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We’ve Made It episode 7: Creative block

Do you ever feel as though you've lost your creative mojo? In this episode, we talk about creative block and how to get through it

How to beat creative block

There are times in every crafter’s life when we lose inspiration – it happens to the best of us! So in this episode, Sarah and Zoe are looking at ways to regain your creativity, whether you’re a crafter or an artist.


We chat about quick exercises to free up your creativity, how we can learn from artists and why sometimes it’s good to switch up your crafting and try something completely different.

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Projects of the week

This week, Zoe is feeling inspired by the iconic mittens that Bernie Sanders wore at Joe Biden’s inauguration. Becky Skuse has come up with a fantastic crochet pattern to pay tribute to this memorable moment. Make your own Bernie Sanders-inspired crochet mittens.

Meanwhile, Sarah’s bringing some colour into her life with Jemma Bursnell’s brilliant DIY painted plant pots. These vibrant pots are made using recycled tin cans and decorated using ordinary acrylic paint. It’s a cheap and cheerful way to upcycle some old cans and brighten up your home or workspace.

One good thing

Lockdown can be a depressing time, but Zoe’s week was brightened by the completion of her beanbag covers! Filling the beanbags up was a fun activity with her children, despite being messy and chaotic. It was a real highlight of her week.

Sarah shared one of her all-time favourite things: her love of the musical Hamilton written by Lin Manuel Miranda. She listens to the show regularly and never fails to be cheered up by its catchy tunes. She admits that in 2019 she listened to the show for an incredible 87 hours. Hamilton is a show about the rags-to-riches story of one of America’s less well-known founding fathers, Alexander Hamilton. A recording of the show starring the original cast is available on Disney+.


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