Embroidery on knitting is everywhere at the the moment! We've got a few free embroidery on knitting ideas right here on Gathered, which we are highlighting in our roundup, as well as embroidery on knitting patterns and kits you can buy around the web, as well as plenty of free embroidery on knitting ideas for you, too! Which is your favourite embroidery on knitting look? Choose your style, and take it our on the town! We'll see you there.


15 embroidery on knitting ideas to try

Flower embroidery on knitted T-shirt

embroidery on knitting flowerT

This lovely knitted t-shirt is embellished with daisies created using Satin stitch, French knots, Split stitch and Backstitch. It is designed the by mastermind of embroidery on knitting, Dario Tubiana, and you'll find the pattern and instructions for the project in Simply Knitting magazine issue 215.

Flower embroidery on knitting tutorial

embroidery on knitting adknits

If you are after a simple step-by-step walkthrough guide showing how to do embroidery on knitting, we like this simple step by step tutorial from Adknits, showing you how to add flower embroidery on knitted fabric. Very sweet and very simple

Find the flower embroidery on knitting tutorial

Duplicate stitch embroidery on knitting

embroidery on knitting DS

Duplicate stitch is a real embroidery on knitting hero technique, as it lets you add motifs to plain knitted or store-bought knits, in a way that matches the knitting below. This makes the embroidered motif look like it is knitted into the garment rather than being embroidery on knitting. These lovely rain cloud wrist warmers use this technique, and , best of all, we have the free pattern and tutorial for these right here on Gathered!

Find the knitted wrist warmers tutorial

Rainbow embroidery on knitting

embroidery on knititng rainbow

Awhhh – what an adorable addition to a new baby knit project! Adding a Chain stitch rainbow embroidery on knitting makes it that bit more special for little ones to wear, and looks great. Here's a clever video tutorial showing embroidery on knitting for this make from Button and Blue, or find free rainbow embroidery templates and how to do chain stitch embroidery guide right here on Gathered!

Find the rainbow embroidery on knitting tutorial on Button and Blue

Toucan embroidery on knitted sweatshirt

embroidery on knitting toucan

If you are a knitter with a friend who knows embroidery, you two can craft this toucan embroidery on knitted sweater. Or why not master it yourself with our free toucan embroidery template! Issue 166 of the Knitter features this brilliant sweatshirt from Dario Tubiano, where your knitting is augmented with a stunning embroidered toucan. If you haven’t picked up issue 166 yet, but want to now you’ve seen these lovely designs, take a look at our The Knitter latest issues post to see if it still available.

Satin stitch flower embroidery on knitted handwarmers

embroidery on knitting satinstitch

This cool embroidery on knitting pattern uses different layers of Satin stitch to build up bulky padding for squishy flowers, with details in last daisy, french knots and running stitch. Just lovely! You'll dins more guidance on how to do Satin stitch here on Gathered, but follow London Loop's tutorial to recreate the Satin stitch handwarmers for yourself.

Find the Satin stitch flower embroidery on knitting tutorial

Ready-crafted embroidery on knitting cardigan

embroidery on knitting gc

Etsy, from £50.42

If you love the look of embroidery on knitting, but are not looking to knit or embroider anything yourself, you can buy this lovely hand-knitted and embroidered girl cardigan from the KnitKnotWare Etsy store.

More like this

Embroidery on cable knitted cardigan pattern

embroidery on knitting CC

The Knitting Network, from £2.49

Here's a treat for those of you who want to learn how to add embroidery on knitting yourself, and who want to knit their own garment first too. This lovely pattern from the Knitting Network lets you create your own cabled cardigan, and then embellish with bespoke cross stitch patterns once you have knitted it. We love the way the cables frame and enhance the embroidery on the knitting, and kids will love these little details, too.

Find the embroidery on knitting pattern on The Knitting Network

Spider web flower embroidery on knitting

embroidery on knitting mittens

Ooooh, just look at the lovely embroidery on show on these mittens in a brilliant free embroidery on knitting tutorial from Melbourne Wools. It has the look of crewel embroidery, we think, but is simple to create yourself, using a mixture of spiderweb stitch and chain stitch embroidery - just scrumptious!

Find the spiderweb embroidery on knitting tutorial

Embroidery on knitted coaster

embroidery on knitting coaster

Awwh, just look at this sweet little embroidered ladybird! Designer Mona Zillah guides you through the process of adding your own embroidery on knitting, and shares the pattern and technique she used for this embroidery on knitted coaster as free designs on her Ravelry store, too!

Find the embroidery on knitting walkthrough guide

Embroidery on knitted vest

embroidery on knitting vest

We have the free template for this lovely embroidery on knitting project right here on Gathered! But to get hold of the knitting pattern that goes with it, you'll nee to purchase of issue 167 of The Knitter magazine. Take a look at our The Knitter latest issues post to see if it still available.

Click to download the floral embroidery template.

Embroidery on knitting: 3 ways

embroidery on knitting 3w

Go beyond duplicate stitch with this straightforward tutorial showing 3 different techniques for embroidery on knitting from the We Are Knitters blog. Use these idea and walkthroughs to add a personalised embroidery on knitting flourish to all your garments!

Find the embroidery on knitting tutorial

Embroidery on knitting: Rainbow

embroidery on knititng rb

Here's a cute little embroidery on knitting project that's free on Gathered, and super easy to get going with, even if you are new to both knitting and embroidery. Learn how to knit a rainbow with our tutorial video, then add embroidery on your knitting to make this cute character!

Embroidery on knitted donut

embroidery on knitting donut

When is a donut not a donut? When it is a doughnut? No, of course it is when it is a knitted softie, like with this brilliant free knitting pattern from Studio Knit! And our favourite thing about this free pattern is that designer Kirstie has also included lots of different tutorials for embroidery on knitting to add different finishes and sprinkle styles to your knitted creations!

Find the embroidery on knitting tutorial and free pattern

Monogrammed hats embroidery on knitting project

embroidery on knitting hats

Here's a fabulous free project from Purl Soho's pattern library – add monogram embroidery to knitted hats to make bespoke letter hats for everyone!

Find the embroidery on knitting tutorial


More embroidery on Gathered to try

If you like the embroidery on knitting ideas, try these other free project on Gathered. Make your own embroidered shoes with our tutorial, or find out how to embroider socks for bespoke foot style. For seasonal specials, discover our fireworks embroidery design or our Valentines embroidery design. If you are a complete novice, explore our embroidery for beginners article or our embroidery stitches roundup or spend money to let a machine do the hard work with our best embroidery machines guide.


Hannah BellisKnitting Editor, Gathered

Hannah has worked on Gathered for 3 years, since our launch in 2019. At school Hannah learned to knit collaborating on dorcas blankets – now she edits our knitting section. She inherited her love of stitching and embroidery from her talented grandmother, and her passion for thread led her to be Editor of The World of Cross Stitching for six years. Card making is a more recent passion, developing from her position as editor of Cross Stitch Card Shop. She loves using kinetic techniques to make cards that move – she was editor of Papercraft inspirations magazine for over four years, creating loads of card making video tutorials at www.youtube.com/PapercraftTV.

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