit up a pair of festive elves

Imagine waking up on Christmas morning, going to your stocking and seeing these cuties looking out at you! These sweet knitted festive elves are bound to go down a treat with kids, and the pattern is available for the bargain price of just a pound (or you can buy it as a kit with yarn too!)

Buy the pattern now on Lovecrafts


Dinosaur plush toy

For a totally ROAR-some stocking filler, then how about this fantastic dinosaur plush toy! Made in super-soft fleecy fabric makes it super-huggable, and it's the perfect gift for kids who love dinosaurs... or even adults too!

Free dinosaur sewing pattern

Dinosaur pattern

Pom pom bear keyring

Here's a quick handmade stocking filler idea that you can easily make up in an evening (do try not to leave it till Christmas eve though!). With a bit of clever pompom shaping and a tiny bit of crochet, you can turn a plain spherical pompom into a beautiful bear keyring!

Pompom bear keyring free pattern


Crochet finger puppets

Kids will love playing with these adorable crochet finger puppets from by Flo and Dot. It's a great pattern for using up those odd ends of yarn you've got lying around, and we think adults would love them just as much as kids would! They'd make great handmade stocking fillers to share among the whole family!

Buy the pattern on Lovecrafts


Stocking filler ideas for women

It's not just all about the kids – us adults need spoiling at Christmas too (especially after this difficult year). So here's 10 stocking filler ideas for women, including some kits for them to craft with as well as a few projects that you can make for your friends, family and partners.

Linen flower embroidery kit

Treat friends and family to this lovely linen flower embroidery kit – the perfect calming activity to get stuck into. This wildflower embroidery comes as a stamped design on linen fabric, so you can embroider as much or as little as you like on top of the design.

Buy it now (Etsy £7.50)


Braided friendship bracelet kit

Show your bestie how much she means to you with this gorgeous braided friendship bracelet kit. This fun kit comes with everything you need to make 3 braided bracelets, and if you want to make it extra special theres also options to add in some special jewellery charms too.

Buy it now (£6, Etsy)


Crochet or knitted socks

We're all used to getting a new pair of socks for Christmas, but if you want them to be super-special then why not knit or crochet some yourself! There's so many of different styles of socks you can make, from super-colourful knee-high ones to fancy fair isle ones to practical everyday pairs! You can find plenty of inspiration in our pick of the best sock knitting patterns and the best sock crochet patterns!

best crochet sock patterns

Free hot water bottle knitting pattern

We all need some warming up this winter, and you'll be sure to warm hearts as well as bodies with this free hot water bottle knitting pattern. This pattern uses intarsia knitting to create a 2-sided stripes and spots design, but if you're an experienced intarsia knitter it would be super easy to customise it with your own personalised design.

Free hot water bottle knitting pattern

Knitted hot water bottle cover - stripes

Tassel earring kit

Here's a great gift for anyone who loves handmade but isn't an experienced crafter. This Tassel earring kit comes with easy-to-follow instructions and everything you need to make 8 pairs of earrings! If you need a bunch of stocking filler ideas for women, then why not make them up yourself and gift them around your whole friend group for matching tassel style!

Buy it now (£5.25 Etsy)


Dragonfly wire bead kit

This Dragonfly wire beading kit is an intricate and pretty project that would make a fab decoration or brooch, and you could either give it as a kit or make it up for your special someone. The kit comes with everything you need apart from needle nose and wire cutting pliers, but you could always combine it with this jewellery plier set so that your recipient has everything they need!

Buy it now (£2, Hobbycraft)


Free crochet clutch bag pattern

Here's a classy crochet project that is the perfect pressie for a classy lady! This free crochet clutch bag pattern is surprisingly simple to hook up, made in eco recycled cotton and is the perfect accessory for Christmas parties!

Free crochet clutch bag pattern


Cross stitch necklace kit

If you loved the look of the mini embroidery necklace above, but think the embroidery looked a bit difficult, then this cross stitch necklace kit is the perfect gift. This stylish make uses simple stitches to create a stunning piece of jewellery that even complete beginners will be able to make.

Buy it now (£7.99, Etsy)


Harry Potter knits

Looking for a gift for someone who loves Harry Potter AND Knitting? Then you're in luck! This Harry Potter wearable knitted makes kit comes with everything you need to make your own Gryffindor bobble hat, as well as 4 more patterns for HP-themed makes. Unlock hours of fun faster than you can say Alohomora.

Buy it now (The Works, £7)


Or take the magic up a notch

If you're looking for a present for a more experienced knitter who's a Potter-fanatic, then the The Official Harry Potter Knitting Pattern book would be a more magical present choice!


Free knitted necklace pattern

When it comes to gifts, you already know that we think nothing beats handmade stocking fillers. Even something as simple as this free knitted necklace pattern is a great way of using your crafty skills to show someone how much you care. If you've got some jewellery bits and bobs and spare yarn hanging around, you can make this stunning piece in no time!

Free knitted necklace pattern

How to make a knitted necklace

Mini embroidery necklace

If you're dab hand with a needle and thread, then why not make a special someone their very own embroidery necklace. These sweet mini embroidery hoops are a great way of combining your embroidery skills with jewellery to make a truly unique gift. As there's 8 hoops in the set you can craft up a whole batch of them to gift as handmade stocking fillers.
Buy mini stitch hoops now (£7.99, Amazon)


Stocking filler ideas for men

Ahhh men, they can be tricky to get presents for - and even trickier to think of what to craft for them! But whether you're looking for handmade stocking fillers to make for them, or want to give them a kit to try and get them crafting, here's 10 stocking filler ideas for men that you may not have thought of!

Little bee crochet kit

We reckon this super-cute bee is the perfect introduction to crochet for people of all ages and genders. This fab kit comes with everything you need including a crochet hook, but you will need to know a few basic crochet stitches, which you can of course find in our How to crochet section.

Buy it now (Etsy, £6.16)


Pop art cross stitch sampler

If you're looking for the perfect gift to make for a sci-fi fan, then we think the amazing cross-stitch TV and movie designs from weelittlestiches will go down a treat! From Spiderman to Shawn of the Dead, Lord of the Rings to the Big Lebowski, you're sure to find a design that is perfect for the man in your life!

Buy it now (Etsy, from £4.37)


String art kit

If your man is more concerned with his toolbox than your sewing kit, then here's a cool craft kit that combines the two! This sweet little set is a great introduction to string art, and means he can use his hammer for a crafty purpose!

Buy it now (Etsy, £10)


Paracord bracelet kit

This has got to be the perfect crafty kit for any man (or boy) that's into camping and outdoor activities. This Paracord bracelet kit comes with everything you need to make 6 of your own chunky bracelets, so he'll always have some handy cord on him for emergencies... whatever they might be!

Buy it now (Amazon, £8.32)


Sew your own sock monkey

You can't get a better introduction to sewing than by making your own sock monkey! This fab kit comes with everything you need to stitch your own simian, and would make a great stocking filler gift to keep him busy on Christmas day!

Buy it now (Etsy, £10)


Make your own leather wallet kit

Here's another kit that means he gets the chance to get his tools out! This funky leather wallet kit comes with pre-cut leather templates in a variety of colours, then all you have to is hammer the rivets to assemble it into a handy wallet.

Buy it now (Etsy, £9.29)


Free knitted beer cosy pattern

If you're thinking about just getting someone a nice bottle of beer or two for Christmas, why not go one step further and knit them up their own special beer cosy too! This fab free cabled design will help keep his brews cold and his hands warm, all in fabulous knitted style!

Free knitted beer cosy pattern

Beer cosy knitting pattern detail

Free bow tie sewing pattern

Get him out of those Christmas PJ's and give him a reason to get dressed up this Christmas by making him his own stylish bow tie! This fab free bow tie sewing pattern is pretty simple to make, and paired with some suitable fabric we're sure it'll be a gift that will have your chap looking rather dapper!

Free bow tie sewing pattern

How to sew a bow tie

DIY Mala Bracelet kit

For a more masculine jewellery kit, how about these low key braclets from Cedar and Stones? They're a lovely mini make to add a handmade touch to his stocking on Christmas morning. They do ship from Canada so if you're in the UK, order soon to allow time for international postage.


Buy it now (Etsy, £9.11)

DIY Mala bracelet kit


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