It's officially the Easter knitting countdown, which means it's time to take all the eggs, bunnies and chicks out of hibernation.


If you feel like knitting up something adorable this spring then you'll want to scroll through these 48 easy Easter knitting patterns.

We carefully curated them so even absolute knitting newbies can find themselves an Easter knitting project. Start with these knitted Easter bunny pals (above) by Clair Garland that you can find here on Gathered.

Keep scrolling to find a whole bunch of easy Easter knitting patterns.

49 easy Easter knitting patterns

1. Striped eggs for your Easter knitting

free easter knitting patterns 2

Let's start this Easter with some easy Easter knitting patterns by Emily Kintigh. Just pick your favourite colour and knit away.

2. Knitted Easter bunny duo

this free bunny knitting pattern is sized to create the smaller of this pair of bunnies

Knit this adorable duo with Monica Fuertes easy Easter knitting pattern. You can find her bunny knitting pattern here on Gathered. Click, read, knit.

3. Free bunny egg cosy knitting pattern

free easter knitting patterns 3

Check out Linda Dawkins' free egg cosy knitting pattern which will keep your Easter eggs well hidden from little hands.

4. Knitted Easter bunny

free easter knitting patterns 4

Believe it or not, Gina Michele's knitted Easter bunny is one of the easiest Easter knitting patterns. It's just a square tied to a rabbit shape – so simple!

5. Bunny tea cosy Easter knitting pattern

free easter knitting patterns 6

We just had to include this knitted Easter bunny teapot cosy by HandyLittleMe. Tea breaks are a must during all that egg hunting.

6. Chick ornament Easter knitting pattern

free easter knitting patterns 7

Follow Garn Studio's knitted chick pattern and let others be blown away by your knitting skills.

7. Basket of eggs Easter knitting pattern

free easter knitting patterns 10

Swap your regular basket for this beautiful knitted version, complete with pastel eggs. Kaity Fraker's Easter knitting patterns are super-easy to make.

8. Chicken Easter knitting patterns

free easter knitting patterns 12

Where there are Easter chicks, there must also be Easter hens. Follow Yarnspiration's Easter hen pattern to knit up the whole farmyard crew.

9. Chick hat Easter knitting pattern

free easter knitting patterns 13

Little Red Window's free Easter knitting pattern will brighten up any parent's day. Who wouldn't want their kid to sport a chicky hat?

10. Knitted easter bunny placemat

free easter knitting patterns 15

Give teatime a subtle seasonal vibe with Sybil R's Easter bunny placemats. You can knit yours in whatever colour combo you like.

11. Eggcosy Easter knitting project

free easter knitting patterns 16

A quick and easy addition to add to your ever-growing knitting pattern collection. Keep your eggs cosy with knittingbypost's free Easter knitting patterns.

12. Knitted Easter bunny blanket

free easter knitting patterns 17

Stacylyn Cottle knows there's beauty in simplicity, which is why her Easter bunny heirloom blanket would make a lovely gift for any new mum.

13. Knitted Easter bunny basket

bunny knitting pattern free 23

Knit Gina Michelle's gorgeous Easter baskets and fill them with hot cross buns over the Easter weekend.

14. Pair of socks Easter knitting pattern

free easter knitting patterns 24

We just love Drops Designs' Easter socks. If knitting socks is too challenging for you, make a dishcloth alternative using the same pattern.

15. Hot cross bun Ester knitting pattern

free easter knitting patterns 25

Craft Bits's easy Easter knitting pattern means you can knit up some tasty hot cross buns. Can you smell them yet?

16. Knitted beehive eggcosy

free easter knitting patterns 26

What a bee-autiful free egg cosy pattern by one of our faves, Amanda Berry.

17. Knitted Easter bunny plush

free easter knitting patterns 55

Tuxedo Ted is a friendly knitted Easter bunny by J.G.Miller. We guarantee he'll make a great companion for your Easter weekend.

18. Easter knitting finger puppets

bunny knitting pattern free 31

Ala & Ela is giving away the knitting pattern for these finger puppets. Knit these for your little ones to keep them entertained on Easter Sunday.

19. Mini egg basket Easter knitting pattern

free easter knitting patterns 32

Knit yourself a tiny Easter basket and collect all those chocolate mini eggs. Marianna has this super easy Easter knitted pattern on her blog, just for you

20. Last minute Easter knitting patterns

bunny knitting pattern free 36

Treat your cats this Easter with Selina Kyle's colourful Easter bunnies you can fill with catnip. They also make brilliant quick-to-knit gift bags for your Easter knitting.

21. Reversible bunny and duck toy

free easter knitting patterns 38

Easter duck or Easter bunny? Why not knit both. Susan B. Anderson has got you covered with her easy 2-in-1 Easter knitting pattern.

22. Knitted Easter bunny ears

bunny knitting pattern free 41

We just can't help it, we love Amanda Berry's easy Easter knitting patterns too much. Get this free Easter knitting pattern uk from Lovecrafts.

23. Free Easter patterns for cosy bobble hats

free easter knitting patterns 43

Knitca's Easter bobble hats can be used as Easter or Christmas decs, making them worth knitting.

24. Easy Easter knitting pattern for an egg dishcloth

free easter knitting patterns 46

Kristen McDonnell's easy Easter knitting pattern can be used as a seasonal dishcloth or coaster.

25. Knitted Easter bunny

free easter knitting patterns 50

We didn't believe it either, but Claire Garland's bunny is another easy Easter knitting pattern. You definitely need this cutie in your collection.

26. Hanging chicks Easter knitting project

free easter knitting patterns 53

Is there a better way to top off our easy Easter knitting patterns collection than with this chick bauble pattern by Drops Design? We think not. They're just so round and fluffy.

27. Feltie Easter eggs

free easter knitting patterns 5

This Easter egg tutorial by Little cotton rabbits is free and waiting for you to start knitting.

28. Hanging egg Easter knitting project

free easter knitting patterns 8

We love these pinky tones on Purl Soho‘s egg cosy pattern.

29. Colourful eggs for your Easter knitting

free easter knitting patterns 9

Brighten up your Easter with these egg cosy knitting patterns in all different sizes – follow Anna Funnell’s tutorial here.

30 Knitted Easter basket

free easter knitting patterns 11

Frankie Brown‘s small knitted Easter basket would make a fab decoration for your desk and is essential for keeping your chocolate eggs close.

31 Knitted Easter bunnies

free easter knitting patterns 14

Hang these knitted Easter bunnies around your home thanks to Cvetulka‘s easy Easter knitting pattern.

31 Bookmark Easter knitting patterns

bunny knitting pattern free

Bring Easter vibes to your fave books with Ala Ela‘s knitted Easter bookmarks.

32 . Roosting hens Easter knitting pattern

free easter knitting patterns 19

Janice Anderson designed this trio of knitted Easter hens and we’re hoping to see some sat around your home this spring.

33. Bunny slippers Easter knitting pattern

bunny knitting pattern free 20

Nikol Lohr‘s knitted kids bunny slippers look so cosy that we might resize them and knit them for ourselves.

32 Bunny jar Easter knitting pattern

bunny knitting pattern free 21

Gemma Atkinson’s free Easter bunny knitting pattern makes for rather fab jar toppers.

33 Mama Hen and baby chick knitting pattern

free easter knitting patterns 22

We love the small chick popping out of Mama Hen’s pocket. Find the Easter knitting pattern for this tiny family on Knitting Toy Box‘s blog.

34. Knitted Easter bunny pacifier

free easter knitting patterns 27

at Alinejad‘s knitted bunny blankets would make a gorgeous present for any spring babies.

34. Knitted Easter bunny baby set

free easter knitting patterns 29

One for all the mums out there – style your little ones with Louise Bollanos‘ fab hat and matching slippers.

35. Knitting pattern for creme egg cosy

free easter knitting patterns 30

It’s necessary to protect your fave creme eggs and Marianna Mel‘s bobble hats are a good way to disguise your treat.

Looking for more Easter decor ideas?

Head over to our easy DIY Easter decorations which include paper bunting and cute gift baskets!

36. Knitted cactus egg cosy

free easter knitting patterns 33

We can’t help it, Amanda Berry‘s free egg cosy knitting patterns are just fab! Cheer up your breakfast table with this cactus egg cosy. If you want more cacti, check out Gathered's own free knitted cactus pattern

37. Easter socks knitting pattern

bunny knitting pattern free 35

We fell in love with Amy Gunderson‘s adorable Easter bunny knitting pattern and the little bunny tail pom poms on the back of her socks.

38. Knitted easter bunny egg cosies

free easter knitting patterns 37

There’s never enough free egg cosy knitting patterns, and Sybil R‘s knitted Easter bunnies are one of the best. They’ll guard your eggs no matter what.

39. Easter knitting duckies pattern

free easter knitting patterns 40

Another duck pattern! Frankie Brown‘s easy Easter knitting patterns can be knitted in all different colour variations.

40. Golden snitch knitted Easter egg

free easter knitting patterns 42

You know we’ve got your back when it comes to Harry Potter-themed knits. Follow Needles & Pins‘ magical creme egg knitting pattern and knit your own Golden Snitch.

41. Chick bauble Easter knitting pattern

free easter knitting patterns 44

Drops Design‘s free knitting patterns are simply the best. Try knitting these fab baubles.

42. Bunny creme egg knitting pattern

bunny knitting pattern free 45

We love the speckled colours on these knitted Easter bunnies by Yarnspirations.

43. Knitted Easter bunny egg cosy

bunny knitting pattern free 48

Little Cotton Rabbits‘ Easter knitted bunny has the sweetest little face we ever did see.

44. Easter knitting pattern for hatching chick

free easter knitting patterns 49

Tatyana Korobkova’s knitted chick is breaking free from his shell, just in time for Easter.

45. Knitted Easter bunny

bunny knitting pattern free 51

We can’t get enough of knitted bunnies, and this one comes with his own juicy carrot. Find this pattern by Val Pierce here.

46. Easter egg hats

Egg cosy knitting pattern free

Make knitted egg cosy hats using our free egg cosy knitting pattern. A chocolate egg would also fit nicely under here!

47. Yarn-busting egg ornament Easter knitting pattern

Easter egg pattern

How gorgeous are these pastel knitted eggs?! We've got the free pattern for you right here on Gathered. Click for the free knitted Easter egg pattern.

48. Wreath Easter knitting pattern

limited eggs and chicks nestle on a wreath of knitted leaves and flowers

Make it an Easter knitting pattern to remember with this brilliant knitted Easter wreath which we have free for you on Gathered. It is sure to be a seasonal fave for many years to come.

49. Easter knitting egg pattern

Easter egg pattern

Finally, we have our super cute knitted Easter egg pattern. They're perfect for hanging on an Easter tree!

If you craft any of these, don't forget to tag us in a picture on Instagram, Twitter or post it on our Facebook wall.

Knit your way through spring

Easter decorations don't have to be expensive or time-consuming. All you need is some yarn, needles and an inspiring pattern.

Our easy Easter knitting patterns are designed to help you decorate your home in a cost-effective way.

Grab your yarn, choose your favourite pattern and get knitting!

Discover more easy Easter decorations with Gathered

If you're looking for more yarn-tastic Easter decoration patterns then you've come to the right place!


Head over to our collection of Easter crochet patterns and hook up some more spring cuties.


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