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How to make needle felted easter eggs

Needle felt your own Easter eggs this year with expert felter Nicky Cairney's free tutorial!

Needle Felted Eggs (Cover)

The Easter holidays are coming and what better way to celebrate the holiday than with some Easter eggs! These adorable needle felted Easter eggs are the perfect non-perishable decoration for your table. Whether you hide them among the plants for the kids to find or hang them off your Easter tree, we know you’ll love making these Easter eggs. They’ll make a great accompaniment to your DIY Easter decorations and are the ideal needle felting project for beginners.

If you’re new to the world of needle felting don’t worry. We have loads of resources here on Gathered to help you master the technique. Have a read of our beginner’s guide to needle felting as well as our round-up of the best needle felting books and best felting wool for needle felting. Once you’ve gathered all your materials you can start making these cuties! Now we’ll pass over to Nicky for her needle felted Easter egg tutorial…

You will need:

If you want more traditional Easter egg making then head over to our how to blow Easter eggs and Easter egg decorating ideas posts.

How to needle felt easter eggs


You Will Need

  • White felting wool
  • Yellow felting wool
  • Carded wool
  • Felting needles
  • A felting pad

Total time:

Step 1

Needle Felted Eggs 1

Take a small portion off the blue wool and put aside for later.

Step 2

Needle Felted Eggs 2

Flatten the wool on pad and fold 1/3 of the right side over.

Step 3

Needle Felted Eggs 3

Roll up the rest of the wool tightly, from bottom to top.

Step 4

Needle Felted Eggs 4

Start to felt to hold with needle

Step 5

Needle Felted Eggs 5

Turn and felt and turn and felt until firm (use gauge 32).

Step 6

Needle Felted Eggs 6

Hold it, right side up and felt this down (use gauge 32).

Step 7

Needle Felted Eggs 7

Felt in at the edges at 45º so its rounded at the bottom of egg (use gauge 32).

Step 8

Needle Felted Eggs 8

Now turn the egg over to felt the smaller side down (use gauge 32).

Step 9

Needle Felted Eggs 9

Felt in at side, down from the top and round it off as before to make smaller end of egg (use gauge 32). 

Step 10

Needle Felted Eggs 9

For a smoother finish, use small patches of the extra wool put aside and tap over to hold (gauge 36).

Step 11

Needle Felted Eggs 10

To make daisy decoration, fold a very small pinch of yellow into a flat circle shape.

Step 12

Needle Felted Eggs 11

Attach onto egg by felting through the edges into egg (use gauge 36).

Step 13

Needle Felted Eggs 12

Copy this process with white and add it next to the yellow circle (use gauge 36). 

Step 14

Needle Felted Eggs 13

Continue to make whiter circles and add around the yellow to complete the daisy (use gauge 36).

Step 15

Needle Felted Eggs 14

Add more daisies around the egg and try mixing the colours both ways.

Step 16

Needle Felted Eggs 15

Try adding spots or stripes for different varieties of eggs to complete a set.


We hope you’ve enjoyed learning how to make needle felted Easter eggs! Check out Nicky’s other mini felted whale tutorial here on Gathered. We also have a collection of the best needle felting kits for beginners and  DIY needle felt Christmas decorations here on Gathered too.