How to make bunting

Add a touch of vintage charm to a wedding, party or room with our beginner-friendly guide to how to make fabric bunting. Blooming lovely!

How to make bunting

You will need

  • Cotton fabric: 25x40cm (10x16in) for each flag
  • 2.5cm (1in) wide cotton tape
  • Basic sewing kit 

Fabric used

Liberty Thorpe W Tana Lawn from



Calculating the fabric

Step 1

The finished flags are 15cm (6in) wide with a gap of 10cm (4in) between them. So, divide the length you want your finished bunting to be by 25cm (10in) to work out how many flags you need to make.

Step 2

Buy cotton tape to the length of your finished bunting plus about 30cm (12in) extra at either end for hanging it up.

Cutting out

Step 3

Cut around the bunting flag template.

Step 4

Cut the fabric in half then place the two pieces right sides (RS) together with the template pinned centrally on top.

Step 5

Cut around the template then pin the two triangles of fabric together.

Stitching the flags

Step 6

Stitch the two triangles together, but leave the top straight edge open.

Step 7

Trim the seams at the lower edge and bottom point to help the flag lay flat.

Step 8

Turn the triangles RS out and press flat. Repeat this process to make the other flags.

Assembling the bunting

Step 9

Fold and press the cotton tape in half lengthways with wrong sides (WS) together.

Step 10

Pin one flag inside the tape up to the fold, leaving some tape at the end for hanging.

Step 11

Pin the rest of the flags inside the tape, positioning them 10cm (4in) apart.

Step 12

Topstitch along the the tape to keep it folded and hold the flags securely in place.


How to make fabric bunting