Grayson’s Art Club 2022: the Grayson Perry art club will return for a third series!

Grayson Perry’s Art Club will be returning for another series in March. Here’s everything you need to know about our favourite art show…

Grayson's Art Club: An Exhibition for Britain

Grayson’s Art Club has helped us to find a creative outlet during the pandemic, giving the British public the chance to show off their artistic side. The first two series of the Grayson Perry art club were massively popular – and it’s just been announced that the show is returning for a third series in March!


Each episode of the show follows a different theme and the public has the opportunity to send in their own artwork, with the chance for an inclusion in Grayson’s exhibition. The programme has been a huge success and last year over 10,000 people sent in their art to the show.

We’re looking forward to seeing Grayson and Philippa Perry back on our screens when the series returns in early 2022. Like previous series, they’ll be talking to artistic celebrities as well as some of the most influential artists working in the UK today. Depending on Covid restrictions, Grayson is hoping to welcome the celebrity artists into his studio.

On the return of the series, Grayson and Philippa Perry said: “We’re delighted that we’re opening up the doors to our Art Club again. This show was borne out of a time where we needed art to help us make sense of the changes in our lives and find meaning from what we were collectively going through. In series 3 we’re working on a new set of themes to inspire the nation to make more art to illuminate what we now face, whatever that is, and we’re both very much looking forward to seeing what the British public will create this time around”

The Grayson Perry art club themes have been revealed and entries are now open – scroll down to find out what the themes are for series three and how to submit your artwork.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about Grayson’s Art Club, what the themes are for the second series and where to watch the show…

Photography by Richard Ansett.

When is Grayson’s Art Club on TV?

Grayson Perry’s art club will return in March, but the exact date has yet to be confirmed. We’ll reveal the date as soon as we know more.

Where can I watch Grayson’s Art Club?

Catch up with series 1 and series 2 on the All4 streaming service.

How many episodes of Grayson’s Art Club will there be?

Grayson’s Art Club normally has six episodes per series with additional episodes about the exhibition. Series three is expected to follow the same format.

Will there be another Grayson Perry art club?

Yes! Grayson’s Art Club will return in 2022. It’s been confirmed that the show will return to Channel 4 in March, but the exact date hasn’t yet been announced. Watch this space!

Where is Grayson’s Art Club filmed?

The Grayson Perry art club programme is filmed in Grayson Perry’s art studio in a residential area of Islington, London. It’s an airy, welcoming space and it’s where you’ll find Grayson’s charming cat, Kev (who you might recognise from series one!).

Where is the Grayson Perry exhibition?

The Grayson’s Art Club 2021 exhibition is currently being held at Bristol Museum and Art Gallery, where it will remain until 4th September 2022.

What is Grayson’s Art Club about?

Grayson’s Art Club is a popular arts programme on Channel 4 which encourages the British public to try their hand at a variety of artistic skills. Viewers are encouraged to send in their own work each week and some people are invited to discuss their creations with Grayson on the show.

Grayson Perry also talks to string of famous faces including artists, actors and comedians to discover what inspired them to get creative. Past guests include comedians Noel Fielding and Joe Lycett and sculptor Antony Gormley (the creator of the spectacular Angel of the North).

Grayson Perry art club themes for 2022

The themes for Grayson Perry art club series three have been announced. Here are the Grayson’s Art Club themes for 2022:

  • Week 1 – Love
  • Week 2 – Heroes and heroines
  • Week 3 – Normal life
  • Week 4 – Inside my head
  • Week 5 – Holidays
  • Week 6 – The future

Grayson Perry’s art club submissions

Feeling inspired and want to know how to submit your work to Grayson Perry’s art club? You can submit your work to Grayson’s Art Club by going to going to the show’s website:

Grayson's Art Club series 2
Grayson and Philippa Perry.
Channel 4/Richard Ansett

Grayson Perry art club 2021 series 2 episodes

Read on to catch up with the latest episodes of Grayson’s Art Club. We’ll share the latest episodes from series 3 when they’re released.

Recap episode

Our favourite show of 2020 is back on the air and it’s as comforting as settling back into a warm bath (lovely!).

In the first episode of the new series, we take a look back at some of the highlights of the first series and the wonderful artists who contributed their work to Grayson’s art exhibition in Manchester in 2020.

Grayson also reveals more information about the upcoming themes for series 2 with tips and ideas to inspire you.

Episode one

Episode one of Grayson Perry’s art club gets off to a strong start with special guest appearances from musician and artist Boy George, photographer David Bailey and artist Yinka Illori, whose work draws on his British and Nigerian heritage.

Comedian Harry Hill also makes an appearance and helps Grayson to pick the best viewer artwork sent in for this week’s theme: family.

Episode two

This week’s episode looks at nature and its healing powers. As usual, Grayson and Philippa are joined by a few celebrity friends including actor Russell Tovey, landscape artist Andy Goldsworthy and comedian Holly Walsh.

There’s also a surprise appearance in the form of a video created by the notorious graffiti artist Banksy, who filmed himself creating an artwork at Reading jail under cover of darkness. The video was hilariously narrated by the late artist Bob Ross, who is best known for his TV show The Joy of Painting.

Episode three

Food was the focus of the third episode of Grayson’s Art Club and the theme didn’t disappoint. Grayson and Philippa were joined by comedian and TV presenter Sue Perkins, who describes herself as a “restrained glutton”. During the week, she’d been busy creating an amigurumi crochet burger, which certainly looked good enough to eat!

Other highlights of the episode included an appearance from actor Mawaan Rizwan, who painted a favourite chicken shop from his childhood: Favourable Fried Chicken. Artist Lucy Sparrow shared her incredible felt food creations and members of the public shared their inventive artwork too.

A particularly moving contribution came from Sally-Ann, a doctor who had made a mosaic of a sherbet lemon sweet in memory of a beloved colleague, Colin. Colin was known to carry sherbet lemons around with him and hand them out. Tragically Colin passed away in the first wave of the Covid outbreak in 2020 and Sally-Ann created the mosaic as a tribute to him.

Episode four

Dreams were the theme of this slightly surreal episode of Grayson’s Art Club. As Philippa explains, dreams help us to make sense of what we’ve seen during the day, but they can also be an outlet for our emotions and desires. For example, TV presenter Konnie Huq has been dreaming of crowds, so she painted a gathering of people who were not socially distanced.

Another celebrity guest was comedian Johnny Vegas, who revealed that he had studied pottery and once aspired to be an artist. He showed off his skills by creating clay character on the show.

As usual, the works contributed by the public stole the show. Robin Hyde’s vibrant pop art board was her way of expressing the strange dreams she’d been having about labour and giving birth.

Robin wasn’t the only one having bizarre dreams in lockdown. Psychotherapist Philippa explained that a lot of people have been experiencing weird dreams in lockdown, particularly about oversized domestic animals!

There was also a video appearance by renowned British abstract painter Sir Frank Bowling.

Episode five

This week’s Grayson’s Art Club was themed around work. Special celebrity guests included actor Jane Seymour and comedian Tom Allen, who shared their own creations. Grayson encouraged us to reflect on the nature of work – and whose work we value.

Grayson and Philippa continued to create their own artistic works this week. Grayson worked on a vintage-style car sculpture, while Philippa painted work scenes from prestigious works of art onto tiles. Her tiles also reflected domestic work scenes, she says: “This is work – washing the baby.”

One noteworthy contribution this week came from supermarket worker John Gale, who painted a worker pushing a trolley uphill – just like Sisyphus from Greek mythology who was doomed to push a boulder up a mountain each day for all eternity. John was a French polisher before the pandemic, but when work dried up he knew he had to find another job. His painting represents the important work that supermarket workers have done to keep the country going during the past year.

A highlight of this week’s show was Jane Seymour’s watercolour painting tutorial. She demonstrated painting a wave and used salt on top of wet paint to create texture (top tip!). She also recommended knowing when to stop: an important skill for any artist!

Episode six

The final episode of Grayson’s Art Club had a travel theme, which Grayson explored by creating a tapestry-style map of England covered with the names of all the people who had inspired him from those areas.

There were celebrity appearances from magician Derren Brown, who shared his incredible caricatures, and comedian Alex Horn who made a fantastic motorway services sign using stencils.

As usual, the public were invited to share their own fantastic works of art. Martine, a flight attendant, shared a painting showing the view from a plane coming into land. She said that it was a view that she found very moving, because it evoked the feeling of returning home after a long journey.

The show ended on a poignant note. Grayson spoke to Paul, a member of the public who had painted a colourful picture of prayer flags. Paul explained that his painting had been inspired by a trip he took with his wife to a fertility temple in Bhutan. His wife conceived following a ritual there and Paul revealed to Grayson that he was talking to him from the hospital – next to his newborn baby daughter.

Who is Grayson Perry?

Grayson Perry is an internationally renowned artist, writer, lecturer, broadcaster and cross-dresser. He was awarded the prestigious Turner Prize for art in 2003 (past winners include Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin).

He was born on 24 March 1960 in Chelmsford, Essex. His interest in art developed during his childhood and in 1982 he was awarded a BA in Fine Art from Portsmouth College of Art and Design.

His work is often autobiographical and frequently features his childhood teddy bear Alan Measles. In series one of Grayson’s Art Club, he created a large ceramic statue of Alan Measles as an ongoing project.

He recently presented Grayson Perry’s Big American Road Trip on Channel 4, where he explored the divisions in American society – and made some artwork along the way.

Who is Philippa Perry?

Philippa Perry is the co-host of Grayson’s Art Club and she’s also Grayson’s Perry’s wife. Philippa is a psychotherapist, journalist, TV presenter and author with a string of publications to her name, including The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read and How to Stay Sane.

Philippa was born in Warrington, Cheshire, in 1957. Like Grayson, she also has a background in art and achieved a degree in Fine Art from Middlesex Polytechnic. She regularly shares and creates her own artwork on the show.

As a journalist, she has had work published in a range of magazines and newspapers including The Guardian, Psychologies Magazine and Red.

She has also presented several TV documentaries including BBC 4’s Sex Lies and Lovebites: The Agony Aunt Story and The Great British Sex Survey on Channel 4.

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