We’ve Made It bonus episode: The Bee is back!

To mark the return of the Great British Sewing Bee, we've released a bonus episode of the podcast!

We've Made It podcast

We’re big fans of The Great British Sewing Bee here at Gathered HQ, so we’ve put together a special episode to celebrate the return of the Bee to our screens. In this episode, we’ll be talking about what we can expect from the new series, highlights from the show and what past contestants are up to now.


If you’d like to catch up on the latest Sewing Bee news, you can find out everything you need to know with our complete guide to the Great British Sewing Bee 2021 or keep up-to-date with our Great British Sewing Bee episode guide. We’ve also interviewed the show’s judges Patrick Grant and Esme Young to get a behind-the-scenes look at the new series.

You can find the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Acast or wherever you get your podcasts. Alternatively, you can use the player below to listen to the episode online.

Photo by Unsplash/Bozhin Karaivanov

Projects of the week

This week, Zoe has been getting back into knitting and making her own cosy slippers. Have a go at making your own with this free slippers knitting pattern. Meanwhile, Sarah has been trying her hand at embroidery with this gorgeous spring embroidery hoop design.

One good thing

We’re all looking for ways to unwind at the moment and Zoe’s been relaxing with her favourite game: Animal Crossing. As it’s Easter, she’s been hunting for Easter eggs in the game.


Looking for a new TV show recommendation? Sarah’s been enjoying the French show Call My Agent, which is available on Netflix. The show follows the lives and work of celebrity agents in Paris as they try to find work for their actors. It’s lighthearted and often ridiculous, but very enjoyable. Unfortunately it’s not a great show to craft along to because you’ll need to read the subtitles (unless your French is very good!).

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