Free Crochet Skull Pattern

Hook up our free crochet skull motif for all your Halloween projects!


This crochet skull is perfect for Halloween. It measures 7 x 5cm, so you could make it into a brooch or hair decoration, or hook up a whole chain to make some spooky bunting. And we’re giving you the pattern for free!


You will need

  • Wendy Supreme Luxury Cotton DK (100% cotton, 110g/201m) or any other Cotton DK yarn
    1 ball of White (1820)
  • A 3mm (US C/2 or D/3) hook


The pattern begins with 2 chain loops joined in the centre with 1 ch, which will form the eye sockets.


You can find a full list of all abbreviations we use in our abbreviations and conversions guide. This pattern is written in UK terminology but you can easily convert it to US terms using this handy chart.

Simply Crochet UK-to-US conversion chart


With White and a 3mm hook, ch8, ss to the first ch to form a ring, ch9, ss to the eighth ch from the hook.

Round 1 (RS) Ch1 (does not count as st), dc into the joining ch, 12dc into the first ring, dc into the other side of the joining ch, 12dc into the other ring, ss to first dc to join. [26 sts]

Round 2 Ch3 (counts as tr), tr in each of the first 2 dc of the first ring, continue working in each of the sts of the first ring as follows: 2htr, 3dc, 2htr, tr, ch3, skip next 5 sts (now working in the second ring) tr, 2htr, 3dc, 2htr, 2tr, ss to top of beg ch-3. [21 sts and ch-3 sp which will form the nose socket]

Round 3 Ch3 (counts as tr), tr, 3htr, 2dc, 2htr, 2tr, 4tr in ch-3 sp, 2tr, 2htr, 2dc, 3htr, tr, ss to top of beg ch-3.

Fasten off.

Rejoin yarn to the last tr before the ch-3 sp on Round 3, and work back and forth in rows:

Row 1 Ch1 (does not count as st), 6dc, turn.

Row 2 Ch4 (counts as tr, ch1), skip dc at base of ch, (tr in next dc, ch1, skip 1 dc) twice, tr in last dc, turn.

Row 3 Skip 1st tr, dc in next ch-1 sp, htr in each of next 2 sts, dc in next st, ss in next st.

Fasten off and weave in ends.