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How to make Christmas paper chains

Make super simple yet elegant Christmas paper chains to create a beautiful place card holder for your Christmas table or create a simple paper chain.

paper chains christmas

This guide on how to make paper chains is a little different, we have included the basic tutorial on how to make a simple paper chain below, but we figured many of you will already know how to do that, so we wanted to add an extra special something to our paper chain makes this year.

We have created this paper chain place card holder for your Christmas table! They have little gaps in between so they are great for hiding special treats for your dinner guests, like sweets and jokes, maybe even a party hat (why not use these instead of Christmas crackers this year?).

These Christmas paper chain place card holders are surprisingly quick and easy to make, we will take you through step-by-step what to do below, and you can even watch our video tutorial showing exactly what you’ll need to do. All you will need is seven strips of card, or less if you prefer a smaller place card holder but seven strips make the one as seen in our photo below.

You can use any cardstock but ours is 12×12 inches square, double-sided and decorated in Christmas patterns. The particular one we used is not available but there are plenty of other designs available online, we love this one: First Edition FSC 12”x12” Paper Believe in Magic-48 Sheet Pad, 200gsm Heavyweight Cardstock from Amazon.

Video tutorial: how to make a paper chain place card holder + bonus simple paper chain

Supplies for how to make a paper chain

If you can’t get enough of festive crafts, you’re in luck we have plenty more where this came from, and in all of our areas of crafting. Why not try this fun guide on how to make a Christmas stocking or this how to make a Christmas wreath tutorial to spruce up your Christmas decor. If you want to get the little ones involved have a look at these Christmas crafts for kids, jam-packed with tonnes of fun craft ideas. Not sure what you want to do next? Find out what’s hot this year in our Christmas trends round-up.

How to make the paper chain place card holder for your Christmas table


You Will Need

  • Coloured card (12x12 inches)
  • Ruler and pencil
  • Craft glue and small paintbrush
  • Scissors
  • Black marker pen

Step 1

Take your 12inx12in card and mark 2inch increments along one side, then do this again on the opposite side.

paper chains christmas 1

Step 2

Draw lines with a ruler and pencil to make strips.

paper chains christmas 2


Step 3

Cut your strips along the lines you’ve made.

paper chains christmas 3

Step 4

Grab yourself some craft glue, ready for sticking.

Fold your strips in half and then cut.

paper chains christmas 4

Step 5

Take a strip and glue it in a circle. Press down firmly to ensure glue sticks.

paper chains christmas 5

Step 6

Add your next strip into the loop using an alternating colour, or side (if a double-sided card like ours).

paper chains christmas 6

Step 7

Continue the previous step until you have used 7 strips of card (you can change the amount depending on what your style is).

paper chains christmas 8

Step 8

To make the name sign, you can use any card, we chose gold!

Cut out a small rectangle, then cut corners off and cut in half.

paper chains christmas 9

Step 9

Cut 2 smaller strips of the same card to create ‘legs’ of the signpost and glue to back.

paper chains christmas 10

Step 10

Take another small square of scrap card and cut into a small rectangle so that it fits on your gold sign, then write your guest’s name on it.

paper chains christmas 11

Step 11

Glue to your gold sign and slide into the place card holder (no need to glue). You can also hide other treats and fun little gifts for your dinner guests inside it.

You’ve now completed your paper chain Christmas place card holders!

paper chains christmas 12

paper chains christmas

Bonus! Make simple paper chains Christmas

Step 1

Take any scraps of your paper left over from the above project, fold in half lengthways and cut. OR each strip should be w 1inches x h 6inches.

paper chains christmas 1

Step 2

Fold into a circle and glue in place.

paper chains christmas 3

Step 3

Add alternating colours until the desired length of the Chirstmas paper chain is complete.

paper chains christmas 2

Easy as that! If you love Christmas paper chains and want more festive fun try our amazing tutorial on how to make a Christmas stocking or these lovely crochet Christmas decorations to make your Christmas feel really homemade! If you’re a dab hand at knitting be sure to check out our free Christmas knitting patterns, to whip up some handmade presents for your loved ones. Looking for more papercraft inspiration? Find out how to make your own Christmas crackers, for that extra touch of handmade to your festive table this year.