Letter writing has been described as a dying art, but we think it's overdue a revival. These days our letterboxes seem to be filled up with unwanted flyers and bills. Wouldn't it be nice to receive something more personal instead?


While text messages and DMs provide a quicker way to communicate, taking the time to write a thoughtful letter to someone is a great way to show that you really care. It can also provide a lovely keepsake – especially if it's sent to mark a special occasion.

You can also send letters to thank people for help they've given you. It shows that you really appreciate their support and that you're grateful for their help.

If you're a stationery fan, we have lots of great writing sets for you to explore, from floral writing paper to quirky letter writing sets. There are more affordable writing sets alongside luxurious writing paper sets, so you're bound to find the best writing paper for you.

Read on to discover the best writing sets to buy and get scribbling…

Make your letters even more beautiful by trying our calligraphy for beginners guide. Alternatively, give your letter a wonderful finishing touch with a wax seal! Take a look at our favourite wax seal kits for inspiration. If you can't resist buying beautiful stationery, check out our pick of the best notebooks.

Best letter writing sets

1. Hare and Berries writing set

Give your letters a natural feel with this fantastic Hare and Berries writing set. The set includes ten cards and envelopes decorated with a lovely hare motif. The hare is shown both sitting and springing into action. The quality of the cards and envelopes is excellent, but it’s worth mentioning that there are no decorative details on the envelopes – they’re plain. You only have one sheet of paper per envelope, so this set wouldn’t be suitable for anyone who likes to write long letters. This would be a charming set to use if you wanted to write to a nature lover. The set would also make a good gift for a friend or relative who loves to write letters.

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Hare and berries letter writing set

2. Me Loovely bumble bee letter writing set

We love this adorable writing set with a gorgeous illustrated bee motif! Each set comes with high quality paper that can be used to write letters to your nearest and dearest. This cheerful set is sure to brighten your day! The design is simple yet striking and won’t distract from the contents of your letter.

You can write on this paper by hand and it’s also printer-friendly. This letter writing set is available with 10, 20 or 40 sheets of paper and envelopes. The two larger sets also come in a stylish presentation gift box. Overall, this writing set is excellent quality and feels expensive. Again, this would make a great gift for an enthusiastic letter writer or stationery lover.

Me Loovely bumblebee letter writing set

3. Meadow Fox letter writing set

Isn't this cute? This folk art-inspired design is covered in floral patterns with a leaping fox. This set comes with 12 sheets of paper, 6 peach envelopes and a set of small illustrated stickers to seal your letters. Each sheet of paper is lined with a thick floral border.

This set is simply spectacular and would be a joy to receive in the post!

Buy the Meadow Fox writing paper set from Not On the Highstreet for £10

Meadow Fox letter writing set

4. Fairtrade handmade sari letter writing set

This gorgeous Fairtrade letter writing set is made by a small family workshop in Rajasthan using eco-friendly methods. The paper is made using cotton leftover from the garment manufacturing industry which would otherwise go to waste. Each sari-wrapped box comes with 20 sheets of writing paper and 10 envelopes. The paper is off-white in colour and may contain a splash of petals.

Buy the Fairtrade handmade sari letter writing set from Not on The High Street for £16.95

Fair trade sari letter writing kit

5. Stariami origami writing set

This writing set is really fun and original! You can write your letter on the origami paper and fold it up before sending it to a friend. Each pack contains five large envelopes and ten sheets of starry origami paper.

Buy the Stariami origami writing set from Not on the High Street for £4.50

Stariami origami letter writing paper

6. Wild Meadow letter writing set

We're getting real country cottage or even cottagecore vibes from this nostalgic letter writing set. This letter writing set features incredible pen and ink drawings to inspire your letter writing. It includes letter writing paper, a notepad, note cards and stickers. For an extra £9, you can also have the set personalised to make it even more special.

Buy the Wild Meadow letter writing set from Not on the High Street for £19.99

Wild Meadow writing set

7. Lined letter writing set

This lined letter writing set features some of our favourite things: tea and books. The writing set contains 32 sheets of paper and 16 envelopes for all of your correspondence. All of the paper is sustainable and the boxes are recyclable too.

Buy the lined letter writing set from Etsy for £11.50

Lined letter writing paper set

8. Quiet World of Cats letter writing set

Calling all cat lovers! This charming letter writing set is ideal for anyone who adores cats and would make a fantastic gift for a cat owner. The set contains 12 sheets of writing paper and 6 recycled kraft paper envelopes.

Buy the Quiet World of Cats letter writing set from Not on the High Street for £10

Quiet World of Cats letter writing set

9. The Ethereal Collection letter writing set

We love the dreamy feel of this letter writing set. The paper is swirled with blue, which gives an effect similar to alcohol inks. It comes beautifully wrapped in tissue paper and closed with a wax seal, so it would make a lovely gift. It can be personalised too!

Buy the Ethereal Collection letter writing set from Not on the High Street for £14.95

Ethereal letter writing set

10. Favourite Cities Paris letter writing set

Celebrate all things Parisian with this chic letter writing set. It’s decorated with classic buildings and architecture from the French capital, including the Sacre Coeur in Monmartre, the Eiffel Tower, the Arc du Triomphe and Notre Dame cathedral. The paper in this set is 170gsm, which means that it’s thick and high quality. There are other cities available in this range including London, Amsterdam and Rome. Don’t worry if you run out of paper or envelopes, you can buy extra pages and envelopes separately if you need them. This writing set can be personalised too.

Favourite cities Paris letter writing set

Writing paper

Here are some of our favourite writing paper pads to buy…

11. Garden Flowers letter writing paper

This A4 writing paper has delicate floral borders which seem to flow onto the page. This is a great choice for people who like to write lengthy letters to friends and family! It comes with 20 sheets of paper for all of your writing needs.

Buy the Garden Flowers letter writing paper from Not on the High Street for £13.50

Garden flowers letter writing paper

12. Peony writing paper

Papier is known for its pretty and contemporary designs and this stunning peony writing paper is no exception. This writing paper designed by illustrator Emma Block can be personalised and ordered in packs of 20, 30 or 50.

Buy the Peony writing paper from Papier for £30

Peony writing paper

13. Astral Tides writing paper

Isn't this dreamy? The swirling marbled effect on this Astral Tides writing paper is truly magical! This is another of Papier's amazing letter writing paper sets and it can be personalised. Like the other writing paper sets produced by Papier, this writing paper can be personalised and is available in packs of 20, 30 or 50.

Buy the Astral Tides writing paper from Papier for £30

Astral Tides writing paper

14. Blue Floral writing paper

If you're looking for writing paper with more subtle embellishments, this set is ideal. The decoration is kept to the corners, so you still have plenty of room to write on.

Buy the Blue Floral writing paper from Etsy from £3.85

Blue floral writing paper

15. Woodland Fox letter writing paper

This Woodland Fox writing set is enchanting and this sweet design is guaranteed to raise a smile! It comes in packs of A4 paper with 20 sheets in each set.

Buy the Woodland Fox letter writing paper from Not on the High Street for £13.50

Woodland fox letter writing paper

We hope you enjoyed this guide to the best writing papers! Happy scribbling!


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