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Knitted angel pattern

This Christmas, make your tree sparkle with celestial joy. Cast on this adorable angel by Monica Fuertes and feel the festive love.

Knitted angel pattern

Add a homemade touch to your Christmas tree this year with our sweet knitted angel pattern. Follow Monica Fuertes’ instructions to learn how to make an angel tree topper who will take pride of place on your tree for years to come.


This pattern was first published as a knitting kit with Simply Knitting magazine issue 192, but if you don’t have the kit you can substitute any DK weight acrylic yarn – we recommend Hayfield Bonus DK as it’s hard wearing and great value for money.

This knitted angel pattern is quick to work up, but for a great result make sure you take your time with the finishing (you might even find this takes longer than the knitting!). Don’t be afraid to unpick and redo your stitches to get them just right, particularly when it comes to the hair and facial features.

If you love this and want more festive designs to try, check out our guide to Christmas knitting patterns.

For the knitted angel pattern you will need:

  • Hayfield Bonus DK (100% acrylic, 100g/280m), 1 ball of each:
    Yarn A Biscuit (0963)
    Yarn B Ice Blue (0730)
    Yarn C Iced Pink (0958)
    Yarn D Sunflower (0978)
    Yarn E White (0961)
  • A pair of 3mm (US 2/3) knitting needles
  • 2 black toy eyes, 4mm diameter
  • Non-allergenic toy stuffing, 5g
  • Small amount of red thread
  • Narrow white ric rac, 15cm
  • Thin golden wire for the halo
Knitted angel pattern close up
This knitted angel pattern is easy to make in DK yarn. Cast it on today!

Knitted angel pattern


25 sts x 33 rows to measure 10x10cm (4×4 in) over stocking stitch using 3mm needles


Angel is 10cm (4in) tall


Before you cast on, take a look at our full list of knitting abbreviations.

Knitted angel head and body

Cast on 5 sts using 3mm needles and Yarn A.

Row 1 (RS) (Kfb) to end. [10 sts]

Row 2 Purl.

Row 3 (Kfb) to end. [20 sts]

Row 4 Purl.

Row 5 (Kfb, K3) to end. [25 sts]

Work 7 rows in st st, beg with a P row.

Row 13 (K2tog, K3) to end. [20 sts]

Row 14 Purl.

Row 15 (K2tog) to end. [10 sts]

Row 16 (P2tog) to end. [5 sts]

Change to Yarn B.

Row 17 Knit.

Row 18 (Kfb) to end. [10 sts]

Row 19 (Kfb, K1) to end. [15 sts]

Row 20 Purl.

Row 21 (Kfb, K1) to last st, kfb. [23 sts]

Work 5 rows in st st, beg with a P row.

Row 27 (Kfb, K3) to last 3 sts, kfb, K2. [29 sts]

Work 10 rows in st st, beg with a P row.

Row 38 Knit.

Cast off.

Circular base of the dress

Cast on 3 sts using 3mm needles and Yarn B.

Row 1 (RS) (Kfb) to end. [6 sts]

Row 2 (Kfb, K1) to end. [9 sts]

Row 3 (Kfb, K1) four times, Kfb. [14 sts]

Row 4 (Kfb, K2) four times, Kfb, K1. [19 sts]

Row 5 (Kfb, K3) four times, Kfb, K2. [24 sts]

Row 6 (Kfb, K4) four times, Kfb, K3. [29 sts]

Cast off.

Sew back seam of Head and stuff carefully. Sew the eyes into place. Using photo as a guide, embroider cheeks with Yarn C and a mouth with red thread. Seam dress and sew ric rac to the hem. Stuff body and sew the circular base all around the hemline.

To sew the circular base of the dress: Pull the fabric into a circular shape and sew up the seam from the centre to the edge of the circle. Join it to the hemline of the dress, sewing together one stitch of the hemline with one stitch of the circular base, continuing this way (stitch by stitch) until you have worked all the stitches around.

Knitted angel hair

Embroider Hair with Yarn D. Cut a long strand and, using long stitches from the crown to the ears and the nape, embroider until you have a good covering of Hair. Using the photo for guidance, make two tiny plaits; pass the yarn from one ear to the other, passing yarn through the Head, making loose loops.

Knitted angel hands and arms

(Make 2)

Cast on 2 sts using 3mm needles and Yarn A for Hands.

Row 1 (RS) (Kfb) to end. [4 sts]

Work 3 rows in st st, beg with a P row.

Change to Yarn B.

Row 5 Kfb, K2, kfb. [6 sts]

Row 6 Knit.

Work 5 rows in st st, begin with a K row.

Row 12 P2tog, P2, p2tog. [4 sts]

Cast off.

Seam Hands and Arms. Loosely stuff Arms and sew them to sides of the Body. Sew the two Hands together.

Knitted angel pattern back
Add a hanging loop to the back of your knitted angel decoration using scrap yarn.

Knitted angel wings

(Make 2)

Cast on 7 sts, using 3mm needles and Yarn E.

Row 1 (RS) (Kfb, K1) rep to last st, K1. [10 sts]

Row 2 and all WS rows Purl.

Row 3 (Kfb, K1), to end. [15 sts]

Row 5 K3, sk2po, K3, sk2po, K3. [11 sts]

Row 7 K2, sk2po, K1, sk2po, K2. [7 sts]

Row 9 K2, sk2po, K2. [5 sts]

Row 11 K2tog, K1, k2tog. [3 sts]

Row 12 Sk2po. [1 st]

Cast off.

Attach the Wings to the Angel’s back.

Finishing the knitted angel pattern

Make a ring with a thin golden wire and pin at back of the Head for the Angel’s halo. Refer to photograph for placement guidance.


Download the knitted angel pattern

Get the PDF version of our guide on how to make an angel tree topper: Knitted angel pattern

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