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Top 15 FREE Summer Garden Party Crochet Patterns

Get your hooks ready for a bit of al fresco crochet with these free crochet garden party patterns!


Crochet doesn’t have to be all about cosy nights in during the cold weather – summer is a prime time to get hooking too! We’ve felt totally inspired by this beautiful weather to create a list of our top 15 favourite FREE summery patterns plus 10 not-to-miss paid for patterns for those BBQs, picnics and garden parties you may be hosting, or even just to add some extra colours to your space.


Top 15 free summer garden crochet patterns

Free seaside bunting crochet pattern

This Simply Crochet Free seaside bunting crochet pattern by Eleonora Tulley is a bright and cheery way of bringing the beach to your back garden!

Free gingham picnic blanket crochet pattern

Whether you’re heading to the local park, or just hanging out in the garden, you’ll need a decent picnic blanket to lounge on. We love the vintage style of this free gingham picnic blanket crochet pattern from Caron!

Free cactus coaster crochet pattern

This amazing free cactus coaster crochet pattern by Sewrella is just perfect – and not limited to outdoor use, we want them all year round!

Free candy coloured doily crochet pattern

Give your garden table a makeover with this super-sweet free candy coloured doily crochet pattern. It’s a join-as-you-go pattern, so you can make them as small or large as you desire, from coasters to doilies, or even go supersize and make a whole tablecloth!

Free picnic basket crochet pattern

Keep your sandwiches safe with this free picnic basket crochet pattern. We love the combined use of basketweave stitches on the outside, and gingham stitch effect on the inside!

Free basket plant hanger crochet pattern

Want a contemporary idea for hanging small plants in? This would make a lovely fence display, with small trailing plants for sure – this could be crocheted in a more weather resistant material such as jute twine too. By Soul Made.

Free garden tote bag crochet pattern

This free garden tote bag crochet pattern would make a lovely alternative hold all for all of your garden tools, in some lovely earthy colours we think this would be fabulous.

Free outdoor rug crochet pattern

This free outdoor rug crochet pattern by Mama in a Stitch is so lovely, why not crochet one for both your front and back door! Perfect for beginners!

Free outdoor cushion crochet pattern

This stylish free cushion crochet pattern is hooked up in sturdy Schachenmayr Catania Cotton yarn, and are a brilliant pattern to use as outdoor cushions.

Free night light jar crochet patterns

What a lovely addition to a summer party or reading by candlelight? A cheap make and up-cycling jars too. By Paintbox Yarns.

Free table setting crochet patterns

Bring some colour to your outdoor dining with these fab free table setting crochet patterns by Bernat. The pattern includes placemats, coasters and napkin rings – your dining guests will be ever so impressed!

Free embroidery hoop mandala crochet pattern

What gorgeous colours, how lovely would this free embroidery hoop mandala pattern look hanging from a tree or against a fence? Multicoloured yarn scraps for the win!

Free XL garden pillow crochet pattern

XL garden pillows are the perfect comfy solution to more crochet in the garden – the only problem is that we want one in each colour. By Wilmade.

Free T-shirt yarn crochet plant hanger pattern

We’re forever swooning over macramé plant hangers and this free T-shirt yarn crochet plant hanger pattern by Vickie Howell gives the same desired effect! Fancy making your own T-shirt yarn? Then check out our how to make T-shirt yarn tutorial!

Free cactus garden crochet pattern

We love this free plant themed project – if you’re struggling to even keep cactus and succulents alive, this may be for you! By Artefacts Crochet Design.

10 more garden party crochet patterns

If you just can’t get enough of fun patterns that would look great in your home or garden this summer, here’s some extra paid-for patterns that we just had to mention!

Birds nest crochet pattern

Treat our feather friends to a new cosy home with this Birds Nest crochet pattern. Remember that birds will use wool in their nests too, so if you’ve got any natural woolly fibres left over from your project stuff them inside for them to use too!

Table mandala crochet pattern

For fixing a tired-looking garden table – this wonderfully colourful mandala by Emma Leith, which goes perfectly around your table parasol.

Pansy and Viola flowers crochet pattern

These small but beautiful pansies and violas byPippa Patterns Crochet would make a great centrepiece for your outdoor dining table, then you can bring them inside and treasure them all year round!

Picnic basket crochet pattern

Here’s a fantastic classic-style picnic basket crochet pattern that is perfect for taking out on walks… or just for storing your yarn in!

Play tent crochet pattern

A Simply Crochet favourite – this fab big star Play tent crochet pattern by Sara Huntington will give kids and pets somewhere to play while you relax in the garden… probably with some crochet in hand!

Oh la la plant hanger crochet kit

If you’ve already filled your garden beds and borders with plants, why stop there – try hanging them from your trees or fences too! We love this Oh La La Plant Hanger crochet kit from Wool and the Gang. It combines simple crochet techniques with Macrame, and as it’s made out of biodegradable raffia yarn you can put it in the compost bin once if it gets worn out by the weather (or just keep in inside to treasure it forever!)

Unicorn ring toss basket crochet pattern

For hours of fun in the garden, kids and adults alike will love playing ring toss with this Unicorn ring toss basket crochet pattern by Crochet Rox

Garden crochet flower patterns

These cute garden crochet flower patterns by Emma Leith will never die, and look great displayed in simple glass bottles!

BBQ play food crochet patterns

Let the kids join in with cooking up the barbecue food with these fun BBQ play food crochet patterns by Love and Yarn Patterns

Super-cute crochet flower in a pot kit and pattern

If you’re not exactly green fingered, why not hook up your own happy flower in a pot with this super-cute crochet flower in a pot kit and pattern from Deramores. Just don’t forget to bring it in when it rains, this flower doesn’t like getting wet!


We hope you enjoy these patterns… and the sunshine!!! Click here to find more of our free patterns!