Things can get very hectic in the run-up to Christmas, so it’s a good idea to set aside time to relax and enjoy a creative art session.


You can draw alone or make it a social occasion by inviting a few friends over. Make an evening of it with some hot chocolate (or mulled wine!) and a festive movie.

Drawing is also a creative way to keep children entertained away from the TV or iPad screens. You could get them to draw their own Christmas cards for their friends!

The great thing about pencil drawing is that it’s accessible and affordable. You don’t need to splash out on expensive supplies to make a piece of festive art to be proud of.

There is no need to be a professional artist either – all of these Christmas drawing ideas come with simple steps to follow, so you can sketch with confidence. There are drawing ideas for kids and more challenging projects for older children and adults.

Ready to start drawing? Pick up a pencil and have a go at creating your own easy Christmas drawings.

20 easy Christmas drawing ideas

1. Cute Santa

How to draw Santa

It’s not Christmas without Santa! This cute drawing was designed by Esther Curtis and we think he would make a fantastic addition to any festive scene.

Learn how to draw Santa with Esther’s simple step-by-step guide.

2. Christmas tree

How to draw a Christmas tree

The vintage feel of Charlotte Kinson's drawing of a Christmas tree is delightful. In Charlotte’s how to draw a Christmas tree guide, you’ll learn how to build up the branches, add baubles and finish decorating with a twist of tinsel.

3. Snowflakes

Snowflake drawing

Capture a snowflake in all its icy glory with this brilliant drawing tutorial. This drawing guide will show you how to sketch a frosty snowflake using coloured pencils.

Discover how to draw a snowflake with Charlotte Kinson.

4. Patterned baubles

Patterned baubles drawing idea

Get experimental with this fun patterned baubles drawing idea from Art Projects for Kids. For this project, you’ll need paper and coloured markers or felt-tip pens.

To make it easier, create a bauble template for children to draw around. Then you can move onto the fun part: filling the baubles with patterns of your choice!

5. Snowman

How to draw a snowman

Do you want to build a snowman? If you’re not lucky enough to have snow outside, have a go at drawing one instead.

This snowman drawing tutorial uses a few simple shapes to create a cool little character! You can add your own choice of accessories to complete the drawing.

6. Holly

How to draw holly

Holly can be the centrepiece of a Christmas card or used to add a little embellishment at the edge of a picture. You can also layer up sprigs of holly to draw a festive wreath!

Learn how to draw holly with this easy lesson from iHeartCraftyThings.

7. Candy cane

Candy cane drawing

Festive candy canes are really fun to draw! This fabulous candy cane drawing tutorial will show you how to sketch this classic Christmas treat and decorate it with a stylish bow.

You can also download a handy worksheet with all of the steps for kids to follow.

8. Christmas wreath

Metallic Christmas wreath

Looking for the perfect Christmas card idea? This metallic Christmas wreath drawing tutorial from Snapdragon Life can be created using a little festive foliage.

All you need is some paper, shimmering gel pens and a plate to use as a template. There’s a brilliant video tutorial to guide you through the steps too.

9. Christmas presents

Christmas presents drawing

These three-dimensional presents really feel as though they’re popping out of the page. This Christmas presents drawing tutorial is a good project to try if you want to learn how to add more depth to your drawings.

This stack of gifts would look great under a Christmas tree or as part of a festive scene.

10. Christmas bells

Christmas bells drawing

If you’re making a traditional Christmas card, decorate it with an iconic set of Christmas bells.

This vintage design is finished off with holly leaves and a luxurious bow. Discover how to draw Christmas bells with this beginner-friendly guide from DrawingForAll.

11. Snowglobe

Snowglobe drawing

If you’re looking for a quick and easy Christmas drawing idea, this adorable snowglobe drawing definitely fits the bill. This snowglobe has a happy snowman inside and even the globe itself has a sweet little smile.

Draw this design with a marker, then colour it in with pencils or watercolour paints.

12. Robin

Robins may look complicated, but they’re a lot easier to draw than you might think! In this simple robin drawing video tutorial by Harriet Muller, you’ll learn how to sketch your own little feathered friend using a few simple techniques.

13. Reindeer

Reindeer drawing

Santa’s sleigh won’t be going anywhere without a few reindeer to lead the way! Learn how to draw a reindeer in eight easy steps with this lesson from

There’s also a helpful video guide included in the tutorial to show you what to do.

Learn more about this fascinating creature with BBC Wildlife’s reindeer guide.

14. Santa’s sleigh

How to draw Santa's sleigh

Now that you’ve learnt how to draw reindeer, you can add Santa’s sleigh to your Christmas drawing.

This sleigh is drawn at an angle so you can see the seat and a sack of presents ready to be delivered! If you’re drawing this with younger children, you may need to give them a little help to sketch the outline of the sleigh.

Make pretty paper Christmas decorations

You can make lots of beautiful decorations for your home using paper! Take a peek at our pick of the best DIY paper Christmas ornaments and learn how to make everything from snowflakes to origami Santas.

15. Mistletoe

How to draw mistletoe

If you can’t find mistletoe this Christmas, draw your own instead! Mistletoe is one of the oldest Christmas decorations, so it’s not surprising that it often appears in festive art.

This bunch of mistletoe can be drawn by itself, used to embellish a Christmas wreath or hung from a doorway as part of a festive scene.

Create your own seasonal mistletoe drawing with IHeartCraftyThings.

16. Christmas stocking

Christmas stocking drawing

Children love checking their stockings on Christmas morning and it’s become a beloved festive tradition over the years.

This Christmas stocking drawing is packed with beautifully wrapped gifts and colourful candy canes.

17. Gingerbread man

Gingerbread man drawing

Kids will love drawing this cheeky gingerbread man drawing! He’s waving cheerfully at you and is wearing a jolly Santa hat.

Encourage your kids to draw this gingerbread man on Christmas cards to send to their friends and family.

18. Gingerbread house

How to draw a gingerbread house

Now you’ve drawn a gingerbread man or woman, why not give them a little gingerbread house to live in?

This gingerbread house is adorned with lollipops and cakes with a snowy icing sugar roof. Find out how to draw a gingerbread house and cover it with your favourite candy.

19. Christmas elf

How to draw a Christmas elf

This festive elf is dancing and leaping around with joy! From his pointy ears to his tiny little boots and we think he’d be really fun to draw. Why not draw a whole family of Christmas elves?

This Christmas elf drawing tutorial includes a video tutorial to help you get started.

20. Holiday wreath

Holiday wreath drawing

If you’re feeling ready for a challenge, have a go at drawing this intricate holiday wreath. It looks complicated, but if you follow the steps you’ll be able to craft your own elegant holiday wreath drawing.

This is the perfect drawing project for a cosy afternoon art session! Although it takes a while to draw, it’s well worth it to make something this beautiful.

Get excited for the big day with our cute Christmas drawings

A drawing session is the perfect way to relax in the hectic run-up to Christmas, whether you enjoy sketching a snowflake or decorating cards with your own cute little Santa drawing!

It’s a soothing way to unwind by yourself, but can provide a fun activity to enjoy with your friends and family. Even the kids can get involved!

Christmas can be an expensive time for many, so it’s always good to take some time out to enjoy a creative activity that won’t break the bank.

Our Christmas drawing ideas all have easy steps to follow and can be enjoyed by artists of all ages!

Continue the festive fun with our Christmas painting ideas

If you’re in the mood for making more seasonal art, put down your pencils and pick up a brush instead.


We’ve rounded up lots of beautiful festive painting projects for you to try, from snowflakes to stunning watercolour wreaths. Get inspired with Gathered’s favourite Christmas painting ideas.


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