Embroidered cushions will add an extra touch of style and texture to your decor, not to mention they keep you cosy! We have rounded up our favourite cushion embroidery ideas, kits and patterns so you'll find something to suit your taste.

Embroidery as a hobby has had a surge in popularity since the television show Bridgeton aired on Netflix, eBay found a big increase in sales after the show aired in embroidery hoops! Just goes to show how much a television show can get audiences excited about a craft or hobby.

If you have never tried embroidery make sure you head over to our embroidery for beginners article, which contains a tonne of useful information for getting started on this mindful and relaxing craft.

On this list, you'll find pre-embroidered cushion covers from a range of trusted designers and sellers, a range of cushion embroidery kits for those of you who want to get crafty, and finally a handful of easy freebie patterns from yours truly (Gathered) that will be suitable for cushion design.

25 of the best cushion embroidery ideas and kits

10 Embroidered cushion covers we love

1. Velvet embroidered bumblebee cushion cover

There is so much detail and style to this absolutely beautiful cushion cover. A variety of colours are available, from dusky pink to royal blue, but we especially like emerald green. An intricate bumblebee embroidery is woven entirely from gold thread to match the golden edges of the cushion. Only the cushion cover will be included; the cushion insert must be purchased separately. The cushion insert needs to be 50x50cm in size. Check out these cushion inserts.

embroidered cushion with bee pattern

2. Tassled embroidered cushion cover

The perfect fit for a boho themed lounge, this tasselled and embroidered cushion will add an extra touch of style to your home. Available in 8 different colours, you'll find the one that fits just right with your decor, it would look fab on a sofa, or armchair or perhaps a wicker chair. This high-quality cushion cover can be purchased in a range of sizes, you'll just have to make sure you've got the right cushion insert as that isn't included. Go live your boho dream!

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embroidered cushion with tassled pattern

3. Teal dragonfly embroidered cushion

This beautifully elegant cushion features a delicately embroidered dragonfly adorned with sequins. These cushions would add a touch of elegance to any room, but we think they would be especially effective in the bedroom. Dunelm also has matching bedding sets if you want to go all out.

embroidered cushion with dragonfly pattern

4. Tiger embroidered cushion

The beautifully embroidered tiger cushion will be sure to impress! Serving as a talking point, your friends and family won't stop asking where it's from. This unique cushion is a soft velvet blue with delicate fringing featuring an embroidered tiger resting.

embroidered cushion with tiger pattern

5. Harry Potter embroidered cushion

Our cushions are available for all four houses, so whether you're a Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, or Hufflepuff you'll find one to match your style. These beautifully embroidered cushions feature the animal emblem for each house stitched onto a backing of the house colours. These cushions would make a fabulous gift for any little witches or wizards.

embroidered cushion with harry potter

6. Bird embroidered cushion covers

Take flight with these pretty bird cushion covers and add an extra touch of bright and bold to your living room. Available in a variety of vibrant colours you'll find something to suit your style. The pillow insert is sold separately, or you can reuse an old cushion from home!

embroidered cushion with bird pattern

7. Wildflower embroidered cushion cover

These beautiful embroidered cushions are rich in texture and colour, they feature a bold wildflower design in Indian embroidered needlework. Handcrafted in India these cushions are extra special, there's real attention to detail in the design.

Buy it now from Etsy

embroidered cushion with wildflower pattern

8. Personalised embroidered cushion cover

Get a personal message hand-embroidered onto this lovely velvet cushion. Whether you choose to have your family name embroidered onto it, a personal message or in-joke - we know this cushion will sit pride of place in your home! Why not give one as a gift?

embroidered cushion with personalised message

9. Eye embroidered cushion

This unique embroidered cushion will modernise any room with its golden embroidery and matching trim and tassels. Available in a lovely dark orange or a midnight blue you can choose which suits you best!

embroidered cushion with eye pattern

10. Fern embroidered cushion

Bring a little bit of nature into your home with this gorgeously embroidered fern cushion that would certainly add style and a breath of fresh air to your decor. Made from deep grey organic cotton, the bright green fern leaf is vibrant.

Buy it now from Etsy

embroidered cushion with fern pattern

10 embroidery cushion kits

1. Whale cushion embroidery kit

Create this fabulous cushion featuring an embroidered king of the ocean, the graceful and majestic blue whale! The beautiful paisley design only uses two embroidery floss colours and comes with a helpful stitching guide. The cushion cover included is premade, Fairtrade and Organic, with a zip opening, making it nice and easy for beginners (no sewing necessary).

embroidered cushion kit with whale pattern

2. Punch needle embroidery cushion set

Try a slightly different take on usual embroidery with punch needle. Punch needle is a super easy stitching method whereby you punch a needle in and out of the fabric to create loops. The kit contains everything you need to make a fabulous cushion featuring a beautiful modern sunset design stitched in 100% British wool. You will need to source the cushion insert separately.

embroidered cushion kit punch needle

3. Pre-printed floral cushion

Are you looking for a nice simple project you can relax into after a long day? This pre-printed floral kit is the answer! Simply stitch in whichever colour thread you'd like and freestyle your design. This kit is a great way to use up any spare threads.

Buy it now from Etsy

embroidered cushion kit floral

4. Beehive cushion embroidery kit

Get stitching right away with this gorgeous beehive pattern pre-printed onto premium cotton. The fabric panel fits a standard 45 x 45cm cushion. The full embroidery kit includes a needle, threads, embellishment guide and a 13cm embroidery hoop.

Buy it now from Etsy

embroidered cushion kit with beehive pattern

5. Botanical cushion embroidery kit

Stitch a bit of nature into your life with this gloriously detailed cushion embroidery kit. Containing an array of beautiful wildflowers, this is sure to brighten up your home. The design is printed on a beautifully soft linen fabric, ready for you to stitch. You can choose whether you'd like to include cushion backing and threads in your kit.

embroidered cushion kit with botanical pattern

6. Modern bird cushion embroidery kit

This lovely cushion kit contains a linen/cotton mix fabric panel with a printed design, showing clearly where to sew the decorative stitches making it perfect for cushion design and beginners. In the kit, you'll receive embroidery thread in 7 colours.

Buy it now from Etsy

embroidered cushion kit with bird pattern

7. Jellyfish cushion embroidery kit

This pretty paisley jellyfish will add a touch of whimsy to your decor. The dark background makes the pink jellyfish design really stand out! The design includes ten types of embroidery stitch, and the guide included gives comprehensive instructions for each one, perfect for beginners!

embroidered cushion kit with jellyfish pattern

8. Anchor essentials cushion embroidery kit

This Anchor Essentials freestyle kit features a modern graphic floral, designed by Ana Clara Bordou. The beautiful Anchor stranded cotton threads create a vibrant modern cushion to decorate your home. The kit includes everything you need to make up a cushion cover.

Buy it now from Love Crafts

embroidered cushion kit with floral pattern

9. Joy and Peace cushion embroidery kit

Enjoy festive cheer with this sweet embroidery kit. This design only uses one stitch so it is perfect for beginners. The cushion kit includes a lovely pink gingham cotton cover, pre-printed with the design ready for you to stitch, you'll also receive red thread in the kit.

Buy it now from Love Crafts

embroidered cushion kit with festive pattern

10. Nature cushion embroidery kit

This pretty embroidery kit includes a printed background with all the instructions you need to add the stitching and embellishments to bring it to life. Once you are finished you can choose what you would like to do with it, but we think it looks fabulous as a cushion.

Buy it now from Etsy

embroidered cushion kit with nature pattern

5 Cushion embroidery ideas

How to embroider onto a cushion cover

A great way to save money and spruce up your home is by embroidering on a cushion cover you already own! The cushion you embroider will need to have a removable case that you can pop into an embroidery hoop. Once you've chosen your design you can transfer it to the cushion cover in your preferred method, i.e. a heat erasable pen. All that's left to do then is to secure in an embroidery hoop and start stitching. Check out our embroidery for beginners, and our stitch library for more guidance.

1. Woodgrain embroidery

If you’re new to embroidery and are looking for a project to get you started this is the one for you. Jeni Grissom from Clover Lane Boutique has created this freehand embroidery pattern for beginners which makes the perfect wedding gift for any brides-to-be. The woodgrain effect gives an instant homely feel and Jeni shows you how her free hand embroidery pattern can add a little spark to cushions.

Get the Woodgrain embroidery tutorial from Gathered

embroidered cushion

2. DIY embroidered pillowcase

This sweet floral design stitched on a pillowcase could work just as beautifully for a cushion. We'll show you how to do all of the stitching in our step-by-step tutorial, plus there's a free template for you to download. If you love this design it can also be customised, you can just use part of the design if you prefer.

Get the tutorial for DIY embroidered pillowcase from Gathered

DIY embroidered pillow case 2

3. Mountain embroidery pattern

Although this embroidery design is pictured on a wall hanging, we think it would make a wonderful cushion. This design is ideal for those adventurers you know, an ode to the great outdoors, marking the vistas and scenery in memory. This lovely design was created by Jessie Doe.

Get the Mountain embroidery pattern and tutorial from Gathered

mountain embroidery design

4. Needle weaving tooth fairy pillow

In this super fun tutorial, you'll find out how to sew and embroider your own finished cushion. This tooth fairy design is perfect for those little ones who are hoping for a visit!

Get the Needle weaving tooth fairy pillow tutorial from Gathered


5. Crafting is good for the soul embroidery

We adore this saying and we totally agree! If you or someone you love is a total craftaholic, they would love a cushion with this sentiment embroidered on it! You can follow along with the easy tutorial from Jessie Doe to create it today.

Get the Crafting is good for the soul embroidery from Gathered

banner crafting

We hope you've been inspired by these beautiful embroidered cushions. Do you love creating things for your home? Don’t miss our tea towel embroidery, perfect for brightening up your kitchen! Feeling a little whimsical? Try this constellation embroidery or the star embroidery for some edgy wall hangings. If you’re a lover of all things wild check out the mushroom embroidery pattern or the bee embroidery, or this beautiful wildflower design. If you’re also looking to delve into machine embroidery or would like to find out more about it take a look at our guide to the best embroidery machine.


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