From cute little play toys to cuddly pals, boys and girls (and even grandpa's), there's loads of different types of crochet doll patterns for you to hook up! It's generally accepted that playing with dolls helps children to develop empathy, social skills and responsibility. And no longer are dolls assumed to be toys that are limited to little girls - boys can benefit from playing with dolls too. So with this in mind, we've searched the internet and found a range of different styles of crochet doll patterns that you can make for your little ones!


When it comes to crochet dolls, most modern designs are generally in the amigurumi style and there are loads of different types available, so in this article we'll be focusing on human style dolls - however you can find loads of fun and inspiring patterns in our pick of the best crochet animal patterns and the top 40 amigurumi patterns. And if you're still quite new to amigurumi, then you can find loads of helpful information, tips and tricks in our how to crochet amigurumi guide.

Emmy-Lou doll crochet pattern

TheLittleHookCrochet specialises in making incredibly sweet and adorable amigurumi creations, and their Emmy-Lou doll crochet pattern is definitely no exception. Measuring roughly 18.5cm tall, she's the perfect size for children to play with. We love the sweet little details like her eyelashes and felt cheeks, and that yarn hair-style is gorgeous!

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Emmy-Lou crochet doll pattern

Free Medusa doll crochet pattern

Your crochet dolls don't have to be all sweetness and nice - they can take on a spookier side too! This free crochet doll pattern depicts the infamous Medusa from Greek mythology, whose hair was made from snakes and whose gaze turned people to stone! However our little Gorgon and her little monster are still pretty cute, and if you think she'd be a bit scary for your little ones you can just give her some regular hair to transform her from ghoulish to glorious!

Find the Free Medusa doll crochet pattern here

Medusa crochet doll pattern cropped
If you'd like to hook up an amigurumi doll that also educates your little ones, then you should check out the iconic women amigurumi crochet book by Carla Mitrani. Featuring 15 amigurumi patterns depicting women that have changed our world, from Malala to Marie Curie and many more!

2 in 1 boy and girl doll crochet patterns

If you've got a pair of siblings who you want to play nicely together, or just want to hook up a pair of dolls for your little one, then this 2-in-1 boy and girl crochet doll pattern bundle is a great option. This brother and sister are the best of pals, and even like to co-ordinate their outfits with each other - we love their individual hats and his hoodie and her dress are just perfect!

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2 in 1 amigurumi doll crochet pattern

Grayson doll free crochet pattern

If you'd rather your crochet doll has a more traditional handmade appearance, then maybe you'd like this Grayson doll from ACraftyConcept! This head and body of this free crochet doll pattern are made as flat pieces seamed together (with a little bit of fancy crochet colourwork), and some simple amigurumi shapes are used to make the arms and legs - making him an easy crochet pattern that even relative beginners can try. It reminds us of homemade dolls we had when we were children - many many moons ago!

Find the free Grayson doll crochet pattern here.

grayson - free doll crochet pattern

Aisha crochet doll pattern

We're big fans of the amazing crochet dolls created by Aniqua Wilkerson of MyKindaThing, who specialises in dolls that represent people of colour and provide positive imagery for all children. Her Aisha doll is one of our favourites and was featured in issue 66 of Simply Crochet (and was super-popular with the readers), and you can now get the pattern on Etsy.

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Free 'feel better friends' crochet doll pattern

Here's a free crochet doll pattern with a heart-warming story. The design started out as a gift for a little girl battling cancer who had lost her hair due to chemotherapy, so this doll was designed to be relatable for her, whether wearing her wig or or just being bald and beautiful! It's a lovely doll that not only makes a sweet gift for children (or adults) battling cancer, but also for those suffering from alopecia.

Find the Free 'feel better friends' crochet doll pattern on Ravelry

Feel better friends free crochet doll pattern

Sugar Skull Mexican Day of the Dead Doll crochet pattern

Here's another crochet doll for those of your who are looking for a more alternative toy! This 'Day of the Dead' inspired doll is the perfect blend of both creepy and cute, and has loads of fun details that will make her an entertaining crochet project for you to hook up! Designed by amigurumi superstar Ilaria Caliri, this doll features some fab embroidery details that really define her sugar skull face and skeleton costume, as well as some impressive yarny hair and even some sweet little shoes! We love it!

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sugar skull crochet toll pattern

Free boy and girl superhero dolls crochet patterns

Show your little one just how special they are with their very own superhero crochet doll! This free crochet doll pattern from Red Heart comes with instructions for making both boys and girls that are ready to save the world!

Find the free boy and girl superhero dolls crochet patterns on

superheroes free doll crochet pattern

Free mermaid doll crochet pattern

If you fancy making a crochet doll pattern to help unleash your child's imagination, then this free mermaid crochet doll pattern is perfect! This fun pattern by Carolyne Brodie features some fabulous crochet shaping and sweet details to make a really unique crochet doll.

Find the free mermaid doll crochet pattern on

free mermaid doll crochet pattern

Arnold and Timo crochet doll pattern

Here's a cute crochet doll pattern for a little boy named Arnold, and his super-sweet little teddy bear Timo! This fabulous design by AnnaboosHouse only uses simple double crochet stitches (single crochet in US terms) so is a great project for crochet beginners who want to hook up their first amigurumi project. As well as his lovely teddy and stylish red dungarees, we also love his long legs and arms too!

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arnold doll crochet pattern

Flower fairy amigurumi crochet doll pattern

Say hello to Michelle, a beautiful flower fairy crochet doll by MignonCrochet. This cute character has loads of lovely details that will both give your an interesting crochet project as well as sparking your child's imagination, like her textured flower and skirt, her pretty fairy wings and of course that gorgeous hair.

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flower fairy crochet doll pattern

Free Primrose doll crochet pattern

Here's a free crochet doll pattern that would make an incredibly special gift that is guaranteed to be treasured for a lifetime! This super-sweet Primrose doll by AllAboutAmi is mostly made with fine crochet thread, but also chunky roving-style yarn to give them that big beautiful hair. You'll also have the opportunity to raid your fabric stash too when making her dress and boots, and then if you want to really make it special you can finish her off with a hand-made flower crown!

Find the Free Primrose doll crochet pattern here.

free doll crochet pattern - Primrose

Free crochet boy doll pattern

We love the simple style of this free crochet doll pattern from ChaiCoffeeCrochet. While Zayd is described as a crochet boy doll, we like the fact that it's a relatively simple and gender-neutral doll, so you could easily add your own personal touches to make a truly custom crochet doll.

Find the Free crochet boy doll pattern here

Zayd - free crochet doll pattern
If you like the idea of makng your own unique and individual dolls, then you may like the Edwards crochet doll emporium pattern book by Kerry Lord. This clever pattern book features flip sections, so you can choose your amigurumi head first, then mix and match with various bodies, outfits and accessories!

Princess Penelope crochet doll pattern

If your little one is princess-obsessed, then they'll love this sweet Princess Penelope crochet doll pattern from SmileyCrochetThings. This fantastic doll is perfect for playtime, with a removable dress and shoes, plus lots of fun details like her curly hair with flowers round the back, royal crown and elegant gloves.

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princess penelope crochet doll pattern

Free sister dolls crochet patterns

Sisters are doing it for themselves, and this pair of lovely ladies make a great gift for a pair of siblings. This free crochet doll pattern from Hobbii is hooked up in their gorgeous rainbow cotton, and the pattern features some very clever construction such as that amazing hair all being made in one piece!

Find the free sister dolls crochet patterns on

free sister dolls crochet pattern

James doll crochet pattern

James is a gentle crochet boy who loves cuddles, and we've got to confess to being a bit envious of his super-cool dinosaur dungarees! This crochet doll pattern is made while keeping sewing assembly to a minimum, as his body from his toes to his shoulders are made in one continuous piece, and all of his clothing is removable too so you can easily customise his outfit.

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james doll crochet pattern

Fruit girl dolls crochet pattern

If you fancy making some dolls with a bit of fruity fun, then how about these cute crochet doll pattern by TinyCurl. The pattern includes instruction on how to make all 3 of these colourful characters - watermelon girl, lemon girl and pineapple girl - all with the adorable signature style that we love in TinyCurl's designs!

Buy the Fruit girl dolls crochet pattern on Etsy

fruit girls crochet doll patterns

Free Jennifer doll crochet pattern

This lovely Jennifer doll crochet pattern from Hobbii is a great pattern for crocheters who want to make a simple doll with a few extra challenges. The doll can be made with a metal wire frame inside to give make her poseable and provide a bit more stability (although this is optional really), and her hair is made with an interesting hair cap construction. Plus, if you enjoy making Jennifer, you can find two more free crochet doll patterns for her friends Belinda and Conni on the Hobbii website too!

Find the Free Jennifer doll crochet pattern on

free doll crochet pattern Jennifer

Papi doll crochet pattern

So we've had a fair few dolls depicting little boys and girls, but it's important that kids appreciate and look after their elders too - Which is why we absolutely love this super-cute grandpa doll crochet pattern by Khuc Cay! With his sweet rosy cheeks and little moustache, and that essential flat cap, little ones will love playing with this crochet grandpa almost as much as the real one (almost). And if you don't want Papi to be lonely, you'll also find the pattern for the adorable grandma too on Khuc Cay's Etsy store.

Buy the Papi doll crochet pattern on Etsy

Papi doll crochet patternPapi doll crochet pattern

Free Red Heart Artistic Annie crochet doll pattern

If you want to encourage your child's creative side and individuality, then Artistic Annie is here to help! This free crochet doll pattern from Red Heart comes with loads of fun accessories like her hat, scarf and bag, plus with her bracelets, earrings and purple streak in her hair, she brings her own unique style to a conventional crochet doll.

Find the free red heart artistic annie crochet doll pattern on

artistic Annie - free crochet doll pattern

We hope you’ve enjoyed our roundup of the best crochet doll patterns. Don’t forget, if you need any help with your crochet stitches you can always check out our crochet for beginners guide. And if you’re looking to treat yourself, check out our list of the best crochet hooks and the best crochet kits for beginners.


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