Stitch a spring embroidery hoop

Welcome the new season by stitching a lovely Spring embroidery hoop using our free template

Spring embroidery hoop main

We could all do with bait of colour and life right now, and that’s just what you’ll find in this beautiful Spring embroidery hoop design by Jessie Doe Designs. Using Backstitch, French Knot, Satin Stitch, Whipped Backstitch and Woven Wheel stitches, you’ll find everything you need to complete the Spring embroidery hoop right here on Gathered. Check our our How to do French knots article, refer to our How to do Satin Stitch guide, or take a look at our easy embroidered Christmas decorations post which has Whipped Backstitch instructions as part of the Whipped Backstitch hoop design.  You’ll find instructions for Woven Wheel stitches as part of our How to make brooches tutorial.


This design was originally part of the free cover gift templates with issue 1 of Love Embroidery magazine.

Spring embroidery hoop materials

Cotton fabric: 30x30cm, mustard

Stranded cotton: blue, fuchsia, light green, dark green, lilac, pink, white

Embroidery hoop: 12cm diameter

Basic embroidery kit

Spring embroidery hoop template

Spring embroidery hoop square

How to embroider the Spring embroidery hoop

  1. Transfer the design from the Spring embroidery hoop template on to your fabric. For advice on how to do this, check out our embroidery for beginners guide.
  2. Using three strands of stranded cotton throughout, embroider ‘HELLO’ in white Backstitch and ‘spring’ in white Whipped Backstitch.
  3. Embroider the leaves in Satin Stitch using the shades of blue, light green and dark green. Then, work the stems in Backstitch using the same colours
    to match the leaves.
  4. Work the pink flowers in pink Satin Stitch, then add a cluster of white French Knots to the centre of each pink flower.
  5. Work the roses using a fuchsia Woven Wheel. Work the lilac flowers in lilac Satin Stitch. 
  6. Finish the stitching by adding white French knots sprinkled around the lilac flowers.
  7. For a neat finish, back your hoop using a piece of felt or your preferred method.

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