We're big fans of house plants (especially during the winter months), and we're always on the lookout for new and crafty ways to display them. Which is why we love this crochet plant hanger by Sherrie Yabsley (You can follow Sherrie on Instagram or check out her Youtube Podcast). It was originally designed for the Hook to Hook designer challenge in issue 72 of Simply Crochet, but we thought it was so awesome that we'd share it with you as a free pattern!

My inspiration for the plant hanger came from my love of retro 70s macramé plant hangers and my passion for crochet. I thought it would be great to design a crochet version using similar elements of macramé. I went with an open lace design, and the stitches are shown off nicely thanks to the nature of the jute, while at the same time it’s practical and gives the plant pot nice support.
Sherrie Yabsley

This fab free crochet plant hanger pattern fully contains and supports the plant pot and is perfect for showing off trailing and leafy plants. We also love the fact that it uses Hoooked Jute yarn, a completely natural and organic cord yarn made from plant fibres. Hoooked Jute also makes a great cord for macramé too, so once you've made this crochet plant hanger you could use any leftovers (or treat yourself to some more) to try our How to make a macramé plant hanger tutorial. You might also enjoy our free macrame patterns.

free crochet plant hanger pattern square

You will need

Hoooked Jute (100% natural jute, 350g/45m), 2 balls of Grey Mist

A 15mm (US P/19) hook


Finished Crochet Plant Hanger measures 53cm (22in) high without the Tassel.


You can find a full list of all abbreviations we use in our abbreviations and conversions guide. This crochet plant hanger pattern is written in UK terminology but you can easily convert it to US terms using the guide.


The Crochet Plant Hanger is worked in rounds to make the base, followed by rows making up the first panel. The second panel is made separately and joined to the first panel at the top.

Free crochet plant hanger pattern

free crochet plant hanger pattern cropped


Make a crochet magic loop.

Round 1 Ch3 (counts as st throughout), 7tr into the loop, ss to top of starting ch3 to join. [8 sts]

Round 2 Ch3, tr at base of ch3, 2tr in each st around, ss to top of starting ch3. [16 sts]

Round 3 Ch3, 2tr in next st, (tr, 2tr in next st) 7 times, ss to top of starting ch3. [24 sts]

Round 4 Ch5, skip 2 sts, (dc in the next st, ch5, skip 2 sts) 7 times, ss in base of starting ch-5. [8 sts]

Round 5 Ch5, (dc in next ch-5 sp, ch3, ss into last dc made, ch5) 8 times, dc in third ch of beg-ch, do not fasten off.

First Panel

Work in rows for the panels.

Row 1 Ch5, *dc in ch-5 sp, ch3, ss in last dc made, ch5; repeat from * once more, dc in next ch-5 sp, turn.

Rows 2-4 Repeat Row 1.

Row 5 Ch4, (dc in ch-5 sp, ch4, skip ch-3 sp) twice, dc in last ch sp, turn.

Row 6 Ch3, 2tr in each ch-4 sp, tr in second ch of Row 5 starting ch, turn. [8 tr]

Row 7 Ch3, skip next st, tr in next 4 sts, skip next st, tr in top of starting ch of Row 6, turn. [6 tr]

Row 8 Ch3, skip next st, tr in next 2 sts, skip next st, tr in top of starting ch. [4 tr]

Fasten off.

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DIY plant pots crochet lamb and bunny patterns

Second Panel

On Round 5 of the Base leave one ch-5 sp from the First Panel, join yarn to the next ch-5 sp.

Rows 1-8 Follow instructions for the First Panel, do not fasten off.

To make up

Hold both Panels together and ss across Row 8, ensuring you insert the hook through the stitches of both Panels, turn.


Ch8, skip 4 sts of Row 9, ss into last st.

Fasten off.


Cut 8 pieces of yarn approximately 120cm long. Fold one piece in half and thread the folded side through a tr stitch from Round 1 of the base, take the two tails and thread them through the folded loop, pull the tails to secure in place.

Repeat this for all 7 tr sts in Round 1.

Use the last length of yarn to wrap around the tassel and secure in place. For added texture separate the strands to create a fringe effect.

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How to make cork planters - portrait

We hope you’ve enjoyed this free crochet plant hanger pattern. Don’t forget, if you need any help with your crochet stitches you can always check out our crochet for beginners guide. And if you’re looking to treat yourself, check out our list of the best crochet hooks and the best crochet kits for beginners.


Matt SpiersDigital Assistant, Gathered

Matt Spiers is a crochet artist and designer who has been overseeing Gathered's crochet articles for over 2 years. He previously worked as Digital Assistant for Simply Crochet magazine and is our in house video editing pro. What started as a hobby a decade ago led to Matt developing a passion (and then a career) with crochet. As well as still regularly writing and designing for Simply Crochet magazine, Matt is a crochet artist in his own right, having displayed and created crochet installations at festivals and fibre events across the UK. You can keep up to date with Matt at @onemancrochet on Instagram.

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