How to upcycle a mirror

Make money from old rope when you use it to upcycle a tired-looking mirror into cool, coastal-themed homeware!

How to upcycle a mirror

Breathe new life into an old mirror, or spruce up a thrift store find by making this gorgeous upcycled mirror! All you need is some rope, hot glue and a little know-how (we’ll show you). This is a super project for selling at craft fairs – or as a housewarming gift for someone moving to a new home. This design is ideal for bathrooms, bedrooms, and anyone with seaside-themed decor, but learning how to upcycle a mirror using rope also creates a piece of homeware equally suited to anyone loving the cottagecore aesthetic.

Here’s a top tip: Why not age new rope first by soaking it in tea and distressing it with scissors – the effect is a darker, more beach-combed look to the rope.

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You will need

  • Round mirror
  • 500cm (197in) of rope
  • Glue gun
  • Glue sticks
  • Blu-Tack
  • Ruler
  • Scissors

How to upcycle a mirror


Step 1

First – select a mirror you want to upcycle. A lot of mirrors are framed, so removing the frame might make you see a mirror in a whole new light! We’re using a circular mirror for this upcycling project Measure 20cm (8in) down from the top of the mirror, making sure that the hanging fixture is positioned at the top and in the centre. Place a blob of Blu-Tack in the centre of the front side of the mirror.

Step 2

Lie a ruler across the mirror from left to right, going directly through the Blu-Tack, so it is roughly the same distance from the top and bottom of the mirror. Using the ruler as a starting point on the left-hand side, apply hot glue 0.5cm (¼in) in from the edge of the mirror, then press the rope firmly in place. Apply the glue in 5cm (2in) sections, moving the ruler around as you go, so that there is plenty of time to arrange the rope before the glue dries. Take the time to arrange the rope smoothly so it perfectly follows the curve and so that no part of the mirror shows on the outer edge.

Step 3

Once you have finished attaching the rope around the outer edge of the mirror, use a pair of scissors to cut the rope to size, then stick the end neatly in place.

Step 4

Repeat this process again to attach another length of rope around the inside of the first piece; make sure the inside rope butts up against the outer rope, so there is no gap between them.

Step 5

Using the diagram below as a guide, tie a figure of eight knot in one end of the remaining length of rope; place this over the joins on the left-hand side of the mirror. Test the length you would like the hanging rope to be and then repeat the knot at the other end. Cut off any excess rope from the ends of the knots and apply clear-drying hot glue to the ends to seal.

How to upcycle a mirror - rope knot

Step 6

Using a ruler as a rough guide, and again going through the centre of the Blu-Tack, place your other knot on the opposite side of the mirror, so that it perfectly lines up with the first knot. Hot glue both knots securely in place.

Step 7

Remove the ruler and the piece of Blu-Tack and give the mirror a quick clean. You can now hang the mirror by its original hanging fixture for security and by the rope handle for aesthetics.

How to upcycle a mirror

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