DIY paper flowers for Mother’s Day

Give someone special flowers that last a lifetime with these DIY paper flowers for Mother's Day. There's a whole bunch of different species just waiting for you to make them.

Mothers Day paper flowers

Mother’s Day DIY paper flowers; they’re made with love, they’ll never die and they look just as beautiful than the real thing. We’ve gathered all of our favourite species of  Mother’s Day flowers and their paper alternatives for you to make. Pick your fave flower, make a big bouquet (or make one of each for a floral variation) and present them to the mama figure or top mum in your life.


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21 paper flowers for Mother’s Day


DIY paper Lavender

Mother’s Day paper flowers 2

Make some lavender paper flowers using Sister Mag’s video tutorial.


DIY paper Peonies

Mother’s Day paper flowers 3

Print Paper & Peony’s petal templates then assembly into a bouquet using their tutorial.


DIY paper Tulips

Mother’s Day paper flowers 4

If tulips are your mum’s fave flower then make a bunch using Paper Shape’s tutorial.


DIY paper Roses

Mother’s Day paper flower bouquets aren’t complete without roses. We’ve got a video tutorial here on Gathered with a free template for you to download to make your own beautiful paper roses.


DIY paper Camellias

Mother’s Day paper flowers 6

Lia Griffith’s metallic camellias give your gift wrapping an extra edge. We interviewed Lia back in 2017 so if you fancy reading more about her and her creative inspirations click here.


DIY paper Gerberas

Mother’s Day paper flowers 7

Dream Posy has created super-realistic gerberas and given you the free tutorial over on their blog.


DIY paper Daffodils

How to make paper daffodils

Make your own host of golden paper daffodils with Cardmaking and Papercraft’s free tutorial.


DIY paper Daisies

Mother’s Day paper flowers

Monika Hibbs‘ paper daisies are the ideal flower for those who like minimalism.


DIY paper Poppies

paper flowers for mothers day poppies

Head over to Lia Griffith’s site to make her gorgeous poppies! Her free paper flowers for Mother’s Day tutorial will be a well-loved gift.


DIY paper Hibiscus

Mother’s Day paper flowers 10

For a more tropical vibe, choose Summer Sunflower Co’s hibiscus Mother’s Day DIY paper flower tutorial.


DIY paper Magnolia

Mother’s Day paper flowers 11

Cartefini shows you how to make these stunning magnolia flowers from crepe paper.


DIY paper Hydrangeas

Mother’s Day paper flowers 12

The House That Lars Built has a free paper hydrangea tutorial on her blog that’s just waiting for you.


DIY paper Fuchsia

Mother’s Day paper flowers 13

The Ducks Doodah shows you how to make tiny fuchsia flowers for Mother’s Day.


DIY paper Lilies

Mother’s Day paper flowers 14

Clever Poppy shows you how to make these DIY paper flowers. Make these lovely lillies your mum’s fave colours and finish with a ribbon.


DIY paper Hollyhocks and Delphiniums

paper flowers for mothers day

DIY paper flowers for Mother’s Day don’t come more beautiful than these Hollyhocks and Delphiniums by Livia Cetti. You can start a free trial to Creative Bug and get access to Livia’s video tutorial.


DIY paper Wisteria

paper flowers for mothers day wisteria

For more of a paper flowers Mothers Day display try Abbi Kirsten’s wisteria tutorial. Set up a morning breakfast and decorate the room and table with this gorgeous wisteria.


DIY paper bluebells

How to make quilled flowers

These quilled beauties are DIY paper flowers we have right here on Gathered. Clare Buswell shows you how to make your very own mini paper bluebells, daffodils and tulips. Follow her how to make quilled flowers tutorial to make these mini DIY paper flowers.


DIY paper dahlias

DIY paper flowers dahlia

Inspired Bride has created these gorgeous DIY paper flowers. They teach you how to make these wonderful dahlia’s and they even have a step by step video for you to follow along to.


DIY paper orchids

DIY paper flowers paper orchid

Everyone loves orchids! Abbi Kirsten has a few DIY paper flowers on her blog but we adore this one. Use her tutorial to make some own paper orchids for your mum.


DIY paper sunflowers

Cartefini are the queens of DIY paper flowers and in this video tutorial, they show you how to make paper sunflowers. They’re just the happiest flowers don’t you think?


DIY paper Marigolds

DIY paper flowers Marigolds

We’re saying yes please to these pretty marigolds! Kids Activities Blog uploaded these sunshine DIY paper flowers for you to make and hang around your home or gather into a bunch.


Bonus plant project!

Paper succulent

Ok we know they aren’t DIY paper flowers but they’re still cute, right?  We created this little bonus project in case flowers aren’t really your mums thing. Learn how to make paper succulents right here on Gathered!


We hope your lucky recipient loves her DIY paper flowers as much as we do! Tag us in some pics of your Mother’s Day projects on InstagramTwitter and Facebook. For more creative projects, subscribe to Mollie Makes. For more paper projects head to our DIY pop up cards templates.