Free Kimono Top Sewing Pattern

Whip up this quick-sew kimono top in an afternoon with our free pattern and step-by-step guide – it's made using just two pattern pieces!

Free Kimono Top Sewing Pattern for Beginners

Here’s how to make this versatile top (including the free top kimono sewing pattern download), as featured in issue 3 of Simply Sewing magazine. Its on-trend cropped shape means it’ll look stylish with high-waisted jeans and skirts, but it can be easily lengthened if cropped styles aren’t your thing.

Free Kimono top sewing pattern

You will need


  • Use a 1.5cm (58in) seam allowance throughout unless otherwise stated.
  • The pattern is for UK sizes 8-10, but can be easily altered to fit other dress sizes. Add extra width at the dashed line on the pattern piece, approx 5-10cm per sizing bracket.
  • Check the size of the new pattern against your body measurements to ensure it will fit comfortably.
How to make a kimono top

Make your own kimono top


Step 1

Download, print out and stick together Simply Sewing issue 3 free sewing kimono pattern sheet 1 and  Simply Sewing issue 3 Free kimono pattern sheet 2. Trace the kimono top pattern piece twice to create two pattern pieces: the top front and top back.

Step 2

Fold your fabric in half right sides (RS) together. Place both pattern pieces on the fold, pin in place and cut out.

How to make a kimono top step 2

Step 3

Place the top front and back RS together. Pin then stitch together along the shoulder seams from the neckline to the sleeve hem, and along the side seams from the sleeve hem to the hemline. Press the seams open and finish with a machine zigzag stitch or overlocker.

How to sew a kimono top step 3

Step 4

 To create the turn-up sleeve, first turn under the raw edge of the cuff by 1cm (3/8in) to the wrong side (WS), then again by 4cm (1.5in). Press, pin and then sew in place, keeping as close to the fold as possible.

Step 5

Fold the turn-up to the RS of the top and stitch in place at the side seams by hand using invisible stitches to hold the turn-up in place.

How to make a kimono top step 5

Step 6

Turn raw edge of the hem under to the WS by 1cm (38in), then turn under by 1cm (38in) again. Pin then sew into place to hem the top. Press.

How to make a kimono top step 6

Step 7

Carefully clip the neckline curve, cutting approx 1cm in each time. This will reduce bulk and help the neckline to lay flat.

How to make a kimon0 top step 7

Step 8

Turn the raw edge of the neckline to the WS by 1cm (38in), then turn under by 1cm (38in) again. Press and pin in place. Stitch around the neckline neatly using matching thread. Alternatively, use bias binding as a facing to finish the neckline.


Your kimono top is now ready to wear! Share our kimono pattern sheet with your friends and whip up a new summer wardrobe. There’s also plenty more free summer sewing patterns on our site including a free harmen pants pattern, wrap dress, circle skirt and more.

Free Kimono Top Sewing Pattern