All That Glitters 2022: Everything you need to know

The highly anticipated jewellery making competition is finally here! Here's your guide to All That Glitters including info on where to watch the show, who will be competing and a weekly episode guide to keep you up to date with all the gossip.

All That Glitters
Published: May 19, 2021 at 9:15 am
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The hunt is on for Britain's next jeweller with the new show All That Glitters. This year's show is now finished (but you can always catch up on iplayer) and we can't wait for 2022 so we can get more beautiful jewellery action! We heard about the show back in 2019 when the producers put out a call for jewellery makers far and wide and the first-ever series of the show has been a huge success. If you haven't watched All That Glitters yet then this is the article for you. We've rounded up all our thoughts and feelings on the 2021 show and even included how you can apply to be on the show next year.


Keep scrolling to meet the 2021 contestants, find out where the show is filmed and read our weekly episode guide (but warning there will be spoilers!).

Watch the trailer for All That Glitters...

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Where to watch All That Glitters?

All That Glitters will be shown on BBC 2 and available to watch on BBC iPlayer. There will be six episodes in the series.

All That Glitters: Britain's Next Jewellery Star judges and host
Shaun Leane, Katherine Ryan, Solange Azagury-Partridge - (C) Twenty Twenty TV - Photographer: n/a

What time will All That Glitters be on?

All That Glitters 2021 aired on Tuesday 13th April at 8 pm. Then there was a new episode will air every week until the 18th May 2021. The 2022 show date hasn't been released yet.

Where is All That Glitters filmed?

It's set in the heart of the historic jewellery quarter - Birmingham School of Jewellery!

Meet the judges and host of All That Glitters

All That Glitters has a wonderful host and judges and we think they'll make the competition a riveting watch. Comedian Katherine Ryan will present the show and judges Solange Azagury-Partridge and Shaun Leane will decide who is Jeweller of the Week and who is sent home.

Solange Azagury-Partridge

All That Glitters: Britain's Next Jewellery Star Solange Azagury
Solange Azagury-Partridge - (C) Twenty Twenty TV - Photographer: n/a

Solange Azagury-Partridge is an incredible British jewellery maker who owns the brand Solange. She's insanely talented, having created her own engagement ring to having her work now displayed in the V&A London and the musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. She's owned her own shop, worked with some of the biggest designers and even designed jewellery for blockbuster films (you may have spotted her ring in 2009's Snow White and the Huntsman).

Shaun Leane

All That Glitters: Britain's Next Jewellery Star Shaun Leane
Shaun Leane - (C) Twenty Twenty TV - Photographer: n/a

Shaun Leane is another amazingly talented British jewellery maker who's best known for designing sculptural pieces for Alexander McQueen. He's much much more than that though with his brand Shaun Leane winning UK Jewellery Designer of the Year four times. His signature style fuses traditional goldsmith skills with the world of fashion to create beautifully unique pieces. His work has been featured on the catwalk, praised by the editor of Vogue and even worn by the royal family!

Katherine Ryan

All That Glitters - Katherine Ryan
Katherine Ryan - (C) Twenty Twenty TV - Photographer: Mark Bourdillon

Katherine Ryan is a Canadian comedian, writer and host of All That Glitters. You've probably seen her on shows like Mock the Week, Would I Lie To You and 8 Out of 10 Cats. You can also watch Katherine's stand up on Netflix and funnily enough one of her specials is called Katherine Ryan: Glitter Room! Katherine brings fun, feminist energy to the show and we absolutely love her.

All That Glitters 2021 contestants

All That Glitters contestants
Hugo, Tamara, Sonny, Solange Azagury-Partridge, Dan, Katherine Ryan, Shaun Leane, Lee, Nicola, Kim, Naomi - (C) Twenty Twenty TV - Photographer: Mark Bourdillon

The competition will feature eight of the UK's best and brightest (literally) jewellery makers. Each week, the jewellers will battle it out to make two beautiful pieces set by the judges. They will have the Bestseller Challenge every week where the judges challenge them to create their own popular jewellery pieces. Then there will be the Bespoke Challenge where the contestants have to create a unique piece for a special client. It's going to be a battle to find Britain's best jeweller so without further ado here's All That Glitters 2021 contestants!


All That Glitters Sonny
Sonny - (C) Twenty Twenty TV - Photographer: Mark Bourdillon

Sonny is 26 and has been making jewellery in his studio in London! He used to be a personal trainer but has dopped the weights to join the jewellery making competition.


All That Glitters Tamara
Tamara - (C) Twenty Twenty TV - Photographer: Mark Bourdillon

Originally from Essex, 47-year-old Tamara makes her jewellery in an Arts building in London and sells her works to private clients. Her friends call her calamity Tam but when she's in work mode she's calm, collected and ready to win. She wants to learn from the judges and other contestants and come out of the show a better jeweller.


All That Glitters Dan
Dan - (C) Twenty Twenty TV - Photographer: Mark Bourdillon

Dan is 40 and lives in Frome in Somerset (near us at Gathered HQ!) He works making pieces for other jewellers but he's keen to design more jewellery of his own. He's looking forward to trying new things and finding his own personal jewellery making style.


All That Glitters Kim
Kim - (C) Twenty Twenty TV - Photographer: Mark Bourdillon

Kim is 56 and from Portsmouth. She's been making and selling her work at craft fairs for over 20 years and says she's taking a huge leap by joining All That Glitters. She creates beautiful floral work and can't wait to challenge herself in this year's competition.


All That Glitters Lee
Lee - (C) Twenty Twenty TV - Photographer: Mark Bourdillon

49-year-old Lee is from Wales and for the last 15 years, he's worked in a small jewellery shop which focuses on repairing old jewellery. His parents had a second-hand shop and he and his brothers were always involved in running down bits of furniture and doing them up!


All That Glitters Nicola
Nicola - (C) Twenty Twenty TV - Photographer: Mark Bourdillon

Nicola is 25 and lives in Hereford. She splits her time between her family, making jewellery and working part-time as a special needs teaching assistant. She juggles looking after her son and creating modern jewellery pieces which are just beautiful.


All That Glitters Hugo
Hugo - (C) Twenty Twenty TV - Photographer: Mark Bourdillon

Hugo is 23 started his jewellery making traineeship at 15! He now works for a jeweller in Haywards Heath. He grew up in a creative household and he's always wanted to follow in his families footsteps. He loves to perfect his pieces to ensure they're the best they can be and if it's not he'll keep going until it's perfect.


All That Glitters Naomi
Naomi - (C) Twenty Twenty TV - Photographer: Mark Bourdillon

23-year-old Namoi is a trainee goldsmith and works for a small jewellery firm in Sussex. She started making jewellery at school and her necklace was featured in a magazine. Her jewellery has a contemporary, handmade feel and all her pieces are bespoke.

Apply to be on All That Glitters 2022

All That Glitters 2022 application Flyer

If you're loving All That Glitters 2021 and think you've got what it takes to become Britain's next best jeweller then why not apply? Applications are now open for the All That Glitters 2022 competition. Applications are open to amateur or professional jewellers, aged 18 or over – everyone is welcome to apply. If you think you've got what it takes then apply here but hurry! Applications close Friday 4th June 2021. 

If you need a little more practice before you apply to the show then try our jewellery projects here on Gathered. We teach you how to make seed bead earrings that glimmer in the sunlight and seed bead bracelets to match!

All That Glitters: Your weekly episode guide

Week 1

All That Glitters - Ep1
Tamara, Katherine Ryan, Shaun Leane - (C) Twenty Twenty - Photographer: Mark Bourdillon

It's All That Glitters week one and what an episode it was. The Bestseller challenge didn't go easy on the contestants and they were tasked with making three silver bangles. For the Bespoke challenge, the jewellers had to create a handcrafted pendant for Ben's mum to celebrate her MBE! This week tested their soldering skills, mathematic skills and creativity. As Shaun says "keep your eye on the flame."

Highlights: Dan's gorgeous bee bangles, Tamara's rainbow of hope pendant and Nicola's Kintsugi necklace were our favourites. Ben chose Dan's pendant and he also won jeweller of the week - very well deserved. We also love Katherine's feminist encouragement of the jewellers.

Lowlights: The judges did not go easy on the contestants turning off Tamara, Hugo, Naomi and Kim's lights in the first challenge but it was Namoi who was sent home.

Quote of the week: "I'm bang on track so if there's any tea going..." - Sony

Week 2 -

All That Glitters: Britain's Next Jewellery Star
Shaun Leane, Solange Azagury-Partridge, Katherine Ryan - (C) Twenty Twenty

Week 2 in the All That Glitters competition and things got a little heated this week with the chain V's necklace debate. The jewellers were challenged to make a totally trending chain collar and a bespoke sweetheart brooch for client Chris. We learnt all sorts of new jewellery techniques this week and discovered that Solange has strong views on what makes a chain...

Highlights: Nicola's Japanese rain chain collar and Sonny's brave gold and silver chain impressed the judges. It was Hugo that stole the show though with his elegant treble clef brooch which the client loved and landed him jeweller of the week.

Lowlights: Tamara, Hugo and Lee struggled in the first round with unfinished pieces that were necklaces, not chains. However, it was Kim who was sent home. We still love you and your floral masterpieces though Kim!

Quote of the week: "Creativity to me is therapy" - Us too Tamara!

Week 3 - Alternative metals

All That Glitters: Britain's Next Jewellery Star
Katherine Ryan, Amrou - (C) Twenty Twenty - Photographer: Screengrab

It's week 3 in the All That Glitters studio and this week is all about alternative materials. Our jewellers were challenged to design a bold cocktail ring that will catch the judges eye and a statement necklace for drag queen Amrou's first solo performance. We also found out that some of Solange's famous cocktail rings have sold for over £20,000!

Highlights: We loved all the natural elements this week with Hugo's shell cocktail ring and Tamara's sandal seed ring. Lee's colourful necklace stole the client's heart while Tamara won jeweller of the week with her incredible beetle wing necklace.

Lowlights: Dan, Nicola and Lee all went into the second challenge with their lights off and struggled with the alternative materials provided. Unfortunately, it was Nicola who was sent home who we loved!

Quote of the week: "It really has the risk of looking like one of those pasta necklaces your kids bring home from school..." - Every crafter's worst nightmare Katherine.

Week 4 - Gold!

All That Glitters: Britain's Next Jewellery Star
Dan - (C) Twenty Twenty - Photographer: Screengrab

It's gold week in the All That Glitters workshop and the jewellers were challenged to turn the most precious material on the planet into something beautiful. For the Bestseller challenge, it was gold hoops galore and for the Bespoke challenge, the jewellers created keepsake lockets for Zeynab's mother and her very special bone marrow donor.

Highlights: There were some beautiful pieces made this week like Dan's wave hoops, Hugo's clever dragonfly hoops and Sonny's gorgeous egg locket. It was once again Hugo's eye for detail that won him jeweller of the week but we swear every contestant gets better and better each week!

Lowlights: Lee and Tamara struggled this week with unfinished hoops and lockets that didn't quite meet the judge's expectations. It was Lee's locket that sent him home in the end so now Hugo, Tamara, Dan and Sonny make their way into the All That Glitters semi-final.

Quote of the week: "This is gold. There's no room for mistakes" - Shaune

Week 5 - Precious gems

All That Glitters: Britain's Next Jewellery Star
Hugo - (C) Twenty Twenty - Photographer: Screengrab

It's was the semi-finals of All That Glitters this week and what a sparkling episode it was - literally! This week was all about precious and semi-precious stones that were as beautiful as they were challenging to work with. The bestseller challenge saw the contestants making gem-encrusted cuff bracelets and the criticism from the judges was the harshest yet. Then the jewellers were asked to make a gorgeous engagement ring for couple James and Clare.

Highlights: We've loved seeing Tamara grow in confidence and her feminine cuff bracelet and unique engagement ring won her a very well-deserved jeweller of the week. Dan also did well this week with his geometric cuff impressing the judges and his beautiful ring winning the clients heart. The client was crying, we were crying, who knew jewellery could be so emotional.

Lowlights: Hugo and Sonny struggled this week with Hugo's sea wave bracelet lacking refinement and Sonny's clumsy engagement ring (the judges words not ours) just missing the mark. Sonny was sent home and we will miss his unique jewellery style and cheeky humour.

Quote of the week: "I really like making stuff" - Dan that's the whole reason we created Gathered!

The Final - Pearls

All That Glitters: Britain's Next Jewellery Star - Ep6 The Final
Tamara, Hugo, Dan - (C) Twenty Twenty Productions Ltd - Photographer: Screengrab

What a final that was!! It had the best pieces created yet, all the emotions and all the talent. The big guns were brought out for the final this week as the material chosen by the judges to work with was pearls. The Bestseller challenge got the jewellers to create their own signature pearl drop earrings (spoiler they were all beautiful) and the Bespoke challenge had them making a maang tikka for bride Nikki. Oh and we discovered the winner of this year's competition! We definitely think the right person won and we're going to miss All That Glitters so much.

Highlights: Where do we start? Tamara's delicate baroque earrings? Hugo's incredible flower maang tikka? Dan's swirling pearl earrings? Aside from the pure beauty of the pieces this week we loved meeting all the jeweller's proud families and of course, watching 23-year-old Hugo be crowned the All That Glitter's winner. We're sure he's onto big, big things.

Lowlights: There were no lowlights and even the judges agreed, keeping all the jeweller's lights on for the final. The only lowlight is that we have to wait another year for All That Glitters 2022!

Quote of the week: "Keep going, don't give up!" - Dan to Tamara - our favourite thing about the show is always the camaraderie between makers. Us crafters stick together.


We hope you've loved All That Glitters 2021 as much as we have. It's going to be a great show especially if you're into crafting like us. Make sure you check out our knitted necklace, crochet friendship bracelet and macrame necklace tutorial to make your own jewellery.


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