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Linen stitch knitting pattern: knitted purse

Learn how to knit linen stitch and create a woven-look fabric without a loom using Kirstie McLeod's coin purse knitting pattern.

Linen stitch knitted purse

Want to learn the linen stitch knitting pattern? This fun design by Kirstie McLeod from Simply Knitting issue 162 will help you do just that! Linen stitch uses a series of clever slipped stitches to create a woven look. It produces a firm, dense fabric, so it’s ideal for home knitting patterns such as bags and pot holders. Linen stitch may appear complicated but it’s actually really easy to knit – so if you’re new to slipped stitch knitting this is a great place to start.


The linen stitch pattern is just two lines long and with a bit of practise you’ll soon have it mastered. Here’s how it looks:

Row 1 *K1, yfwd, sl1, ybk; rep from * to last st, K1.

Row 2 P1, *P1, ybk, sl1, yfwd; rep from * to end.

To have a go at this stitch, cast on a swatch (try 29 stitches) using some spare DK yarn and repeat rows 1 and 2 of the pattern above until you feel confident with it. Remember that ‘yfwd’ means moving the yarn between the needle tips towards you, to the front of the work, and ‘ybk’ means moving it between the needle tips away from you, to the back of the work.

When you’re happy with the stitch pattern, you’re ready to add some colourful stripes to the mix and knit up our handy coin purse. Let’s begin!

Just what I need to make sure I’ve got change for doughnut day in the office! Plus I love linen stitch – this is so on my knit-list.
Louise Smith, Simply Knitting

To make this linen stitch purse you will need:

Linen stitch purse pattern


Yarn used knits as DK to this tension: 20 sts and 32 rows to measure 10x10cm (4x4in) over stocking stitch using 3½mm needles


9.5x9cm (3¾x3½in) long


This pattern uses our standard knitting abbreviations.

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Linen stitch knitting pattern
Combine linen stitch with colourful stripes to create this knitted purse.

Linen Stitch pattern

Row 1 *K1, yfwd, sl1, ybk; rep from * to last st, K1.

Row 2 P1, *P1, ybk, sl1, yfwd; rep from * to end.

Knitted purse

Cast on 5 sts using 3½mm needles and Yarn A.

Row 1 and every WS row (WS) Purl.

Row 2 Kfb, K to last st, kfb. [2 sts inc’d]

Cont to inc on every RS row as set until you have 15 sts.

Next RS row Kfb into next 7 sts, K1, kfb to end of row. [29 sts]

Next row Purl.

Start working in Linen Stitch pattern for every row following this striped pattern:

4 rows Yarn A, 2 rows Yarn B, 4 rows Yarn A, 2 rows Yarn C, 4 rows Yarn A, 2 rows Yarn D, 4 rows Yarn A, 2 rows Yarn E, 8 rows Yarn A, 2 rows Yarn E, 4 rows Yarn A, 2 rows Yarn D, 4 rows Yarn A, 2 rows Yarn C, 4 rows Yarn A, 2 rows Yarn B, 4 rows Yarn A.

Next row (K2tog) 7 times, K1, k2tog to end of row. [15 sts]

Next row and every alt row Purl.

Next row K2tog, K to last 2 sts, k2tog. [13 sts]

Cont to dec every alt row as set until you have 5 sts.

Cast off.

To make up the linen stitch purse

With RS facing sew up the side seams along the Linen Stitch part only. Weave in all the loose ends.

Apply a line of glue along the st st edge, then carefully put the glued end into the purse clasps and hold for a few minutes until dry. Repeat for the other side.

Want a bag to put your finished purse in? Check out our guide to the best knitting bags and organisers.


Download the linen stitch purse pattern

Get a PDF version of this pattern here: Linen stitch knitted purse

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