Easy embroidery stitches: 4 Legged Knots

Look to the stars for your next easy embroidery project and stitch a constellation garland in four-legged knots

embroidery knots main

Looking to expand your easy embroidery knots skills? Here’s a great one to try!

Take a look at this embroidery stitches step-by-step for working 4 legged knots, and showcase this easy embroidery in a bunting-style hanging featuring 11 different constellations. Click to find the free constellations embroidery patterns  you need for the different constellation patterns

We’ve worked our easy embroidery knots on dark blue linen in white thread to give a feeling of the night sky, but feel free to swap in any colours or materials you have in your stash – this would look great in all kinds of colour combinations.

Embroidery stitches step by step guide: 4 legged knots


You Will Need

  • Cotton fabric (1mx115cm (11/8ydx45in)), Enough for 11 constellations
  • Linen fabric (30x115cm (12x45in)), Enough for 11 constellations
  • Embroidery Thread

Total time:

Step 1

This embroidery knot is similar to a cross stitch with a knot in the centre. Start by making a vertical straight stitch. Come up to the right of this stitch. Keeping the needle above the working thread, slide the needle under the vertical stitch


easy embroidery knot 1

Step 2

Wrap the working thread over the end of the needle, then over the tip of the needle. Hold the working thread taut around the needle as you pull it through, tightening the embroidery knot around the vertical stitch.

easy embroidery knots 2

Step 3

Bring the needle back down through the fabric to the left of the vertical stitch. You should end up with a cross with a knot in the centre. If the stitch isn’t even, you can often adjust the knot a little by moving it with your needle.

easy embroidery knots 3

Step 4

Download, print and cut out the constellation templates. Cut the quilting cotton into squares to fit your embroidery hoop. We cut a square for each of the 11 constellation designs, each measuring 25x25cm (10x10in). For each cotton piece, cut a 12x14cm (43/4×51/2in) piece of linen.

easy embroidery knots templates

Step 5

Embroider the constellations on the cotton pieces. Use four-legged knots with three strands of stranded cotton for the stars, and back stitch with one strand of thread for the lines. Trim the pieces down to 12x10cm (43/4inx4in).

See our How to backstitch article for advice on working this stitch.

easy embroidery knots 4

Step 6

To make each flag, sew a piece of linen to the bottom of an embroidered piece with right sides (RS) together and press the seam open. Fold the bottom edge of the linen up to the top edge of the navy fabric. Pin and sew the two sides. Clip the lower corners to reduce bulk, then turn the flags RS out and press.

easy embroidery knots 5

Step 7

Starting approx 20cm (8in) from the end, pin the flags inside the fold of double-fold bias tape. Space the flags 2cm (3/4in) apart, then trim the end of the bias tape approx 20cm (8in) from the other end.

Sew along the length of the bias tape, 3mm (1/8in) from the open edge. Fold each end of the bias tape over about 5cm (2in) and sew to make a hanging loop.

easy embroidery knots 6

For more stars, embroider a scattering of French knots around your constellations. It’s always a good idea to add more embroidery knots to a project if you can!


DIY embroidery 4 legged knot detail

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