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18 easy quilt kits for beginners 2021: patchwork and pre-cut

Are you new to making quilts or always wanted to give it a go? Perhaps you want to jump straight into the good sewing stuff without working out how much fabric you need? Our guide to the best beginner quilt kits is here to help

Ultimate Quilt Kits for Beginners

Wave goodbye to the prep zone and say hello to pre-planned quilt kits! We’ve all been there. We start dreaming about making a quilt but before we can switch on our sewing machines we need the fabric first – how much do we need? Which prints would go nicely together? Will it all come together and look ok once we’ve finished the patchwork? A recent study of quilters found that between a third and a half of the would-be makers have been put off at one time or another by the planning process. So we’ve rounded-up a few of our favourite quilt kits (both in the UK and US) for beginners to get you started.


If you prefer sewing the patchwork to the planning and maths involved in working out how much fabric to buy, treating yourself to a kit saves you a lot of time and you have the added benefit of seeing what your finished quilt will look like! We’ve rounded up our favourite quilt kits (that ship from the UK and US) below for you to dive in and treat yourself.

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Best easy quilting kits for beginners – UK and US shops included


Nine Patch Quilt Kit: Pattern and Fabrics

Buy it now from Etsy (£78)

Nine patch quilts are the perfect quilt to build your skills if you’re starting out with patchwork. Buy sewing groups of nine small squares together into larger squares, you can build a patchwork quilt top that wont’ fox you with fiddly curved piecing or trickier techniques like paper piecing or appliqué. All the fabrics included with this beginner-friendly quilting kit are 100% cotton.

  • Finished size: 48x58in (120cm x 148cm)
  • Kit includes: All fabrics for the quilt top, backing and binding + pattern
  • Only ships to the UK
  • Does not include wadding.
Nine patch quilt kit for beginners


Monochrome Zig Zag Quilt Kit – Jelly Roll quilt kit

Buy it now on Etsy (£65)

Our love of the humble chevron will never die! This zig zag quilting kit mixessimple sewing and cutting with clever quilt block placement, so you’ll see your zig zag quilt come together pretty easily. This kit is based on 2½ inch jelly roll strips, which come pre-cut for you from Tattooed North fabrics by Libs Elliott, along with pre-cut border and binding strips, a 50 weight thread and full instructions.

  • Finished size at approx 65 in square
  • Skill level: beginner
  • You will also need to buy: 69 inch square of wadding and backing fabric, plus thread for quilting
  • Ships from the UK
Zig Zag beginner quilt kit


Postcard from Sweden Quilt Kit

Sewing this rainbow quilt is a blast! This beautiful yet simple beginner quilt kit is designed by Kelly Liddle for Jeli Quilts and comes with 35 Fat Quarters and one 3/8 yard cut as per the quilt instructions. Each fabric is clearly labelled to save you hours of colour matching! You’ll get all the fabric you need to make a 60x75in quilt top. In addition to this kit you will need fabric for the backing and binding, as well as a package of batting. The colors are so cheerful and happy I have already made FOUR of these quilts myself! I am addicted!

  • Does not include backing, binding or batting
  • Ships from the US
Postcard from Sweden Beginner Quilting Kit


Patchwork Block Quilt Kit

Buy it now from Etsy (£65)

We’ve included this kit as it’s the perfect skill-builder if you are new to making quilts and curious to learn how to make different types of quilt blocks@ You will learn how to make 16 different patchwork blocks,. This kit comes with the fabrics to make all the blocks, naturally, and they’re handily individually packaged with step by step instructions. Complete with step by step illustrated instructions. Some fabric prints may differ from the image below.

  • Kit contains all the fabric to make 16 blocks plus wadding and backing fabric
  • Finished size: 38inch / 95cm square (approximately)
  • Ships from the UK
Patchwork block quilt kit UK


Railfence quilt kit

Buy it now from Etsy (from £32.99)

When it comes to quilt kits for beginners, railfence quilt blocks are a dream to piece together for quilting newbies.This railfence quilt from Ludlow Patches on Etsy is a perfect introduction to quilt making, with all the fabric you need to make a striking yet simple to make quilt. Designed with beginners in mind, you can choose whether to buy just the kit for the quilt top, or add the backing, binding and wadding fabrics too, to fit your budget and fabric stash. You can also pick between two colour ways.

You do need to cut the pieces yourself for this one. I feel that a cutting mat, ruler and cutter would help the beginner quilter, but I am reluctant to suggest anything that will cost money if you are only just beginning to quilt. It is possible to cut the pieces using a marker and a pair of scissors, but it does obviously take longer doing it that way.

  • You’ll need to cut the pieces yourself – not pre-cut
  • Ships from the UK
  • Buy just the quilt top kit or add backing, binding and wadding
Railfence quilt kit for beginners


Baby cot quilt or playmat kit

Buy it now from Etsy (£33) 

One of our favourite things about this sweet baby quilt kit is that you can choose between three different colourways to match your nursery. This small-scale quilt is made up of seven appliquéd blocks including sweet animals, hearts and flowers, and will be relatively quick to make, so it’s an accessible project if you’re new to quilting but be prepared to give appliqué a go! It will make a relaxing project for hand stitchers as well as more experienced machine sewers. The kit includes all the fabrics for the quilt top and backing and the pattern. All fabrics are 100% premium cotton

  • Finished size: 30x30in
  • Wadding and bondaweb for the appliqué not included
  • Ships from the UK
Baby Cot Quilt Kit


Olfa Beginner Quilt Making Kit

While we’ve filled this round up with easy quilting kits for beginners, we also thought we should throw in a tools kit too – for those of you who would like to level up your quilt-making stash but don’t need any help with your fabric selection. If you’re new to cutting fabric for patchwork and quilting, you’ll be surprised just how much easier having a rotary cutter, ruler and cutting matt makes things. This kit contains all 3 products by trusted brand Olfa, including a 6.5inch square gridded ruler. Use it to cut fabric pieces accurately, neatly and quickly, and to square up quilt blocks and sandwiches. Treat yourself to this basic stash set and you’ll be using it for years to come.

Olfa Premium Quilt Making Kit


Simply patchwork quilt kit

Buy it now from Ebay (£12.50 – £112.50)

Unlike most other quilt kits for beginners, these sweet kits come with wadding included. Choose from 5 different sizes, ranging from a 9in square cushion kit up to a a 90x8in Kingsize quilt. Every kit comes with pre-cut squares for the quilt top, plus binding strips, backing fabric and wadding, along with full instructions. The fabrics you get may vary as this one makes a traditional quilt with a scrappy feel.

  • Choose between 5 different size options
  • Wadding included
  • Ships from the UK
Patchwork quilt kits for beginners


Quilt kit for beginners – Cwilt Jeli

Buy it now from Etsy (£80)

Cwilt Jeli is a mini quilt pattern that’s inspired by the traditional rail fence block (Haven’t tried these yet? Good news! They are nice and easy to piece from small strips of fabric so perfect for beginners). and used creatively to produce a unique and eye catching pattern design. You won’t have to worry about complex cutting or piecing with this quilt kit, and it will build your confidence as you sew.  The pattern includes diagrams and step by step instructions, plus a link to where to find video tutorials to help you on your quilting journey.

Quilt kit for beginners


Spring Bouquet Quilt Kit

Buy it now from The Quilt Room (£59.50)

This simple squares patchwork quilt kit is perfect for beginners or quilters that need to make a quilt in a hurry. The fabrics in the kit may vary from those pictured but they’ve been selected to have the same gentle theme.

  • Finished size: 63in x 67½in
  • Skill level: Beginner
  • Kits includes: one dessert roll of fabric, 1 metre border fabric, 50cm binding fabric
  • Wadding and thread not included
  • Ships from the UK
Spring Bouquet Quilt Kit

Pinwheels Quilt Kit

Buy it now from Etsy (£44.99)

Sew beautiful rich fabric shades into striking super-size quilt blocks with this Quilt as you Go kit from Thie Veg Quilting on Etsy. Your finished quilt will be large enough to cover a single bed or use it as a lap quilt to snuggle up under and get cosy.

  • Finished quilt size: 55in x 37in
  • Kit contains fabric to complete the quilt top and binding.
  • Wadding and backing fabric not included
  • Ships from the UK
Pinwheels quilt kit for beginners

Simple cushion patchwork kit

Buy it now from Ebay (£8.95)

If you’re on a tight budget, these super simple patchwork cushion kits are a handy way to learn the basics without investing in a full size quilt kit. Choose between 7 different colour ways fo these lovely beginner cushion kits. They come with instructions and  all the fabrics needed to complete your cushion, including colour co-ordinated fabric for the reverse, quilting fabric and wadding.

  • Needle, thread and cushion stuffing not included
  • Finished cushion will be around 32cm
  • Ships from the UK
Patchwork quitilng kit cushion easy

Chocolate Orange Quilt Kit

Buy it now from Village Fabrics (£50)

Piece together simple squares and rectangles in taupe, gold and cream shades, with this beautiful beginner quilt kit featuring  solid colour blocks to help you capture the modern geometric style of quilting. The finished quilt will make a lovely throw for your sofa.

  • Finished size: 60 x 60 inches
  • Kit includes: Fabric for the quilt top and binding.
  • Ships from the UK
Chocolate Orange Quilt Kit


Rainforest Quilt Kit

Buy it now from Village Fabrics (£45)

If you’re looking for a simple quilt kit to get stuck into but with really a stunning finish, this beautiful quilt kit and pattern from Village Fabrics could be the one for you. It uses beautiful batik fabrics with vivid colours to give its easy quilt top extra punch. You’ll get to practise beginner-friendly piecing and try out appliqué too.

  • Finished size 38.5in x 60 in
  • Ships from the UK
Rainforest quilt kit for beginners


Riley Blake NASA Space Quilt Kit

Buy it now from Amazon (£84)

Ok so this one is, quite literally “out there” but we couldn’t resist adding it to this kits round-up as it’s so unique and will be loved by adventurers and budding astronauts everywhere. This NASA “Out of this World” limited edition quilt kit is by quilters favourites Riley Blake. It includes the fabric, binding and pattern plus instructions you need to make the quilt top and is great for beginners as it’s based based around a central, pre-printed panel so the sewing itself is pretty simple. We are adding this one to the top of our Christmas wish list this year!

  • Does not include: Backing fabric, thread, quilting tools or wadding
  • Finished size: 150cmx135cm (59inx53in)
Nasa quilt kit for beginners


Liberty Tana Lawn Pre-cut hexagons kit

Buy it now from Etsy (16.50)

So this one’s not a complete quilt kit but we’ve included it in this round-up for all those of you looking for a soothing, beginner-friendly sewing kit to make beautiful patchwork with no previous experience needed! This kit from The Sewing Hutch include 49 teal Liberty tana lawn fabric hexagons (they have all sorts of other colourways in stock too), each measuring around 3 inches from flat side to flat side. Each flat size is approx. 1.75 inches. They’re designed to be wrapped around paper hexagons for English Paper Piecing – a lovely hand-piecing method of patchwork that doesn’t need a sewing machine and that you can take with you wherever you go!

You will need to add the extra fabric and wadding to turn your finished paper-pieced hexagons into a fully-fledged quilt.

LIberty Tana Lawn Precut Hexagons quilt kit


Dover Quilt Kit

Buy it now from Bramble Patch (£63)

Sew a beautiful quilt from scratch with this bumper quilt kit from one of our favourite online fabric stores. This kit includes fourteen fat quarters of fabric for the quilt centre and binding, plus 90cm of fabric for the border.

  • Does not include: wadding, backing fabric and threads
  • Finished quilt measures 58x71in
  • Ships from the UK
Dover quilting kit


Half Triangle Floral Quilt Top Sewing Kit

Buy it now from Amazon (£32.50)

We’re ending on a high with this multicoloured half square triangle quilt pattern by Cabana. The kit includes 16 fabrics, all 100% cotton, for you to turn into a quilt top, plus binding fabric and a half triangle paper template and full colour instructions

  • Finished size: 42.5×54.5in (107cmx138.5cm)
  • Does not include: backing fabric, wadding or thread
  • Very easy beginner quilt pattern
Half Triangle Floral Quilt Kit