120 knitting stitch patterns

Find your new favourite stitch pattern with our collection of knitting stitches, including knits and purls, rib stitches, cables, lace, and more…

Knitting stitch patterns

Browse our collection of knitting stitch patterns and find the perfect stitch for your next project! Whether you’re new to the craft or you’ve been knitting for years, we have a stitch for you.


Start with our knitting stitch patterns for beginners, where you can learn the foundation stitches that every new knitter needs to know, then move on to beautiful textures, decorative stitches and more. Next, check out our knit and purl stitch patterns – you’ll be amazed how many stylish combinations can be created from these two simple stitches.

If you’re a garment knitter then you need our moss and rib stitch patterns. Perfect for cuffs and collars, they’re a great way to add a sophisticated touch to any project. You’ll never want to use a plain 2×2 rib again!

For more advanced knitting stitch patterns, give our cables, lace and slip stitches a try. With pretty twists, airy openwork, and clever colour changes, there’s something for everyone. Why not make a stitch sampler blanket to show off your new-found skills?

Scroll down to see our entire library of 120 stitches. Simply click on the images and you’ll be taken to the free knitting stitch patterns. You can put the textures you learn in this 120 knitting stitch patterns to good use in our how to make a twiddlemuff article.

Knitting stitch patterns for beginners

New to knitting? These knitting stitch patterns are the place to start! Garter stitch, stocking stitch, rib stitch and moss stitch are four basic stitches you’ll encounter all the time in knitting patterns, so follow our guides linked below to master them. Plus check out our knitting for beginners masterclass for more top tips for newbies.


Garter stitch

The first, and simplest, stitch you’ll learn – but it’s not just for beginners! Garter stitch is hugely versatile, and it’s reversible too. Use it to make projects such as our easy garter stitch cowl and when learning how to knit a heart coaster.


Stocking stitch

When you think of knitting you probably think of this iconic stitch pattern. Stocking stitch is one of the most widely used knitting stitch patterns, and for good reason – it’s simple to work and produces a beautiful, flexible fabric. Try it with our headband knitting pattern and knitted heart pattern.


Rib stitch

Discover how to alternate between knit and purl stitches on the same row to create the all-important stretchy rib stitch, used for hems, cuffs, and edges on garments and more. Give twisted rib a go with our knitted cactus pattern, and 2×2 rib with our knitted poppy pattern.


Moss stitch

Alternate between knits and purls to create this gorgeous textured stitch pattern. It’s reversible, strong, and lies flat, making it perfect for cuffs, collars, blanket squares and more. You’ll use it when you learn how to knit book covers or make our colour block scarf knitting pattern.

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Knit and purl stitch patterns

When you know how to do a knit stitch and how to purl in knitting you can create all sorts of incredible, complex-looking knitting stitch patterns. No one will ever guess how easy they are to work! We show you how it’s done in our knit and purl pattern collection, which is packed with ideas for adding texture to your knits.


Columns and stripes

Double basket

Garter diamonds

Hurdle stitch

Little purl chevron

Raised diamonds

Rows and columns


Textured stitch patterns

Super-charge your knits and purls to create these tempting textures!

Berry stitch

Busy bees


Faux smocking

Little clusters

Little wings

Puffed wheat

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Rib stitch knitting stitch patterns

Ribbing stitches are the workhorses of the knitting world, useful for everything from jumper collars and sock cuffs to hat brims, but they don’t have to be purely functional. Take a step away from plain 1×1 and 2×2 rib and give these decorative versions a go. A fancy rib can elevate your design to the next level!

Bamboo rib stitch

Broken rib stitch version 1: columns

Broken rib stitch version 2: mock rib

Broken Mock Rib stitch pattern

Chequered rib stitch

Chunky rib stitch

Corded rib stitch

Double lace rib stitch

Double Lace Rib Stitch

Eyelet rib stitch

Eyelet rib stitch

Fancy slip stitch rib

Farmer’s rib stitch

Farmers rib stitch

Figure of eight rib stitch

Fisherman’s rib stitch

Herringbone lace rib stitch

Knotted rib stitch

Little cable rib stitch

Mock cable rib stitch version 1

Mock cable rib stitch version 2

Ric-rac rib stitch

Sailor’s rib stitch

Sailors rib stitch

Speckled rib stitch