Easy easter cards to make: Bendi cards

Try this fun card making tutorial from Sarah Jackman Read, as featured in Make Cards Today magazine

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What you’ll need

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You Will Need

  • White card
  • coloured paper
  • adhesive gems

Total time:

Step 1

Trim a 13x15cm piece of white card. Trim a 12x14cm piece of spotty paper, layer onto pink paper then layer onto a 15x13cm piece of white card to make the base card.

easy easter cards to make 1

Step 2

Trim a 13x9cm piece of white card, score 1cm at both ends then trim one to create a 1cm tab, as shown. Cut a 10x8cm piece of egg-patterned paper, layer onto pink paper. Add to the base.

easy easter cards to make 2

Step 3

Trim a 13x5cm piece of white card then score down 1cm at one end and trim a tab as before. Trim a 10x4cm piece of floral paper, layer onto pink paper then attach to the base.

easy easter cards to make 3

Step 4

Cut a small slit 5cm from the left-hand edge of the base card in line with the tab on the egg panel. Follow the same instructions on the other panel. 

easy easter cards to make 4

Step 5

Add the egg panel to the right-hand side of the base card and the pink panel on the other side. Place the tabs in the slits. Add a border, as shown, then attach a topper with foam pads.

easy easter cards to make 5

Step 6

Add a decorative border to the pink panel. Add three egg toppers to the top of the panels then attach a sentiment with foam pads. Finish with pink adhesive gems, to finish.

easy easter cards to make 6

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