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6 of the best basic sewing machines for kids in 2021

A child’s first sewing machine will be something they remember forever and will cherish memories of learning to sew with you.

kids sewing machines

Children can easily pick up new skills and sewing is no exception; you’ll be amazed at how quickly your child will take to sewing. If you’ve started off teaching some basic hand stitches, a machine is a natural progression that will allow them to learn yet another crafty skill.


Choosing children’s sewing machine can be a tricky job as there are so many with varying features. As with sewing machines for adults, there are many things to consider when purchasing a kids sewing machine. How easy will it be to use, it’s list of stitches and extra features, it’s price (most important for the adults) and colour (most important for the child!) We’ve put together this handy round-up of top kids sewing machines to help you purchase a machine your child will treasure.

What to look for when buying a child’s sewing machine

  • Mechanical or computerised? – Some sewing machine for kids have a screen where you can select stitches and their width/length – this is a computerised machine. If the same features are operated by dials then this is a mechanical machine.
  • Stitch range – The basic stitches that you will need on any machine are straight stitch, zig zag stitch, lightning stitch (for sewing stretch fabrics) and buttonhole stitch capability (if you plan on sewing buttonholes!). Blind hem stitch and edge finishing stitches are useful but not essential. Machines with 50+ stitches are unnecessary for children (and most adults!).
  • Design – Children (and lots of adults!) will be draw to a machine that has a design featuring their favourite colour but it’s important to not let this sway a decision. A plain machine might have more features for the same cost.
  • Price – While price will be a big deciding factor it’s important to not instantly opt for the cheapest machine available. Do your research and then shop around!
  • Suitability for children – when deciding which sewing machine for kids to buy think about your child’s age and attention span. Machines with more advanced functions are better suited to older children/teenagers or to children who have a strong interest in sewing and will enjoy learning about all of the features. For children who just want to dive in, a simpler machine will be best suited.
  • Safety features – Several features are available that can make a machine safer for children to use, being able to control the speed of the machine using a slider (not simply the foot pedal as it is easy to slip when applying pressure!). Finger guards are another common feature on children’s sewing machines but again these are best suited to young children, teenagers should be able to get by without a finger guard.

Still looking for a machine yourself? Check out our guide to the best sewing machines for beginners and best overlockers.

5 of the best kids’ sewing machines to buy


John Lewis & Partners JL110SE Sewing Machine, Aqua

This attractive machine is available in a range of colours so will appeal to lots of children, however it is more than just a pretty retro outer. The machine boasts 14 stitches, a front-loading bobbin and a free arm for stitching smaller areas such as cuffs/trousers or even simple coin purses! You can also choose from multiple colours.

John Lewis and Partners JL110SE Aqua


Sew Amazing Complete Textile Sewing Machine Set for Kids

This award-winning starter machine and kit comes with large, clear buttons, a simple layout, directional threading pointers and finger safety guard. You get full instructions so it’s hassle-free to set up and great to learn on. Your mini maker can adjust the stitch length, speed and back stitch just as they like. This is a handy machine if you want a complete starter set for sewing as it comes with a cute kit including scissors, tape measure, spare needles, metal bobbins, thread reels, assorted fabrics.

Sew Amazing sewing machine


Brother LS14S

The Brother LS14S Drop in bobbin and 14 stitch variations. There is no need to select width and length with this machine, simply turn the dial for a longer or wider stitch. This will help children get used to the idea of stitch length and width without intimidating buttons. This will also be a handy machine to make quick mends to school uniforms or stitch Brownie/Scout badges in place!

Brother LS14S


Barbie Sewing machine and doll playlet

Ok we hear you – this one does veer on the gender stereotypes side, but if you have a girly girl in the family, this could be the starter sewing machine of their dreams. They’ll get to not only sew but style their sewing machine too. It comes with fabrics, patterns and accessories to create five show stopping outfits for dolls. We should note, this is best suited for sewing clothes for your Barbie doll, so if your budding sexist is eying up larger scale fashion projects this may not be the one for them, but it’s also a really fun way to get children excited about making clothes and getting creative with sewing.

Barbie sewing machine


Singer Tradition 2250NT

This beginners sewing machine is great for dressmaking and small homeware/accessory projects. The machine has 10 stitches including straight stitch, zig zag, 3-step zig zag, blind hem stitches, a couple of decorative stitches and a 4-step buttonhole stitch. The Singer Tradition comes with a small selection of feet for sewing buttonholes, buttons and zips. The bobbin is front loading, so it will be great for children to learn how to insert a bobbin case into a machine. Tension, stitch length and stitch width are controlled by simple dials as are the stitches.

Singer Tradition 2250NT


Haitral Sewing Machine

We’ve included some of our favourite trusted brands in this round-up but there’s also a place for trying out lesser known brands if you’re just looking for a simple starter machine for budding makers in the family. This nifty little machine is a nice one to try for beginners. It’s a multi-purpose sewing machine with 12 built-in stitch patterns so it’s just the thing for learning to make home sewing projects or alter clothes.

Haitrail sewing machine for children

Sewing pattern ideas for kids

Now that you’ve got your kids sewing machine ordered it’s time to look at some simple patterns for them to make. We have hundreds of free sewing patterns on our website but here’s three of our easiest projects that are perfect for children.

Fabric hearts

How to make fabric heart decorationsjpg

Children’s sewing machines are designed for simple projects and our fabric heart tutorial is just that. Let your kids choose their favourite fabric, sew up these hearts and then hang them as bunting in their room.

Velcro wallets

How to make a wallet with velcro

Keep pocket money safe with our Velcro wallet tutorial. This project would also make great gifts for their friends! Just get their kids sewing machine and materials set up then get them to stitch away.


How to sew your own fabric pinwheels

Finally, get them feeling creative with these easy DIY pinwheels. They’ll need some supervision but our step-by-step tutorial breaks down every stage simply so that they can become sewing stars.


We hope you’ve found the perfect kids sewing machine and project for your little ones. If you try any of our projects tag us in a picture using #gatheredmakers on Instagram and check out our Kids Crafts for more activities, or have a go at our Really Easy Salt Dough recipe.