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How to make a snow globe

Create a magical Christmas snow globe with our fun and easy tutorial. Find out how to make a snow globe following our video or step-by-step instructions.

how to make a snow globe

Sprinkle a little bit of DIY snow globe magic into your Christmas decor this festive season with our easy tutorial on how to make a snow globe. Christmas is fast approaching and you can never be too prepared, plus this is a very fun craft just to have a go at, Christmas or not! Create these fun snow globes as part of your own Christmas display, or gift them to friends and family as a thoughtful festive keepsake, when stored carefully you should be able to use them again each year.

For our how to make a snow globe tutorial, we used a pickle jar, but you can use anything with a water-tight lid, jam jars, gravy jars, and even coffee jars all work well. We have used some plastic figurines in our snowglobe, but you can use whatever you like as long as it is waterproof. We had some colour run with our first attempt so it is definitely worth testing your figures in water before you add them to a snowglobe – otherwise, you might end up with discoloured water.

In this tutorial, we will share the easiest and most effective ways to create a snow globe without the hassle. You can follow along with our video tutorial, or go to the step-by-step guide below and find out exactly how to make a snow globe.

How to make a snow globe video tutorial

Supplies for how to make a snow globe

These are the products we used to make our snow globes:

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How to make a snow globe step-by-step guide (with pictures)


You Will Need

  • Glass jars
  • Water
  • Glycerine
  • Glitter
  • jar lid
  • small figurines
  • super glue
  • Coloured card
  • washi tape to decorate
  • Scissors

Total time:

24hrs for glue to dry

Step 1

Soak your jars in warm soapy water to remove any labels and residue. If you have a stubborn label, try using nail varnish remover, or white spirit to remove any remaining.

Step 2

Remove the lid of your jar. Super glue another lid (we used a coffee jar top) to the main jar lid to create some height, this is where your figurines will stand.

how to make a snow globe step 1

Step 3

Arrange your figurines on the lid to work out where you would like them to go and ensuring they fit inside the jar.

Once you have done this glue your figures using super glue onto the lid.

Leave everything to dry for 24hours.

how to make a snow globe step 2

Step 4

Take your jar and fill with tap water until almost full, leave an inch or two as space for your figurines to take up.

how to make a snow globe step 3

Step 5

Add your glitter, we added gold and silver plus some bigger stars. You can use anything you have handy.

Top tip: If your glitter clumps together, keep stirring it and lift the clumps to the surface using a spoon and they will separate.

how to make a snow globe step 4

Step 6

Once your glitter is combined, add one tablespoon of glycerin to the water and stir well. We also tried baby oil but found this made the water misty so we don’t recommend this. Glycerin works best.

Top tip: Glycerin will help the glitter to move more slowly in the water.

how to make a snow globe step 6

Step 7

Once mixed thoroughly, you can screw the lid of the jar back on. Make sure it is fitted tightly and is not leaking. Once this is done you can decorate the lid. We used a circle of gold card to cover the top of the lid and then wrapped around the edges using silver washi tape.

how to make a snow globe step 7

how to make a snow globe step 7.5

Step 8

That’s it! You are done, get shaking! The glitter should fly around and create a gorgeous festive scene you won’t be able to take your eyes off. Now you’ve made one for yourself, they would also make lovely gifts, so why not make one for a loved one?

how to make a snowglobe

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