How to knit a baby blanket

Use Sandra van Katwijk’s free baby blanket pattern and learn how to knit a baby blanket today!

how to start knitting a baby blanket tutorial

Celebrate a little one’s arrival with Sandra van Katwijk’s free knitted baby blanket pattern! There’s nothing like a cosy keepsake blanket to welcome a new baby into the world. Gifting hand-knitted blankets will show the new mummas just how excited you are to meet their newborn, especially as handmade blankets are expensive. Ideal for tucking into a cot or pram, the blanket’s smaller scale also makes it a great introduction to intarsia – the technique of knitting motifs with multiple colours. We have a full guide to intarsia here on Gathered as well as a beginner guide to knitting to help you master the technique.

Sandra’s baby blanket is knitted in soft chunky yarn in contemporary colours so you can gift it to both boys and girls. If you want to up the style stakes, knit the letters in black for a monochrome look, or choose soft pastels for a subtle finish. Once you’ve knitted your baby blanket why not crochet some adorable baby booties or cute DIY baby mobile to go with it? We also have a whole bunch of new baby card ideas here on Gathered so you can give a completely handmade gift to new parents. But now it’s over to Sandra van Katwijk for her free baby blanket knitting pattern.

how to start knitting a baby blanket tutorial

You will need

free baby blanket patterns to knit materials
  • Phildar Phil Alaska, 100% wool, 50g/31m per ball, five balls in Ecru (0032) (Yarn A) and one ball each in Orange (0005) (Yarn B), Eglantine (0003) (Yarn C) and Fjord (0002) (Yarn D)
  • 10mm (UK 000, US 15) circular knitting needles at least 60cm (23 58“) long
  • Yarn needle


Approx. 9 sts and 13 rows to 10cm (4″) over st st on 10mm needles

Abbreviations (UK)

st(s) stitch(es)

k knit

p purl

st st stocking stitch

RS right side

If you’re from the USA make sure you check out our yarn weight conversion chart and guide to knitting abbreviations.

Finished size

Approx. 58 x 58cm (23 x 23″)

free baby blanket patterns to knit

How to start knitting a baby blanket

The main body of the blanket is knitted in stocking stitch with a moss stitch border, while the letters are added using intarsia. Unlike techniques such as Fair Isle, only one colour is worked across the row with intarsia, so you won’t carry the yarn across the back of the work.

Prepare your yarn before you begin, as each area of colour in the chart requires its own yarn supply. You’ll use an entire ball for the larger areas, but use yarn balls cut to the correct lengths for the smaller areas.

free baby blanket patterns to knit chart

On the intarsia chart (above), each new colour on the first row is labelled. You’ll need the following lengths for Yarn A and C:

Yarn A

A1 – 6m (6yrds)

A2 – 2m (2yrds)

A3 – 6m (6yrds)

A – all remaining Yarn A

Yarn C

C1 – 7m (7yrds)

C – all remaining Yarn C

Free knitted baby blanket pattern


You Will Need

  • Wool
  • Knitting needles
  • Needle

Making the blanket

Step 1

Using Yarn A, cast on 49 sts.

Row 1 (k1,p1) repeated to end, finishing with k1

Repeat this row 7 times more.

free baby blanket patterns to knit step 1

Now work st st centre section and moss st border:

Row 9 (RS) (k1,p1) 5 times, k39, (k1,p1) 5 times

Row 10 (k1,p1) 5 times, p39, (k1,p1) 5 times

Repeat Rows 9-10 until work is 21cm (8½”) from cast on edge.

Step 2

free baby blanket patterns to knit step 2

Now work intarsia chart, starting with Row 1 of the chart at the bottom right. The knit rows read from right to left and the purl rows read from left to right:

Row 1 (k1,p1) 5 times, knit the centre section, joining in yarns as indicated, (k1,p1) 5 times.

Continue working the st st centre with moss st edging for the whole chart. Twist the yarn when changing colour to prevent holes at these positions. When you come to a colour change, lay the old yarn over top of the new yarn. Then pick up the new yarn and knit or purl across to the next colour change section.

There’s no need to join the stitches in the first row of colour cast on stitches. You’ll start to join the yarn during colour changes on the second row or purl side.

Step 3

free baby blanket patterns to knit step 3

free baby blanket patterns to knit step 4

Once you’ve completed the intarsia chart, continue with st st centre and moss st border in yarn A.

Row 1 (RS) beginning with a knit row, (k1,p1) 5 times, k39, (k1,p1) 5 times

Row 2 (k1,p1) 5 times, p39, (k1,p1) 5 times

Repeat Rows 1-2 until work is 52cm (21″) from cast on edge, finishing after a purl row. Finish with the moss st upper border:

Row 1 (RS) (k1,p1) repeated to end, finishing with k1

Repeat this row 7 times more.

Cast off loosely.

Step 4

free baby blanket patterns to knit step 6

Weave in all loose ends, running the yarn tails through a couple of stitches to secure them.

To block your blanket, lay a large towel on a table. Spray the blanket front and back with water, then lay on top of the towel. Gently pull into shape, spray again, then cover with another towel and press down gently. Leave to dry overnight.


Your knitted baby blanket is all done and ready to keep a cuddly little newborn warm. For more fun knitting projects head over to our knitting kits and premature baby hats knitting patterns.

Meet the Maker

Sandra lives with her husband and three girls in Victoria, Canada, in a home happily overflowing with knitting projects. Inspired by her love of bold graphics, you’ll find the modern baby blankets she designs for sale in her Etsy shop, Yarning Made.