Happy Easter everyone! We love a bit of Easter-themed crochet - all those adorable chicks, bunnies and lambs, plus of course Easter eggs galore!

We've found a huge range of Easter crochet projects for you to try, ranging from quick projects like simple eggs and amigurumi, to bigger bunting and blanket projects. We've picked our favourite and most egg-cellent free crochet patterns from across the web that you can hook up and make today!

Free crochet Easter patterns

1. Free Easter Bunny Bunting Crochet Pattern

Hook up this fab Simply Crochet pattern of this lovely Free Easter bunny bunting crochet pattern. Customise with whatever message you’d like!


2. Free crochet egg cosy pattern and tutorial

Keep your eggs nice and warm with our Free crochet egg cosy pattern and tutorial. We've also included instructions on how to easily felt your easter egg cosies for if you're making them with pure wool!


3. Free Rabbit Plush Toy crochet pattern

What a gorgeous rabbit plushie gift to work up for a young one by Spin a Yarn – we’re loving the pastel colours on this Free rabbit plush toy crochet pattern!


4. Free Easter Bunny Blanket crochet pattern

If you're looking for an Easter project but one that you can also use all year round, this fab Free Easter Bunny Crochet Baby Blanket Pattern is a great project for practicing crochet colourwork and would look great in any baby's bedroom!


5. Free Easter Pot Holder crochet patterns

These chicken and bunny Free Easter pot holder crochet patterns are so cute, we’re sure they’ll look wonderful in your kitchen, and for any time of year!


6. Free Easter Basket crochet pattern

This Free Easter basket crochet pattern not only works as an Easter egg hunt basket, but also for storing just about any household bits and bobs! Being made from Jute makes it a cheap and contemporary make that’ll last for years – designed by The Merry Thought.


Excellent eggs for crafting

If you're a vegan, just don't real like eggs, or want to make your Easter makes last a lot longer, why not try using these Polystyrene Eggs from Amazon. They're great for all sorts of Easter craft projects!


7. Free Bunny Ears Headband crochet pattern

This Free bunny ears headband crochet pattern is another fab design from Simply Crochet magazine – a pair of fully posable bunny ears for adults and children alike!


8. Free Easter Chick crochet pattern

We love this incredible Little Lottie the Chick crochet pattern by Irene Strange. These sweet little chicks are great for some cute little Easter decorations, and we love those clever wire feet!

little lottie free easter chick crochet pattern

9. Free Bunny Ears Egg Cosies crochet pattern

These ever-so-colourful free bunny ear egg cosies crochet pattern were designed by Simply Crochet magazine Editor, Sara Huntington.


10. Free Baby Chick Hat Crochet Pattern

Look at this little cherub! If you’re lucky enough to have a new baby to adorn this time of year, why not give them a lasting gift with this sweet yellow free baby chick hat crochet pattern by JennyandTeddy.


11. Free amigurumi Easter bunny pattern

Hook up our super cute Free amigurumi Rabbit pattern for the ultimate Easter amigurumi project - it even comes with a cute baby bunny and some fab Easter accessories!


12. Free amigurumi chicks Easter crochet pattern

Annika Nilsson's fab free amigurumi chicks Easter crochet pattern is definitely something you can't miss making this Easter.

free Easter crochet patterns

Nice nest!

If you're hooking up these sweet Easter chicks, then what better home for them than this simple Rattan Nest from Amazon! Perfect for little chicks... and chocolate eggs too!

Rattan egg nest

13. Free bunny and lamb crochet plant pot patterns

Give your pretty house plants an easter-themed crochet covering with these free bunny and lamb crochet plant pot patterns.


14. Free crochet bunny bunting pattern

Make Yarnspiration's Free crochet bunny bunting pattern and hang it on your wall or curtains for a proper Easter atmosphere.

free Easter crochet patterns

15. Free egg basket crochet pattern

They say you shouldn't put all your eggs in one basket, but each and every egg will be perfectly safe with this Free egg basket crochet pattern. It may look complicated, but it's simpler than you think thanks to some clever construction techniques!


16. Free crochet easter basket pattern

It's your choice – do you want to use Skip to my Lou's free crochet easter basket pattern as a cute decoration or as a handy mini chocolate eggs holder?

free Easter crochet patterns

Calorie-free treats!

Oh chocolate eggs, we do love them! But if you're avoiding the choccies this Easter, then you can still finish off your crochet Easter projects with these cute mini speckled eggs from Amazon.

speckled foam eggs

17. Free embroidered easter eggs crochet pattern

This beautiful Free embroidered Easter eggs crochet pattern by Zeens and Roger features vintage floral vibes and are ideal for more subtle Easter décor.

free Easter crochet patterns

18. Free crochet easter basket pattern

Here at Gathered, we just love Crochet 365 Knit Too's big free crochet Easter basket pattern. It's just the right size for a big chocolate Easter egg, or a real bunny... Your choice.

free Easter crochet patterns

19. Free amigurumi bunnies crochet pattern

This free amigurumi bunnies crochet pattern melts ours hearts, and this pattern by Crafty Bunny Bun includes instructions for making three different sized bunnies!

free Easter crochet patterns

20. Free crochet Easter egg garland pattern

Where there's a bunny garland, there has to be an e(gg)quivalent doesn't there? Skip to my Lou's Free crochet Easter egg garland pattern guides you through a simple two-step tutorial to show you how to crochet Easter eggs and chain them together into a fab and colourful garland.

free Easter crochet patterns

21. Free Easter basket crochet pattern

Here's another adorable free Easter basket crochet pattern for you to hook - perfect for easter egg hunts or just a pretty display, and this one features some fabulous bright spotty colours and a superb stripey bow.


22. Free Little spring chick crochet pattern

We love this little Free little spring chick crochet pattern by Crochet For You - isn't he adorable!

free Easter crochet patterns

23. Free surprise eggs crochet pattern

5 Little Monsters' Free surprise eggs crochet pattern is a fab Easter hunt alternative for when the kids have had enough choc!

free Easter crochet patterns

24. Free crochet rabbit pattern

Sew Historically's free crochet rabbit pattern is for absolute beginners, and can be strung into a garland, added to a card or made into gift tags. We're always up for a 2-for-1 pattern.

free Easter crochet patterns

25. Free Easter egg treat bag pattern

Choose which colour variation of Petals to Picots' free Easter egg treat bag crochet pattern you like best and create your own beautiful treat bags.

free Easter crochet patterns

26. Free easter basket crochet pattern

We love the idea of using this sweet free crochet Easter basket pattern as a container for those iconic spring-time daffodils! You crochet the basket using 3 strands of dk cotton at once so it'll be super-sturdy, plus features a stylish leather handle!

Free easter basket crochet pattern

27. Free crochet bunny ears headband pattern

Little 'uns will love Grace and Yarn's easter headband... almost as much as you'll love hooking up the free crochet bunny ears headband pattern!

free Easter crochet patterns

28. Free Easter bunny egg cosy crochet pattern

Thoresby Cottage's Free Easter bunny egg cosy crochet pattern makes a fun additions to your Easter eggs.

free Easter crochet patterns

29. Free superhero bunny egg cosy crochet patterns

These free Easter superhero bunny egg cosy crochet patterns aren't just for anybody - Krawka's crochet egg cosies are only for superheroes.

free Easter crochet patterns

Secret stash

If you're making a special Easter crochet project for the kids, then how about giving them an extra treat. These Reuseable fillable eggs from Amazon are a great way of including an extra gift in your eggy makes!

refillable easter eggs

30. Free amigurumi carrot crochet pattern

Craft this free amigurumi carrot crochet pattern by Spin a Yarn Crochet and your crochet Easter bunnies will definitely thank you.

free Easter crochet patterns

31. Free bunny egg hat crochet pattern

Super simple, super quick and super cute. This free bunny egg hat crochet pattern by Kirsten Ballering is all we need this Easter.

free Easter crochet patterns

32. Free Easter wreath crochet pattern

Try Joice Geysler's free Easter wreath crochet pattern for and decorate your front door for the season!

free Easter crochet patterns

33. Free egg bunny covers crochet pattern

In a hurry? Crochet these stripy Easter egg covers. Feel like doing more? Crochet Karen Goss' free egg bunny covers crochet pattern to cover your creme eggs instead.

free Easter crochet patterns

34. Free pocket bunny crochet pattern

Spin a Yarn Crochet's free pocket bunny crochet pattern is just the right size to be squeezed into an Easter basket or a pocket. Make loads for your friends and family in their fave colours.

free Easter crochet patterns

35. Free Disney-inspired egg cosy crochet patterns

To all our cute character fans, Krawka has your back with her free Easter egg cosy crochet patterns.

free Easter crochet patterns

36. Free crochet egg decorations crochet pattern

You don't have to make your crochet Easter eggs in just one colour, give them stripes, spots and crochet flowers with this free crochet egg decorations crochet pattern.


Display your makes with pride

If you're looking for the perfect way to show off your Easter decorations, then this Decorative White Stick Tree from Amazon is a great way of showing off your crochet skills in style!

decorative white tree

37. Free amigurumi chick crochet pattern

Cuteness overload! We just love The Cozy Chipmunk's free amigurumi chick crochet pattern.

free Easter crochet patterns

38. Free Chick and Duck amigurumi crochet patterns

Ami Amour brings us two free Chick and Duck amigurumi crochet patterns – the Easter chick is named Eggy and the crochet Easter duck is named Yolk - Have you ever heard such apt names?

free Easter crochet patterns

39. Free carrot egg covers crochet pattern

Bring a bit of magic to your crafting and turn your eggs to carrots with Winding Road Crochet's free carrot egg covers crochet pattern.

free Easter crochet patterns

40. Free egg bunny hat crochet pattern

Change your eggs into little egg babies with 1 Dog Woof's free egg bunny hat crochet pattern.

free Easter crochet patterns

41. Free bunny mug cosy crochet pattern

Kirsten Ballering's free bunny mug cosy crochet pattern adds a bit of Easter goodness to your teatime.

free Easter crochet patterns

42. Free mini Easter basket crochet pattern

This free mini easter basket crochet pattern by Crazy Patterns is perfect for storing tiny choco eggs.

free Easter crochet patterns

Get your little ones crafting this Easter

For more Easter makes check out these 20 easy Easter crafts for kids.

Easy Easter crafts for kids

43. Free crochet easter eggs pattern

Another egg pattern for you! Make our colourful decorations using our free crochet easter eggs pattern and tutorial.

free Easter crochet patterns

44. Harry Potter amigurumi chicks free crochet pattern

To all our Harry Potter fans, we think you'll love Ami Amour's Harry Potter amigurumi chicks free crochet pattern!

free Easter crochet patterns

45. Free Tulip Easter egg crochet pattern

Ektelykke's Free tulip Easter egg crochet pattern can be hung around your home for an added seasonal touch.

free Easter crochet patterns

46. Free ZipZip amigurumi bunny crochet pattern

Elif Tekten's Free ZipZip amigurumi bunny crochet pattern can be crocheted in just two hours and they'll make a great gifts for your friends.

free Easter crochet patterns

47. Free Easter egg place setting crochet pattern

Add some springtime to your dining table with this lovely Free Easter egg place setting crochet pattern by Petals to Picots.

free Easter crochet patterns

48. Free bunny creme egg cover crochet pattern

There's never enough creme eggs, nor cute crochet creme egg covers. Try Sandra Paul's free bunny creme egg cover crochet pattern.

free Easter crochet patterns

49. Free amigurumi Easter egg covers crochet pattern

Pick one of three from this free amigurumi Easter egg covers crochet pattern by Erica Dietz and craft them all for a lovely set of crochet egg covers.

free Easter crochet patterns

Put your eggs in this basket

When it comes to displaying your crochet Easter makes, then you can't beat a classic Easter basket. This gorgeous Wicker Basket from Amazon also makes a handy shopping or foraging accessory for once Easter is over too!

egg collecting basket

50. Free round chicks and hen amigurumi crochet patterns

We're obsessed with this free round chicks and hen amigurumi crochet patterns by amiguruMEI!

free Easter crochet patterns

51. Free Easter lamb and basket crochet pattern

If you fancy hooking up a crochet Easter basket, Easter eggs and an adorable amigurumi lamb, then you'll love this Lily the Easter lamb crochet pattern from Hobbii. Made in Dk cotton in pretty spring-time colours, it would make a great gift for little ones to play with.

Hobbii free crochet lamb pattern

52. Free ragdoll chicks crochet pattern

This free ragdoll chicks crochet pattern by Yarnhild is so unique, and those chicks have the longest legs we've ever seen!

free Easter crochet patterns

53. Free chubby spring chicks crochet pattern

And last but not least, Spin a Yarn Crochet has another free Easter crochet pattern, making her the official queen of Easter crochet. Make this free chubby spring chicks crochet pattern and give them alongside all your Easter gifts.

free Easter crochet patterns

Darling daffodil

If you're a fan of spring-time and fancy some more uplifting makes, why not try hooking up the ultimate spring-time flower with our Free Crochet Daffodil Pattern

Celebrate Easter with crochet

There's nothing like an Easter crochet project to mark the arrival of Spring. The combination of colourful stitches and cute characters are great for providing a boost in positivity as we head into the new season.

Make some Spring-time blooms

Lovely lambs, baby rabbits and sweet chicks are all classic signs of Easter-time, but flowers are the true signal that spring is here. Even if you're not a green-fingered gardener, you can hook up a whole vase-full of beautiful blooms with the top 50 crochet flower patterns from Gathered.


Matt SpiersDigital Assistant, Gathered

Matt Spiers is a crochet artist and designer who has been overseeing Gathered's crochet articles for over 2 years. He previously worked as Digital Assistant for Simply Crochet magazine and is our in house video editing pro. What started as a hobby a decade ago led to Matt developing a passion (and then a career) with crochet. As well as still regularly writing and designing for Simply Crochet magazine, Matt is a crochet artist in his own right, having displayed and created crochet installations at festivals and fibre events across the UK. You can keep up to date with Matt at @onemancrochet on Instagram.

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