Grayson's Art Club has helped many of us find a new creative outlet and has given the British public the chance to show off their artistic side. The first two series of the Grayson Perry art club were massively popular – and we can't wait for the return of series 3 in March.


Each episode of the show follows a different theme and the public has the opportunity to send in their own artwork, with the chance for an inclusion in Grayson’s exhibition. The programme has been a huge success and last year over 10,000 people sent in their art to the show.

We're looking forward to seeing Grayson and Philippa Perry back on our screens when the series returns in March 2022. Like previous series, they'll be talking to artistic celebrities as well as some of the most influential artists working in the UK today.

On the return of the series, Grayson and Philippa Perry said: “We’re delighted that we’re opening up the doors to our Art Club again. This show was borne out of a time where we needed art to help us make sense of the changes in our lives and find meaning from what we were collectively going through. In series 3 we’re working on a new set of themes to inspire the nation to make more art to illuminate what we now face, whatever that is, and we’re both very much looking forward to seeing what the British public will create this time around”

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The Grayson Perry art club themes have been revealed – scroll down to find out what the themes are for series three and how to submit your artwork.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about Grayson’s Art Club, what the themes are for the second series and where to watch the show…

Photography by Richard Ansett.

When is Grayson’s Art Club on TV?

It's been confirmed! Grayson Perry's art club will return for a third series on Friday 18th March on Channel 4 at 8pm.

Where can I watch Grayson’s Art Club?

Watch the latest episodes of Grayson's Art Club or catch up with series 1 and series 2 on the All4 streaming service.

How many episodes of Grayson's Art Club will there be?

Grayson's Art Club normally has six episodes per series with additional episodes about the exhibition. Series three is expected to follow the same format.

Will there be another Grayson Perry art club?

Yes! Grayson's Art Club returned on 18th March 2022. We don't know if it will be renewed for a fourth series yet, but we'll update this article as soon as we hear anything.

Where is Grayson's Art Club filmed?

The Grayson Perry art club programme is filmed in Grayson Perry's art studio in a residential area of Islington, London. It's an airy, welcoming space and it's where you'll find Grayson's charming cat, Kev (who you might recognise from series one!).

Where is the Grayson Perry exhibition?

The Grayson's Art Club 2021 exhibition is currently being held at Bristol Museum and Art Gallery, where it will remain until 4th September 2022.

What is Grayson’s Art Club about?

Grayson’s Art Club is a popular arts programme on Channel 4 which encourages the British public to try their hand at a variety of artistic skills. Viewers are encouraged to send in their own work each week and some people are invited to discuss their creations with Grayson on the show.

Grayson Perry also talks to string of famous faces including artists, actors and comedians to discover what inspired them to get creative. Past guests include comedians Noel Fielding and Joe Lycett and sculptor Antony Gormley (the creator of the spectacular Angel of the North).

Grayson Perry art club themes for 2022

The themes for Grayson Perry art club series three have been announced. Here are the Grayson's Art Club themes for 2022:

  • Week 1 – Love
  • Week 2 – Heroes and heroines
  • Week 3 – Normal life
  • Week 4 – Inside my head
  • Week 5 – Holidays
  • Week 6 – The future

Grayson Perry’s art club submissions

Feeling inspired and want to know how to submit your work to Grayson Perry's art club? You can submit your work to Grayson’s Art Club by going to going to the Channel 4 website.

Grayson's Art Club series 2
Grayson and Philippa Perry. Channel 4/Richard Ansett

Grayson Perry art club 2022 series 3 episodes

Read on to catch up with the latest episodes of Grayson's Art Club…

Episode one

The theme of the first episode of the new series was love – and to kick things off, Grayson and Philippa decided to create a joint artwork to show their love for each other. They both made portraits of each other as clay moulds, which were turned into tiles to form part of a larger sculpture.

Unlike previous series, in season 3 Philippa and Grayson host a different celebrity in their studio each week. The celebrity has to create a piece of art for the exhibition related to the week's theme. This week they were joined by comedian and musician Bill Bailey, who produced a beautiful painting inspired by the surreal works of Marc Chagall.

The episode explores love in all its forms – and as usual there were some very moving contributions from members of the public. Nishma Hudson shared a painting of her earliest memory: holding her grandfather's hand as she climbed the stairs in a hospital on her way to meet her new baby brother. The picture was particularly poignant because her grandfather passed away just seven weeks ago.

Another emotional contribution came from a man called Jonathan, who was mourning his partner, Nigel. He was in the process of commemorating Nigel's life by adding a panel to an AIDS quilt. AIDS quilts were first sewn in the 80s and 90s as a way of remembering those who had died of AIDS-related causes – and they're still being made. For Jonathan, it was a way of paying tribute to the man he loved and ensuring that his memory lived on. As Grayson put it: "It's a way of loving after the person you love has gone."

There was also an appearance from the artist Ai Weiwei, who was exiled from his home country of China. He explains that because of his upbringing, he doesn't feel as though he understands love – even though his name, Ai, means love.

Overall, this was a very emotional episode, but love in all its forms was celebrated and explored.

Episode two

This week's theme is heroes and heroines and Grayson admits that he found it a challenging theme. "Art about heroes can help us understand what we want to admire and celebrate in other people and ourselves," he says. He goes back to his childhood and decides to create a sculpture of the beloved character Dr Doolittle.

Meanwhile Philippa creates a Grecian urn inspired by classicist Natalie Haynes. Natalie has created on new translations of Greek mythology after realising that our understanding of them was skewed by earlier translations by Victorian men. You'll definitely want to watch this episode to the end to see the stunning reveal of the finished urn.

As usual, there are some brilliant contributions by members of the public. Janene Pike celebrates her assistance dog, who makes daily life easier for her. Simone Fox and Zadie Simpson share their dolls, which represent great women from history and the present day.

Will Edkins, who has cerebral palsy, depicts himself as a superhero made of titanium (his hips and spine are titanium). He and his mum, Karen, talk to Grayson about how they use humour to cope with their struggles.

This week's celebrity guest is Jo Brand, who transforms some ordinary people (including her rebellious mum) into superheroes for her artwork. As an added twist, she adds sound effects to her artwork and records Grayson and Philippa's screams! The finished work is both intriguing and fun.

Perhaps surprisingly, in the episode Grayson tells Jo Brand that he still gets Imposter Syndrome even though he's a highly successful artist. However, instead of seeing it as a negative, he welcomes the feeling because it pushes him out of his comfort zone.

It's the everyday heroism that's important
Grayson Perry

Episode three

This week, Grayson's Art Club explores the idea of normal life and what that means to us. As usual, the viewers contributed their own unique artworks to the show.

Angie painted a stunning picture of her friends picking apples in the sunshine. She and her friends refer to each other as the "Granny Gang" and they tell Grayson how important their friendship group was to each other.

Fifteen-year-old Will shares an atmospheric painting of a bus station, where he has spent a lot of time supporting a friend who has anxiety. Although it was a mundane scene, it means a lot to Will.

In this episode, they're joined by in the studio by comedian Joe Wilkinson, who studied art at college. Joe creates a surprising painting that combines his features with Grayson's.

As usual, Philippa heads out into the community to choose "Phil's Pick". She talks to an unusual artist in North London who decorates chewing gum on the pavement. Ben Wilson turns a common feature of city pavements into artwork that celebrates the local community. Philippa watches as he creates a special piece of artwork to celebrate the birth of a neighbour's baby.

Episode four

This week, Grayson and Philippa looked at our inner lives with their Inside Your Head theme. Philippa decided to explore her emotions by creating her own moody paint pouring canvases. If you'd like to try this at home, check out our beginner's guide to acrylic paint pouring to give it a go. Meanwhile Grayson tried to find his creative flow by going back to basics and creating a drawing using a pen and paper.

They were joined by comedian Mawaan Rizwan, who explored his need to communicate through messages and social media by creating his own glittery artwork of a taco emoji.

As usual, there were some stunning contributions by members of the public. Jamie Westwood was worried about her son going away to university and turned her feelings into powerful pottery pieces. She made over 100 in total and found that it made her feel better about the situation.

Phil's pick this week was the talented Joe Whale aka The Doodle Boy. Joe was sad that he wasn't doing much art at school, so his parents signed him up to an art class and he discovered his own unique style.

Jonny Forster used a painting to show how he felt about his recent ADHD diagnosis. He painted a calm swan on the surface of the water to show how others see him and a more chaotic lower half to reveal how he actually feels inside.

Episode five

In the latest episode, Grayson and Philippa explored the Holiday theme. Philippa embraced the theme by making a wonderful paint pouring artwork representing waves breaking on the sand.

Meanwhile, Grayson embraced his inner child and made a stunning print using potato stamps. It depicted a view of a town as seen from a plane.

This week the public submitted lots of weird and wonderful pieces for art from from a mystical camper van in space to beach scenes. Sophie Smith explored the idea of being beach ready and wanted to show a realistic body shape. She wanted to set an example for her daughters so that they would feel comfortable with their own bodies.

Farina Nourani shared an incredible painting of a mosque in Pakistan because she spent a lot of time there as a child. The place held lots of special memories for her.

Perhaps the most moving artwork this week was Jill and Jane's Christmas memory box. Jill has incurable cancer and wanted to create something that could be passed on to her children and grandchildren. As Christmas is her favourite time of year, she wanted to celebrate that as part of her work.

Grayson and Philippa were joined by writer and comedian Katy Wix. It turns out that Grayson and Katy Wix have a past connection, because Grayson included one of her works of art in an exhibition he was curating. Katy's personal artwork this week was a contemplative clay sculpture of herself on a beach.

In this episode, Grayson added to his latest Alan Measles sculpture by filling its hollows with plants. The finished sculpture resembled a magical forest spirit.

Who is Grayson Perry?

Grayson Perry is an internationally renowned artist, writer, lecturer, broadcaster and cross-dresser. He was awarded the prestigious Turner Prize for art in 2003 (past winners include Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin).

He was born on 24 March 1960 in Chelmsford, Essex. His interest in art developed during his childhood and in 1982 he was awarded a BA in Fine Art from Portsmouth College of Art and Design.

His work is often autobiographical and frequently features his childhood teddy bear Alan Measles. In series one of Grayson’s Art Club, he created a large ceramic statue of Alan Measles as an ongoing project.

He recently presented Grayson Perry’s Big American Road Trip on Channel 4, where he explored the divisions in American society – and made some artwork along the way.

Who is Philippa Perry?

Philippa Perry is the co-host of Grayson’s Art Club and she’s also Grayson’s Perry’s wife. Philippa is a psychotherapist, journalist, TV presenter and author with a string of publications to her name, including The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read and How to Stay Sane.

Philippa was born in Warrington, Cheshire, in 1957. Like Grayson, she also has a background in art and achieved a degree in Fine Art from Middlesex Polytechnic. She regularly shares and creates her own artwork on the show.

As a journalist, she has had work published in a range of magazines and newspapers including The Guardian, Psychologies Magazine and Red.

She has also presented several TV documentaries including BBC 4's Sex Lies and Lovebites: The Agony Aunt Story and The Great British Sex Survey on Channel 4.

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