It's an undeniable fact that in the world of crochet, there's one area which is always tricky to navigate - crochet for men! It can be hard to think of crochet gifts for men, especially when it comes to fathers day crochet gifts, and sometimes a store-bought gift doesn’t have as much heart as homemade. And if you're a man who wants to get into crochet (and there really are plenty of us), then it can be pretty difficult to find patterns specifically designed for men who crochet... and when you do find them they're often quite plain and made in safe 'masculine' colours.


Of course, many crochet patterns are in reality unisex - after all, amigurumi isn't gender specific, and a bobble hat is a bobble hat, regardless of who's wearing it! It's true that the vast majority of crochet garments are designed with women in mind (which is reflected in the photography too), but as long as the project doesn't have bust shaping and isn't tight fitting then you may just be able to get away with making it unisex.

Paying close attention to measurements can be really helpful - try comparing your patterns measurements to an existing garment that fits, as you may just be able to add some length to a pattern to make it match. Equally, if you're a man making for yourself, you could try on some women's clothes (raid your sisters/mums/friends wardrobe) to get an idea of what women's sizes could fit you and use that information as a guide.

So whether you're looking to make a gift for a loved one or are a bloke wanting to hook something up for yourself, we've searched out our favourite crochet patterns for men, including both paid for and free crochet patterns for men!

We've separated this round-up into sections to help you find a range of crochet patterns for men. Use these handy links to jump to the section you're looking for, or keep on reading for loads of fun crochet inspiration!

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Crochet gifts for men

Crochet hooks

Before we start looking at crochet patterns for men, if you're thinking of crocheting a gift for your favourite fella, then we want you to ask yourself - would he like to learn how to crochet himself? Although it's true that the world of crochet is predominantly female dominated, gone are the days where crochet is seen as a woman-only activity (thankfully). There are many men who crochet (and knit), and men can obviously benefit from the calming, creative and mindful aspects of crochet that we all enjoy. Learning a new skill can also be a great way of bonding together - so rather than making your dad or boyfriend a winter scarf, why not set aside some time to teach him how to make one himself. Of course he'll need the appropriate tools, so we'd recommend this fab hook set from Pony. Not only are the colour coded and come with all the most common sizes you'd need, but they're also made from sturdy aluminium and come with an easy grip handle - so even the roughest of hands will be able to work with them!

More like this

Buy the Pony crochet hook set on Amazon (or find more choices in our pick of the best crochet hooks)

How to crochet book

How to crochet book

If you don't quite have time to teach the fella in your life how to crochet, you can always get them a book to get them started on their journey. The 'How to crochet' book by Emma Varnam is one of our favourites. As well as showing you all of the basic crochet stitches and techniques you'll need to get started on your journey into crochet, there's also an accompanying pattern to help you practice each stitch. From starting off with double crochet stitches to make a stylish tablet cover, to learning how to crochet in the round to make an amigurumi bunny, and of course mastering granny squares to make a classic blanket - we think it's a great introduction!

Buy the How to crochet book on Amazon (or find more choices in our pick of the best crochet books)

10 Quick crochet gifts for men

If you need to hook up a gift for the gentleman in your life asap, then here's 10 quick crochet gifts for men that you can easily hook up in an evening or two!

Free Crochet Tie Pattern

When it comes to crochet gifts for men, a simple yet classy tie is a quick and easy make that he can wear for even the smartest of occasions! This vintage inspired tie by Tanya Kalyan will go with any outfit, and you could always incorporate stripes or embroidery to really customise it for the man in your life!

Download the free crochet tie pattern here.


Free striped Mens crochet scarf pattern

Here's a fab free men's crochet scarf pattern that even crochet beginners can make with ease! The cowl design means he won't have any long ends getting in his way (great for if he's mucking about in the garden or workshop), and the simple two-tone stripes in monochrome colours means it'll match with every outfit!

Find the free men's crochet scarf pattern here


Free flap bag crochet pattern

Whether you're male or female, we all need a good bag in our life, and these small flap bags are really handy for days out. These smaller shoulder/cross-body bags seem to very popular with young men in particular at the moment, and this free pattern is a quick and easy make with some fun puff stitches too!

Find the free flap bag crochet pattern here

Free flap bag crochet pattern

Diamond Geezer Mens Crochet Socks

When it comes to crochet gifts for men, a good sturdy pair of socks is always a safe option. But you can give your fella some extra special socks with this Diamond Geezer mens crochet sock pattern by The Crochet Project. The pattern covers sizes from baby feet all the way up to adult size 13, and are fully adjustable in length so you can make them the perfect fit... no matter how big his feet are!

Find the free mens crochet socks pattern here.


Edison Bucket Hat crochet pattern

It can be hard to think of summer projects for guys, but this Edison bucket hat crochet pattern by Taiwanese designer Rastus Hsu is perfect for hot summers! It's hooked up in Raffia yarn (essentially the same fibres as paper), so it'll be both cool and lightweight - an essential accessory for when he's out in the garden!

Buy the Edison Bucket hat crochet pattern on Lovecrafts

Edison bucket hat crochet pattern

Free Hudson Scarf crochet pattern

If you're thinking about quick crochet gifts for men, then a simple scarf is always an easy win! This free Hudson scarf crochet pattern is made using super-chunky yarn so it'll hook up super-quick.

Buy the Free Hudson Scarf crochet pattern on Lovecrafts

Hudson scarf crochet pattern

Free Water Rock Tunisian Crochet Mens Scarf pattern

If you're looking for free crochet patterns for men but also want a fun crochet project that you'll enjoy hooking up too, then you'll love the Water Rock crochet mens scarf by Rohn Strong. It's hooked up in Tunisian crochet and features some stylish slanted crochet stripes! Why not try making it in your fella's favourite colours?

Find the pattern for the Free Water Rock Tunisian Crochet Mens Scarf pattern here.


Free Mens Hat/Cowl/Mask crochet pattern

Here's a free mens crochet pattern that we think is genius! This 4-in-1 pattern can be made worn as a beanie (thanks to a clever drawstring), mask, cowl or headband (perfect for men with long hair), and features some fab popcorn stitches to give you an extra bit of texture!

Find the Free Mens Hat/Cowl/Mask crochet pattern here

Rude Boy Crochet Cap pattern

If you search online for mens crochet patterns, you'll find loads and loads of beanie patterns! But if you're after something a little different, then why not try this Rude Boy Cap crochet pattern! Wire is worked into the peak which means you can style the way it's worn - you can bend it upwards like a cycling cap, keep it flat like a new era cap or arch it like a traditional baseball cap!

Buy the Rude Boy Crochet Cap pattern on Ravelry

Crochet cap pattern

Free laptop sleeve crochet pattern

We've got a bit of a soft spot for combining crochet with tech - we think hooking up a new phone case is almost as exciting as getting a new phone! So if you're at a loss at what to hook for him, then why not try this free laptop sleeve crochet pattern from Hobbii - a simple and easy quick gift to make but that will also come in useful.

Find the Free Ribbon PC Sleeve crochet pattern at

Ribbon laptop sleeve crochet pattern

10 Novelty crochet gifts for men

If you're not entirely sure your male friends and family will genuinely appreciate how much time and effort you put into crochet, then making them a novelty crochet gift is always guaranteed to put a smile on their face. We've picked 10 novelty crochet patterns (including a few slightly silly ones) that we think would make great gifts for any occasion!

Free amigurumi Mario crochet pattern

Looking for the perfect pressie to hook up for a gamer? Well, in our option you're going to struggle to find anything more perfect than this adorable (and free) amigurumi Mario crochet pattern! We think it'll go down a hit with gamers both young and old, and as it's quite small it's also the perfect desk companion to bring a smile to his face while he's at work!

Find the Free amigurumi Mario crochet pattern on Lovecrafts

(P.S. if your fellas not a big gamer, maybe he'd prefer something from our pick of the best Star Wars crochet patterns and kits)

free mario amigurumi crochet pattern

Free Moustache mug hug crochet pattern

This moustache mug hug from Red Heart has got to be one of the simplest of our free crochet patterns for men! You could easily make it in an evening and it would make a great fathers day crochet gift - why not hook it up and present it to him with his morning coffee!

Find the free moustache mug hug crochet pattern here.

Free crochet gnome amigurumi pattern

Keen gardeners will adore this cute crochet friend! Our free crochet gnome amigurumi pattern would be a welcome addition to any potting shed, and the pattern also includes his adorable mushroom seat too. But if your fella's not exactly green fingered, you could always make them some amigurumi of their favourite animal - why not check out our pick of the best amigurumi animal patterns for some inspiration.

Find the Free crochet gnome amigurumi pattern here

Free crochet gnome pattern square

Free Phone Holder Crochet Pattern

If he’s glued to the phone all day, give it a rest with this mobile phone holder pattern. This speedy make will be a hit with both teenagers and full-grown men, and the design also features two clever ridges so you can choose the best tilting position for your phone!

Find the free phone holder crochet pattern here.


Free Beer Bottle Cozy Crochet pattern

If your chap likes the odd beer (or two), then you could hook him up a special cozy to keep his bottle cool! This fab pattern comes in two sizes, the classic 12oz beer bottle size and a larger 22oz size - that last one will cover his traditional ale bottles too. Why not finish them off with a bit of personalised embroidery too (and of course you've got to include a bottle of his favourite beer to really make this one of the best crochet gifts for men).

You can find the Free Beer Bottle Cozy Crochet Pattern here.


Free hideaway crochet sofa caddy pattern

Whether he's got his own special armchair, or you just want a solution for him always sitting on the remote control, this free hideaway crochet sofa caddy pattern will get your storage sorted! As it's made in super-chunky Bernat Blanket yarn it'll be thick and weighty enough to stay in place, and of course you can choose the perfect colours to match your sofa.

Find the Free hideaway crochet sofa caddy pattern on

sofa caddy crochet pattern

Vans Slip-on Style crochet slippers pattern

Here's a pattern that we think will be a hit with both men and women! Say goodbye to boring slippers and hook up these super-trendy crochet slippers inspired by the classic chequerboard Vans slip-on shoes. They're made using Tunisian crochet so are a fun and interesting project for crocheters, and thanks to a handy size chart to help you get the measurements right for both men and women you're sure to get the perfect fit!

Buy the Vans Slip-on Style crochet slippers pattern on Lovecrafts

(P.S. If you fancy hooking up some more traditional slippers, you could try our free granny square slippers pattern, you might just need to make the squares a bit bigger to fit mens feet)

Vans style crochet slippers

Free crochet pencil case pattern

You can't go wrong with a handy pencil case, although obviously you can use it for so much more than just pencils - it could be a small tool bag, makeup bag, travel bag, crochet hook case - pretty much anything that needs a case! This fun design is made using corner to corner crochet and the pattern features some fun 'write stuff' lettering, but with a bit of creativity (grab some graph paper and a pencil) you can really easily customise it with your own message or change the size to suit your needs!

Find the Free crochet pencil case pattern here


Royal Crown hat crochet pattern

Maybe you fancy crocheting a gift that's good for a laugh? If so then why not hook this Royal crown hat crochet pattern! We think it would be a fun project to make for someone's birthday so they can feel like a king for the day!

Buy the Royal Crown hat crochet pattern on Lovecrafts

crown hat crochet pattern

Free smiley face keyring pattern

Still not sure you've found the best novelty crochet gift yet? Then here's a pattern that we think will be a winner every time! This free smiley face keyring is a super-quick and easy make, and everyone is going to love seeing a smile when they get their keys out!

Find the Free smiley face keyring pattern on Lovecrafts

smiley face keyring crochet pattern
If you're just as skilled with a sewing machine as you are with a crochet hook, then you might like our pick of the best mens sewing patterns, which covers everything from shirts to shorts and even suits!
Best mens sewing patterns

10 Garments to crochet for men

Time for the serious stuff! If you're a male hooker, or want to crochet a really special gift for the man in your life, then we've found 10 brilliant crochet garment patterns for you to make!

Dapper Dad Pullover crochet pattern

If you fancy making a seriously impressive garment, then this Dapper Dad pullover by MJ’sOffTheHook is a project that will really show off your skills! It can be made in sizes from XS to 5XL and the pattern also includes a video tutorial.

Buy the Dapper Dad Pullover crochet pattern on Lovecrafts

Dapper dad pullover crochet pattern

Free Mens Crochet Waistcoat pattern

This free mens waistcoat crochet pattern by Ruth Maddock features a fab argyle design, hooked up in classy vintage colours (although you could always mix it up with his own favourite colours).

Find the free mens crochet waistcoat pattern here.


Mens textured polo shirt crochet pattern

Perhaps you want to crochet a garment that isn't just for winter, in which case this mens textured polo shirt crochet pattern might just be perfect for you. As it's hooked up in DK cotton it'll be cool enough to wear during warmer weather, and features some fab textured stitches.

Buy the Mens textured polo shirt crochet pattern on Ravelry

Mens textured polo shirt crochet pattern

Free mens crochet jumper pattern

If you're looking to hook up a special crochet gift for Fathers day (or any other occasion), then a special crochet sweater is sure to go down a treat! Why not try this Red Heart tweed mens pullover crochet pattern, it's a simple make and perfect for men of all ages!

Find the free mens pullover crochet pattern here.


Mens baggy sweater crochet pattern

We love how comfortable this mens baggy sweater crochet pattern looks! This beginner friendly pattern by Lorraine Stewart uses simple stitches to create this fab jumper that is guaranteed to become an everyday staple.

Buy the Mens baggy sweater crochet pattern on Ravelry

Mens baggy sweatshirt crochet pattern

Mens Striped Jumper crochet pattern

Here's another jumper that is perfect for staying cool in (and of course looking cool in too!) This awesome striped mens jumper crochet pattern by Fran Morgan is made using Debbie Bliss Denim DK Cotton, which combined with the stitch combinations will keep it airy and breathable as well as being soft and comfy.

Find this pattern in issue 110 of Simply Crochet, available to buy on Ravelry or from our digital issues page.

Mens striped jumper crochet pattern

Men's Nishio Sweater crochet pattern

We do love some fab horizontal stripes, but how about mixing things up and making those stripes vertical! This stunning patter by Susan Walsh aka Peppergoose is a real showstopper of a design, and as it's made with Scheepjes Our Tribe self-striping yarn you don't have to worry about changing colours - just sit back and crochet on!

Buy the Men's Nishio Sweater crochet pattern on Ravelry

Mens nishio crochet sweater pattern

Hello September Cardigan crochet pattern

Here's an example of what we mean when we say many crochet designs can be treated as a unisex design, after all there's nothing to say that this gorgeous Hello September cardigan crochet pattern by LittleGoldenNook won't look just as good on the chaps as it does on the ladies! Customise the stripes to suit your his (or your own) style, and just make sure you select the right size!

Buy the Hello September Cardigan crochet pattern on Lovecrafts

Hello September crochet cardigan pattern

Free Men's Quarter Zip Sherpa Pullover crochet pattern

Every now and then you come across a pattern that really makes you stop and pay attention, and this free mens sherpa pullover crochet pattern is definitely one that stopped us in our tracks! At first glance you wouldn't think it was made from crochet, but that's because it's made using fake fur yarn to create a fluffy fleecy fabric! Fur yarn can be a bit tricky to work with so it may not be suitable for beginners, but if you're up for the challenge then we think you should definitely give it a go!

Find the Free Men's Quarter Zip Sherpa Pullover crochet pattern here

free mens sherpa pullover crochet pattern

Free Mens Ocean Sweater crochet pattern

Our final pattern is another sweater that is perfect for all-year-round wear! This free mens sweater pattern from Hobbii is made using sport/4ply weight yarn which helps to keep the fabric thin and relaxed, with ombre yarn cakes helping to create that fab gradient colour effect!

Find the Free Mens Ocean Sweater crochet pattern on

Mens Ocean sweater crochet pattern
Looking for more crafty ideas for handmade fathers day gifts? Then check out some of these inspiring projects!

We hope you enjoyed our crochet gifts for men round up! You can find loads more free crochet patterns for men and women in our free crochet patterns section, and remember to share your makes with us on Instagram using the #gatheredmakers.


Matt SpiersDigital Assistant, Gathered

Matt Spiers is a crochet artist and designer who has been overseeing Gathered's crochet articles for over 2 years. He previously worked as Digital Assistant for Simply Crochet magazine and is our in house video editing pro. What started as a hobby a decade ago led to Matt developing a passion (and then a career) with crochet. As well as still regularly writing and designing for Simply Crochet magazine, Matt is a crochet artist in his own right, having displayed and created crochet installations at festivals and fibre events across the UK. You can keep up to date with Matt at @onemancrochet on Instagram.

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