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We’ve Made It episode 4: Stash-busting tips

We hate to see anything go to waste! Discover our favourite stash-busting projects to use up all of those leftover bits and pieces

Craft Stash busting tips

Do you have lots of leftover scraps of fabric, paper or yarn that you want to use up?


In episode 4, Sarah and Zoe talk about crafty ways to make use of these bits and pieces to ensure that nothing goes to waste. This episode also looks at ways to donate any old craft kit that you’re no longer using.

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Read on to discover all of the links that we’ve mentioned in the episode.

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Projects of the week

This week, Sarah is getting cosy and making some comfortable patternless pyjamas – you’ll wear them all the time!

Zoe is sprucing up her home and having a go at making her own beanbag covers using a pattern from Simply Sewing Magazine.

One good thing

Zoe’s one good thing this week is a book recommendation! She’s been embracing nature and learning all about the science of trees by reading The Overstory by Richard Powers. It’s full of fascinating facts and she would highly recommend it.

Sarah has been spending a lot of time in nature on her daily walks. Getting outdoors at least once a day helps her to feel calmer and happier.


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