Card making ideas: 10 folds to try at home

Fancy trying out a new card fold to inspire your card making creativity? Try out one of these 10 brilliant templates and tutorials

How to make a bridge fold card_main

Whether you are a committed card maker with an extensive stash, or a newcomer to the hobby with minimal supplies of coloured card and stickers, you’ll be able to try out all of these fun folds to make your own personal cards to send good withes, love and hugs to special friends and family members. What are you waiting for? Get folding to test out your favourite and grow your skills tonight!


Build a bridge fold card

Here’s an easy card fold that combines the classic gatefold card with elements of a pop up box card to add even more 3D fun! A bridge panel sits between the two front sections, ready to make a showcase of any embellishment you fancy. Plus, it will still fold flat to go in the post.

How to make a bridge fold card_main

How to make a bridge fold card



Fold your way to explosive fun

Have you tried making explosion cards? This cool pop-up card fold looks impressive but is super-simple to fold with our walkthrough and video guide.

How to make an explosion card

How to make an explosion card



Send a transforming secret message card

We’ve showed off this clever card fold as a Valentine,  but it works well for all occasions and is so easy to make with our video guide. Hidden panels inside can reveal a greeting, secret sentiment or anything else you fancy!

DIY card ideas 2

How to make a DIY Valentines card with secret message


Pop up a corner card

Also sometimes called an inside easel card, this clever fold showcases a 3D panel framed by the rest of the card, with the panel sitting in the corner – thus a pop-up corner card! Try out this fresh idea with our walkthrough guide.

How to make a corner pop-up card

How to make a corner pop-up card



Be bow-led over by bow fold cards

This is one sweet card fold that we know we will be turning to time and time again. We’ve made ours using die-cut ovals, but it is easy to hand cut ovals  to make the most of the method without the need for stash and equipment.

How to make a bow fold card_main

How to make a bow fold card


Quartermaster your materials into quarter fold cards

Signals are strong for this simple card fold that gives you 4 faces to decorate however you wish. Flat for postage and easy personalisation, it’s a store staple for us.

craft at home cards

How to make a quarter fold card


Small steps with a side stepper card

Side steppers are really versatile card folds and the best thing about them is they are super-simple to make from plain shop-bought card blanks too. This fold is not just for Christmas!

How to make a side stepper card

How to make a side stepper card



Kinetic magic with a double slider card

This is the hands-down very best most magical kinetic card – or at the very least in the top five best of all time. Double sliders have panels on both sides, and when you pull one panel out, the other side come out too, like magic. It’s actually due to the power of upcycling an old plastic bag – good karma and card making combined. Check out our video tutorial to learn the secret yourself.

How to make a double slider main

How to make a double shaker surprise card


Use our free printables to make a shaker card

This card is a little harder to make with minimal materials – so we’re providing most of the materials for you! All the printable artwork you need for this fun finish is available as a free download from Gathered – you’re welcome. There’s also a video walkthrough to help you through this brilliant make from start to finish.

shaker card tutorial - double shaker surprise

How to make a double shaker surprise card



Card making from a to z-fold

A classic fold for a reason, your basic z-fold card works with any embellishment and can be adapted to any occasion. It’s a great one to make to be sparing with your stash, too, as half of the card is made up of just a folded strip.

How to make a z-fold card

How to make a z-fold card