Browse our collection of knitting stitch patterns and find the perfect stitch for your next project! Whether you're new to the craft or you've been knitting for years, we have a stitch for you.

Start with our knitting stitch patterns for beginners, where you can learn the foundation stitches that every new knitter needs to know, then move on to beautiful textures, decorative stitches and more. Next, check out our knit and purl stitch patterns – you'll be amazed how many stylish combinations can be created from these two simple stitches.

If you're a garment knitter then you need our moss and rib stitch patterns. Perfect for cuffs and collars, they're a great way to add a sophisticated touch to any project. You'll never want to use a plain 2x2 rib again!

For more advanced knitting stitch patterns, give our cables, lace and slip stitches a try. With pretty twists, airy openwork, and clever colour changes, there's something for everyone. Why not make a stitch sampler blanket to show off your new-found skills?

Scroll down to see our entire library of 120 stitches. Simply click on the images and you'll be taken to the free knitting stitch patterns. You can put the textures you learn in this 120 knitting stitch patterns to good use in our how to make a twiddlemuff article.

Knitting stitch patterns for beginners

New to knitting? These knitting stitch patterns are the place to start! Garter stitch, stocking stitch, rib stitch and moss stitch are four basic stitches you'll encounter all the time in knitting patterns, so follow our guides linked below to master them. Plus check out our knitting for beginners masterclass for more top tips for newbies.

Garter stitch

Garter stitch knitting

The first, and simplest, stitch you'll learn – but it's not just for beginners! Garter stitch is hugely versatile, and it's reversible too. Use it to make projects such as our easy garter stitch cowl and when learning how to knit a heart coaster.

Stocking stitch

Stocking stitch

When you think of knitting you probably think of this iconic stitch pattern. Stocking stitch is one of the most widely used knitting stitch patterns, and for good reason – it's simple to work and produces a beautiful, flexible fabric. Try it with our headband knitting pattern and knitted heart pattern.

Rib stitch

Rib stitch knitting

Discover how to alternate between knit and purl stitches on the same row to create the all-important stretchy rib stitch, used for hems, cuffs, and edges on garments and more. Give twisted rib a go with our knitted cactus pattern, and 2x2 rib with our knitted poppy pattern.

Moss stitch

Moss stitch knitting

Alternate between knits and purls to create this gorgeous textured stitch pattern. It's reversible, strong, and lies flat, making it perfect for cuffs, collars, blanket squares and more. You'll use it when you learn how to knit book covers or make our colour block scarf knitting pattern.

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Knit and purl stitch patterns

When you know how to do a knit stitch and how to purl in knitting you can create all sorts of incredible, complex-looking knitting stitch patterns. No one will ever guess how easy they are to work! We show you how it's done in our knit and purl pattern collection, which is packed with ideas for adding texture to your knits.


Knit and purl patterns Checkerboard

Columns and stripes

Textured knitting stitch patterns Columns and Stripes

Double basket

Textured knitting stitch patterns Double Basket

Garter diamonds

Textured knitting stitch patterns Garter Diamonds

Hurdle stitch

Knitting stitch pattern Hurdle Stitch

Little purl chevron

Little Purl Chevron stitch pattern

Raised diamonds

Knit and purl patterns Raised Diamonds

Rows and columns

Knit and purl patterns Rows and Columns


Knit and purl patterns Tessellations

Textured stitch patterns

Super-charge your knits and purls to create these tempting textures!

Berry stitch

Berry stitch pattern

Busy bees

Busy Bees stitch pattern


Cocoon stitch pattern

Faux smocking

Textured knitting stitch patterns Faux Smocking

Little clusters

Little Clusters stitch pattern

Little wings

Textured knitting stitch patterns Little Wings

Puffed wheat

Textured knitting stitch patterns Puffed Wheat

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Rib stitch knitting stitch patterns

Ribbing stitches are the workhorses of the knitting world, useful for everything from jumper collars and sock cuffs to hat brims, but they don't have to be purely functional. Take a step away from plain 1x1 and 2x2 rib and give these decorative versions a go. A fancy rib can elevate your design to the next level!

More like this

Bamboo rib stitch

Bamboo Rib stitch pattern

Broken rib stitch version 1: columns

Broken columns rib stitch

Broken rib stitch version 2: mock rib

Broken Mock Rib stitch pattern

Chequered rib stitch

Chequered Rib stitch pattern

Chunky rib stitch

Chunky rib stitch

Corded rib stitch

Corded rib stitch

Double lace rib stitch

Double Lace Rib Stitch

Eyelet rib stitch

Eyelet rib stitch

Fancy slip stitch rib

Fancy Slip Stitch Rib

Farmer’s rib stitch

Farmers rib stitch

Figure of eight rib stitch

Figure of Eight Rib Stitch

Fisherman’s rib stitch

Fisherman's rib stitch

Herringbone lace rib stitch

Herringbone Lace rib stitch

Knotted rib stitch

rib stitch knitting

Little cable rib stitch

Cable stitch pattern, Little Cable rib

Mock cable rib stitch version 1

Mock Cable Rib Stitch 1

Mock cable rib stitch version 2

Mock Cable Rib Stitch 2

Ric-rac rib stitch

Ric-Rac rib stitch

Sailor’s rib stitch

Sailors rib stitch

Speckled rib stitch

Speckled rib

Twill rib stitch

Twill rib stitch

Twin rib stitch

Twin rib stitch

Twisted rib stitch version 1

Twisted rib stitch

Twisted rib stitch version 2

Twisted rib stitch

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Moss stitch knitting stitch patterns

Knit one, purl one, knit one, purl one… Moss stitch is such a simple knitting stitch pattern, but it can also form the basis for lots of other, more elaborate, designs. Below you'll find ideas for mixing it with cables, lace and more to create gorgeous textures you'll want to knit again and again.


Chequerboard moss stitch

Double moss stitch

Double moss stitch

Lace and moss stitch

Lace and moss stitch

Moss stitch rib version 1

Moss stitch rib

Moss stitch rib version 2

Moss stitch rib version 2

Moss stitch zigzag

Moss stitch zigzag

Raised moss stitch rib

Raised moss stitch rib

Speckled cables

Speckled cables moss stitch

Stipples and stripes

Stipples and stripes moss stitch

Textured cubes

Textured cubes

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Cable stitch patterns

Learn how to cross stitches over each other to create all sorts of twists, ropes and braids. We have chunky single cables, all-over patterns and edging ideas to inspire you. And don't forget to check out our in-depth guide on how to cable knit for more tips and advice. Cable needles at the ready – let's go!

9 stitch plait

Cable stitch pattern, 9 stitch plait

Basket cable 1

Cable stitch pattern, Basketweave Cable

Basket cable 2

Cable stitch pattern Basket Cable 1

Basket cable 3

Cable stitch pattern Basket Cable 3

Cable rib

Cable Rib stitch pattern

Cables & eyelets

Cables stitch pattern Cables & Eyelets

Cable stitch pattern Chains & Links

Chevron tracks

Cable stitch pattern Chevron Tracks

Corded cable rib

Cable stitch pattern Corded Cable Rib

Fans & feathers

Cables stitch pattern Fans & Feathers


Cable stitch pattern, Honeycomb Cable

Little cable rib

Cable stitch pattern, Little Cable rib

Mini cables

Cable stitch pattern, Mini Cables

Mock cables

Cable stitch pattern, Mock Cables

Ripple effect

Cable stitch pattern Ripple Effect

Rolling waves

Cable stitch pattern Rolling Waves

Slanted double cable

Cable stitch pattern Slanted Double Cable

Soft cables

Soft Cables stitch pattern

Subtle curves

Cable stitch pattern, Subtle Curves


Cable stitch pattern Trapeziums

Twists & turns

Cables stitch pattern Twists & Turns

Wavy cables

Cable stitch pattern, Wavy Cables

Woven cable

Cable stitch pattern, Woven Cable

Woven twists

Cable stitch pattern, Woven Twists

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Lace knitting stitch patterns

The secret to lace knitting is – it's not as complicated as it looks! When you've mastered the basic decreases (see how to decrease in knitting) and the yo increase (see how to increase a stitch in knitting), you're ready to give it a try. Take a look at our guide to lace knitting for all the basics, and scroll down for beautiful lace knitting stitch patterns to try.


Arrowhead stitch pattern

Branching lace

Lace knitting stitches, Branching Lace

Chevrons & lace

Lace knitting stitches Chevrons and Lace

Crossed rib & lace

Crossed Rib and Lace stitch pattern

Diamonds in moss

Lace knitting stitches, Diamonds in Moss

Diamond lattice

Lace knitting stitches Diamond Lattice

Eyelet weave

Lace knitting stitches, Eyelet Weave

Falling eyelets

Lace knitting stitches Falling Eyelets

Feathery lace

Lace knitting stitches, Feathery Lace

Horizontal eyelet

Lace knitting stitches, Horizontal Eyelet

Lacy diamonds

Lace knitting stitches Lacy Diamonds

Lacy pillars

Lacy Pillars stitch pattern

Leaf & weave

Lace knitting stitches, Leaf & Weave

Leafy edging

Leafy Edging stitch pattern


Lace knitting stitches Netting

Open flares

Lace knitting stitches Open Flares

Rising lines

Lace knitting stitches Rising Lines


Lace knitting stitches, Seashells

Slip stitch netting

Lace knitting stitches, Slip Stitch Netting

Soft lattice

Lace knitting stitches Soft Lattice

Tiny triangles

Lace knitting stitches Tiny Triangles


Lace knitting stitches Waves

Zigs & zags

Lace knitting stitches Zigs and Zags

Zig zag

Lace knitting stitches Zig Zag

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Slip stitch knitting patterns

It doesn't matter how long you've been knitting, there's always something magical about slipped stitches! They're brilliant imitators of other knitting stitch patterns, creating effects that look just like cables, lace and stranded colourwork – and some that are all their own. Scroll down for a versatile collection that will inspire you to pick up your needles…

Brick relief stitch

Slip stitch knitting Brick Relief Stitch


Slip stitch knitting Checkerboard

Colour basket

Slip stitch knitting Colour Basket

Dancing flames

Slip stitch knitting Dancing Flames

Gentle ripples

slip stitch knitting Gentle Ripples


Honeycomb stitch pattern

Left diagonals

Left Diagonals stitch pattern


Pebbled stitch pattern


Slip stitch knitting Pillars

Slip stitch loop

Slip stitch knitting Slip Stitch Loop

New to knitting?

Don't worry, learn how to knit with our guide.

Slip stitch rib

Slip stitch knitting Slip Stitch Rib

Slip stitch weave

Slip stitch knitting Slip Stitch Weave

Small quilted cross-stitch

Small Quilted Cross Stitch pattern

Tweed stitch

Slip stitch knitting Tweed Stitch

Two colour dip

Slip stitch knitting Two Colour Dip

Two-tone tweed

Slip stitch knitting Two Tone Tweed

Valley stitch

slip stitch knitting Valley Stitch

Woven moss stitch

Slip stitch knitting Woven Moss Stitch

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Improve your skills with knitting stitches

Every one of these knitting stitch patterns will help you to create more beautiful, detailed projects. They'll add texture and dimension to your creations, helping them to stand out from the crowd!

Work these knitting stitch patterns into your projects and let the compliments roll in!

Find your next knitting project with Gathered

Test your new knitting stitch skills with one of our fun and free projects. Our knitting patterns collection has everything from hat patterns to children's toys!


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