Sadly, All That Glitters will not be returning for 2023. The show which sees contestants battle it out to create the best piece of jewellery will not be renewed for a 3rd season. It comes as a shock considering it had a mega 2.3 million viewers across the series, according to TVZone.


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Where to watch All That Glitters?

All That Glitters will be shown on BBC 2 and available to watch on BBC iPlayer. There will be six episodes in the series.

(Image: BBC/Twenty Twenty/Paul Husband)

What time will All That Glitters 2022 be on?

All That Glitters 2022 will air on Thursday 25th August at 9 pm. There will be a new episode every week.

Watch the All That Glitters trailer 2022

Where is All That Glitters filmed?

It's set in the heart of the historic jewellery quarter - Birmingham School of Jewellery!

Meet the judges and host of All That Glitters

All That Glitters has a wonderful host and judges and we think they'll make the competition a riveting watch. Comedian Katherine Ryan will present the show and judges Dinny Hall (new for 2022) and Shaun Leane will decide who is Jeweller of the Week and who is sent home.

Dinny Hall

(Image: BBC/Twenty Twenty/Paul Husband) BBC

Dinny Hall has been designing and making jewellery for nearly 40 years. As a goldsmith, she rose to fame when Liberty, London bought her entire Central Saint Martin's College of Art and Design graduation collection. With its experimental pieces made from natural materials such as leather and wood, her work was an instant success. With six stores in London and a concession at Liberty, she has made pieces for celebrities such as Lily Allen, David Bowie, Sienna Miller and Liz Hurley.

Shaun Leane

All That Glitters: Britain's Next Jewellery Star Shaun Leane
Shaun Leane - (C) Twenty Twenty TV - Photographer: n/a

Shaun Leane is another amazingly talented British jewellery maker who's best known for designing sculptural pieces for Alexander McQueen. He's much much more than that though with his brand Shaun Leane winning UK Jewellery Designer of the Year four times. His signature style fuses traditional goldsmith skills with the world of fashion to create beautifully unique pieces. His work has been featured on the catwalk, praised by the editor of Vogue and even worn by the royal family!

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Katherine Ryan

All That Glitters - Katherine Ryan
Katherine Ryan - (C) Twenty Twenty TV - Photographer: Mark Bourdillon

Katherine Ryan is a Canadian comedian, writer and host of All That Glitters. You've probably seen her on shows like Mock the Week, Would I Lie To You and 8 Out of 10 Cats. You can also watch Katherine's stand-up on Netflix and funnily enough one of her specials is called Katherine Ryan: Glitter Room! Katherine brings fun, feminist energy to the show and we absolutely love her.

All That Glitters 2022 contestants

Emma, Bonnie, Piers, Jack, Nyanda, Tianne, David, Steve (Image: BBC/Twenty Twenty/Paul Husband)

The competition will feature eight of the UK's best and brightest (literally) jewellery makers. Each week, the jewellers will battle it out to make two beautiful pieces set by the judges. They will have the Bestseller Challenge every week where the judges challenge them to create their own popular jewellery pieces. Then there will be the Bespoke Challenge where the contestants have to create a unique piece for a special client. It's going to be a battle to find Britain's best jeweller so without further ado here's All That Glitters 2022 contestants!


David - (C) Twenty Twenty TV - BBC

Sixty-year-old David is a jeweller and stained-glass window maker from Chichester in West Sussex, where he lives with his husband. His daring sense of style comes from his personality and unique perspective as a colourblind person.


Emma - (C) Twenty Twenty TV - BBC

Jewellery school owner and teacher Emma is 45 and from Leeds. A 'mumprenuer' with three children and three stepchildren, she has a busy lifestyle. Her inspirations come from stories she has heard, or the metal itself.


Jack - (C) Twenty Twenty TV - BBC

Jack is a 35 years old jeweller from Bristol. His dad is a goldsmith and Jack started to make his own jewellery from the age of nine. He has spent the last seven years travelling the world and is a big fan of the outdoors and extreme sports like surfing and snowboarding which all provide inspiration for his work.


Nyanda - (C) Twenty Twenty TV - BBC

Goldsmith Nyanda from East London is 49 years old and began her creative journey through sculpting and painting. She has spent the past 20 years putting hard work into her craft and is inspired by the organic forms within nature; she sees the body as the plinth and jewellery as art.


Piers - (C) Twenty Twenty TV - BBC

Twenty-five-year-old Piers is a jeweller who works in an antique jewellery store and lives with his wife in Kent. He can often be seen wearing Victorian-style coin rings and chains that have a story.


Steve - (C) Twenty Twenty TV - BBC

Jeweller Steve, 29, lives in London with their family and his three cats, who he’s obsessed with. Though he goes by Steve, his birth name is Mustafa and he is a Syrian native - he lived in Syria until he was 20.


Tianne - (C) Twenty Twenty TV - BBC

Originally from East London, Tianne is a 25-year-old stone setter who lives in Berkshire. Her dad, a diamond mounter, was a major influence on her, and at the age of 18, she decided she wanted to follow in his footsteps and be a jeweller.

All That Glitters: Your weekly episode guide

Episode one: A single statement earring & personalised necklaces

(Image: BBC/Twenty Twenty/Paul Husband)

All That Glitters is officially back and what a kick-off episode it was. For the bestseller challenge, the jewellers were dropped in the deep end and tasked to create a single statement earring. Then the contestants had a special commission – to create charity founder Hannah, a banner necklace which represents all the incredible work she's done. We want to buy and wear every piece the jewellers made!

Highlights: We're obsessed with Nyanda's laugh and love that Bonnie helped out Steve. Nyanda's hidden element necklace stole Hannahs's heart but it was Jack's Japanese-inspired earring that won him jeweller of the week.

Lowlights: Steve's stone came out of his single earring putting him in last place. Panic ensued when Nyanada lost her stone but luckily Shaun saved the day. Unfortunately, we waved goodbye to Steve but we can't wait to see what he makes next.

Quote of the episode: "You need a bottom to have a top don't you?" We're living for Nyanda's one-liners!

It's going to be a great show especially if you're into crafting like us. Make sure you check out our knitted necklace, crochet friendship bracelet and macrame necklace tutorial to make your own jewellery.

Episode two: Spinner ring & a sentimental hairpin

all that glitters
(Image: BBC/Twenty Twenty)

All that glitters episode two kicked off with a three and half hour challenge to make a spinner ring! These rings have one or more spinning circles on the outside of the ring. They are ideal for anxious hands. The challenge came with soldering, we definitely saw some of the contestants breaking a sweat.

The second challenge, The Bespoke sees the jewellers tackle a sentimental hairpin for Alice, a front-line pediatric nurse which is a gift from her Mum.

Highlights: Piers and his snake spinner ring coming out on top in the first challenge, well-deserved indeed! Bonnie bringing it back in the second challenge with her beautiful hairpin chosen by Alice!

Lowlights: Nyanda failed to impress with her poppy hairpin which meant sadly she was next to say goodbye! We're excited to see what she does next though, and will miss her one-liners for sure.

Quote of the episode: "A piece of jewellery should always look as good from the back" - Shaun Leane ... "Like J-Lo" - Katherine Ryan.

Episode three: A pearl necklace and a charm bracelet

(Image: BBC/Twenty Twenty)

Episode three burst onto the screen with a high-pressure first challenge: creating a pearl necklace with a chain. A few of the contestants had never strung pearls before and sadly we could see that in Tiane's chain. Who ended up in last place.

The second task saw the jewellers making a sentimental charm bracelet to represent family.

Highlights: Piers' charm bracelet was chosen by the clients, and it was an emotional moment where tears were shed. With his impressive work Piers also made jeweller of the week! Go, Piers!

Lowlights: Tiane had a poor performance across both challenges so sadly we say goodbye to her this week. Good luck with your bright future Tiane!

Quote of the episode: "Dell boy goes to the Riviera" - Shaun Leane describing his own outfit this week.

Episode four: Brooch and a statement earcuff

(Image: BBC/Twenty Twenty)
(Image: BBC/Twenty Twenty)

The remaining five contestants are chucked into the deep end by making a Birmingham-themed brooch. Move aside gold and silver this week's challenge will see the contestants using alternative materials like wood, concrete and even string!

The second task saw the contestants creating a special ear cuff for Elliot to celebrate his style and what he stands for. Elliot is deaf, so the ear cuff should not interfere with the mechanism of his hearing aid.

Highlights: Emma came in the top spot for her special brooch! It was her first time winning any challenge. Piers' ear cuff was chosen by Elliot, and we can see why - beautiful.

Lowlights: With the standards so high it's always going to hit hard saying goodbye to somebody. Sadly we had to wave goodbye to Bonnie. We will miss Bonnie's amazing energy in the studio.

Quote of the episode: "So what you're saying is the BBC has run out of money" - Katherine Ryan in reply to the judges saying the contestants will use contemporary materials like wood and string.

(Image: BBC/Twenty Twenty)

The first challenge in this penultimate episode sees the contestants creating a mismatched set of earrings from 9ct gold and semi-precious gems.

The bespoke challenge is making a set of cufflinks for Enok, a street warden on one of Birmingham's busiest streets.

Highlights: For the third time in the bestseller challenge, Jack has come out on top. His mismatched earring was beautiful, elegant and unique! Jack went on also win the bespoke, what a hero!

Lowlights: Sadly David will not be joining us for the final next week. We will miss his very unique style.

Quote of the episode: "That was the most stressful experience of my entire life" - Emma whilst finishing her Bespoke by the skin of her teeth!

Epsiode 6: THE FINAL! Sapphire engagement ring and a statement necklace

all that glitters

The time has come! We are down to the final three contestants: Jack, Piers and Emma. They go head-to-head this week in two difficult challenges, a sapphire engagement ring and an occasion necklace for Strictly judge Shirley Ballas.

The first challenge got tense when Piers lost a stone from his ring in the final minutes! All the rings were beautiful but Emma came out on top for her impressive stone setting. Jack and Piers came joint second.

The second challenge came with a lot of freedom, design-wise. As long as the contestants use at least one gemstone, they have creative freedom for the rest of the necklace. Piers took on the challenge of using 100 pieces to create his necklace.

Highlights: Emma's statement necklace was chosen by Shirley! Go, Emma.

Quote of the episode: "I can see a star being born in the jewellery industry" - Shaun Leane to Piers



A well-deserved win, from a truly talented person.


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