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Best desk lamps for crafters

A good desk lamp is an essential piece of equipment for your crafting space. Discover the benefits of a craft lamp and what to look for when you buy…

Best desk lamp for crafters
Published: May 22, 2022 at 8:00 am

If you’re a dedicated crafter or artist, you often need to look very closely at your work in progress and for many people that can be a struggle.


When you’re working in a dimly lit room, you may find it difficult to see what you’re doing, especially when you’re producing very intricate crafts or detailed artwork.

If you’re constantly struggling to see your work, it can be very tiring and lead to eyestrain in the long run. It can also take the fun out of your leisure time and make it difficult to do hobbies that you love.

Using a high-quality craft desk lamp can transform your creative time and make it a much more enjoyable experience. It will help you to craft more often and make the most of your down time. You may even take on some new hobbies.

Whether you’re a sewer, embroiderer, knitter or an artist, the right craft desk lamp is out there waiting for you. You just haven’t found it yet!

In this guide, we’ll look at some of the best desk lamps on the market, the benefits of using a desk lamp for crafting and what to look for when you’re deciding which one to buy.

To recreate natural light, take a look at our favourite daylight craft lamps.

What are the benefits of buying a craft lamp?

There are lots of benefits to buying a craft lamp for your desk. As we’ve mentioned, preventing eye strain is one of the biggest benefits.

The Daylight Company is one of the leading manufacturers of craft lamps and it works closely with the RNIB (Royal National Institute for the Blind) to develop its range. They also have a dedicated production team which works to ensure that their products are specifically designed with crafters and artists in mind.

Did you know when you’re sewing you generally need five times the amount of light that you normally find in your home? If you’re using a brighter lamp, you’ll be able to sew or quilt with greater precision, so the finished craft project will look much more professional.

Using a good desk lamp means that you can have longer craft sessions, because your eyes won’t tire as quickly. They are also invaluable on rainy days when there is less natural light – and for long dark evenings in the winter. If you have poor eyesight, you may also find a desk lamp useful for reading, doing jigsaws and for other hobbies too.

Desk lamps are also extremely useful for artists, who need consistent light when they’re producing their artwork. For example, you’ll be able to judge whether you’ve mixed your colours correctly and how they will look in natural light.

What to look for when choosing a desk lamp for crafting

There are lots of brilliant desk lamps out there, but we’d recommend choosing one specifically designed for arts and crafts for best results.

Here are some things you should consider when choosing your desk lamp:

  • CRI: when you're choosing a lamp for your artwork or crafting, it's important to look at the lamp's CRI (colour rendering index). The higher the number, the closer the light will be to actual daylight. This will help you to check how your colours will appear in natural light. The Daylight Company's lamps have one of the highest CRI values available on the market, which makes their lamps a brilliant choice for artists and crafters.
  • Flexibility: can you adjust the height or angle of the lamp to suit your needs? Or would you be happy with a fixed lamp?
  • Dimmability: can you alter the brightness of the lamp when you need to? This is a handy feature to have, as it allows you to adjust the settings of your lamp throughout the day.
  • Brightness: the brightness of a light is measured in Lumens and this can help you to understand how powerful your lamp is.
  • Desk attachment: some craft lamps can be clamped onto your desk, allowing you to position it securely wherever you need your light source to be. It also takes up less room on the tabletop, so you have more space for crafting! This feature is often available for overhead desk lamps.
  • Cable length: this might sound obvious, but it’s worth checking the length of the cable and whether it is long enough for your craft or art space.
  • Light temperature: some desk lamps allow you to change the temperature of your lamp. If you’re crafting in the evening, you may wish to use a warm light as blue light is believed to disrupt your sleep cycle. If choosing accurate colours is important to you, then it’s best to stick to the daylight setting.
  • Style: if you’re going to invest in a craft lamp, you want it to look good! Luckily there are lots of elegant desk lamps available on the market to choose from.

Read on to discover some of the best desk lamps for crafters and artists…

7 best desk lamps for art and crafts

1. Halo Go Rechargeable Magnifier

The Halo Go is excellent value if you’re a crafter or artist looking to buy your first daylight lamp. The Daylight Company has been designing lamps for 35 years, so they know exactly what crafters need from their desk lamps. The Halo Go is a portable lamp which is charged using a USB, so you can position it wherever you need it to be. It has a battery life of eight hours and the light will remain steady throughout that time. When it’s not in use, you can fold it flat for easy storage. As an added bonus, the Halo Go comes with its own magnifying lens which makes it easy to work on the finest details. This is incredibly useful if you need to look very closely at your work in progress! This is the perfect lamp for crafters who enjoy embroidery, cross stitch and other detailed craft activities.

Buy the Halo Go for £69.99

Halo Go table lamp

2. Slimline Table

This sleek desk lamp from the Daylight Company is both stylish and practical. It provides a steady overhead light, which is ideal for crafting or creative hobbies. There is a four-step dimmer so you can change the amount of light the lamp gives out. This lamp also has flexible joints which allow you to position the lamp at just the right angle. It comes with a clamp to attach to your desk, so it doesn’t take up much of your tabletop. You’ll definitely get a lot of use out of this versatile desk lamp!

The Slimline table lamp is also available as a floor lamp, so you can choose the right option for your needs.

Buy the Slimline Table lamp for £129.99

Slimline 2 craft lamp

3. Twist 2 Go

The Twist 2 Go is one of the more affordable lamps in the Daylight Company’s craft lamps range. This is a great choice for crafters who don’t have a lot of space or want a portable desk lamp. It doesn’t have a cable so it’s easy to carry around with you and it’s rechargeable. You can twist the lamp into the position you need and there is a three-step dimmer button, so you can adjust the brightness easily. The battery will last for three hours on full brightness and eight hours on the lowest setting.

Buy the Twist 2 Go for £84.99

Twist 2 Go desk lamp

4. Lumi Lamp

The Lumi is a great desk lamp to use if you’re working on a larger project. It’s able to diffuse light over a large area, so you’ll be able to see your work easily. It has a two-step dimmer and can be adjusted vertically, horizontally or laterally. This is a professional-standard craft lamp which allows you to see fine details and true colours. This is a good pick for artists who want to set up their own studio or an art space within their home.

Buy the Lumi for £109.99

Lumi craft lamp

5. Foldi Go Rechargeable Table Lamp

The Foldi Go is a brilliant portable desk lamp which is designed around your needs. The height is adjustable and the head rotates so you can find the best position for your creative activities. It’s an ideal choice for crafters and artists of all abilities. If you like to take photos of your beautiful creations for Instagram, it can double up as a photographic lamp. It also comes with its own carrying case, which will protect it if you want to take it to an art or craft class. This high-quality lamp is excellent value for money.

Buy the Foldi Go for £89.99

Foldi Go table lamp

6. Tricolor Desk Lamp

This nifty crafting lamp has an exceptional light spread, so you can see your work clearly. You can adjust the lamp’s arm and shade to position the light exactly where you need it. As the name suggests, the Tricolor has three light settings: daylight, cool light and warm light, so you can pick the right option for you. The Tricolor is designed to be used wherever you need it – in a sewing room, at the kitchen table or in your living room.

Buy the Tricolor for £109.99

Tricolor desk lamp

7. Electra Floor Lamp

Are you sure that you need a desk lamp? You might find that a floor lamp is better suited to your needs. The Electra floor lamp is one of our faves and it provides excellent value for money. It has three colour temperatures to choose from and it has the highest CRI rating – perfect for artists!

Buy the Electra for £119.99

Electra floor lamp

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