Free hexagon templates: hexagon printables for crafts and patchwork

Hexagons are the buzz word in quilting, so we're giving you this set of free hexagon template and printable hexagon pattern PDFs to use in your sewing and quilting.

Free hexagon templates for patchwork

Get ready to craft some happy hexagons! We’ve created these free hexagon patterns for you to downloand and trace or print at home. They come in 7 different sizes so all it takes is a few clicks to have instant access to perfect six-sided-shapes. This handy set of free printable hexagon templates contains all you need to sew honeycomb hexagon quilts, or print them out and use them to unwind with some soothing English Paper Piecing. We’ve put together a set of free hexagon quilt templates in five different sizes so you can print out as many as you need.


Your free printable hexagons include:

  • 1in hexagon template
  • 1½in hexagon template
  • 2in hexagon template
  • 2½in hexagon template
  • 3in hexagon template
  • 3½in hexagon template
  • 4in hexagon template

Simply download the pdf file below, print, snip and sew. For ideas what to do with them, check out our  best hexagon quilt patterns round-up, or if you’re on the hunt for more quilting templates, try our free pentagon template. Of course you may have come to this article because you’re just on the hunt for a printable hexagon pattern, but if you do have paper piecing in mind you should also definitely check out our free paper piecing patterns too!

These hexagons shapes are perfect for using with English Paper Piecing. Simply wrap them in your favourite fabric scraps and slip stitch together for quick and easy gifts like this needlebook. If you’re new to EPP, check out our Beginner’s Guide to English Paper Piecing to learn the ropes.

Free printable hexagon templates
Use our free printable hexagon templates for easy patchwork and quilting projects

Download your free printable hexagon templates

Simply click on the link below to print out as many sheets as you need to make patchwork cushions, quilts and more.

Free hexagon template PDF set 1

Includes 2in, 2½in, 3in, 3½ and 4in hexagon templates


Free hexagon template PDF set 2

Includes 1in, 1½in and 2in mini hexagon templates

Free hexagon templates
We hope you have fun with our free printable hexagon template for printing when making quilts and craft projects.
Free hexagon templates for quilting