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31 Best Crochet Kits in 2022 For Beginners & Pros

From crochet kits for beginners to entertaining projects for experienced crocheters, everybody loves a fun crochet kit!

Published: February 7, 2022 at 9:00 am
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Crochet kits are a great option for anyone who loves or wants to get into crochet! Whether you're looking for a crochet kit for beginners to get you started on your crochet journey, or just want a fun project to throw yourself into, crochet kits are an easy way to get making without having to buy all of the separate items! We've put together our list of the best crochet kits that we think you'll love hooking up, why not take a look and treat yourself (or a crafty friend) to one of these must-buy crochet kits!


We've separated this list into two sections:

If you're looking for crochet kits that provide a range of tools to start you out on your crochet journey (as well as some project kits that are suitable for complete beginners), then you can find some in our dedicated best crochet kits for beginners - what do you need to start crocheting guide.

And remember, if you're a beginner and struggling with your crochet kit, you can find plenty of crochet advice and tutorials in our crochet guide for beginners! You might also like our lists of best crochet books and best crochet hooks too!

Best Crochet kits 2022

Best crochet kits for beginners

We've chosen quite a range of crochet sets that we think are good for those who are relatively new to crochet and would make a great first project - but even the term 'beginner' can encompass quite a wide array of skills - many will come with stitch guides or instructions, but how detailed or comprehensive these are will vary. It's worth considering what you want from your crochet kit - do you just want a nice simple project to make, or do you want to learn a range of stitches and techniques? It's also worth bearing in mind that a lot of crochet kits (including beginners crochet kits) will involve crocheting in the round - an essential step in making circular shapes, but one that beginners can find tricky - if you're struggling at all you can always check out our how to crochet in the round guide.

Learn to crochet kit from Beacon Crafts

If you've never even picked up a crochet hook before, then this Learn to Crochet kit by Beacon Crafts is perfect for you. Beacon Crafts is a yarn store based in Sedgley in the West Midlands who have been running crochet workshops for over 10 years, and due to the store being closed during the Covid-19 pandemic they decided to put their workshops into a crochet starter kit format! But that doesn't mean you'll be going at it alone, as well as getting everything you need to make your first granny square throw in this beginners crochet kit, you'll also get access to online video tutorials, a private Facebook group to chat among other learners and Helen from Beacon Crafts as well as 100% support via email or Facebook messenger. You can even book a 1 hour zoom session with Helen for free at a time to suit if you need any extra help. When it comes to crochet kits for beginners, we think this is a brilliant option - it's pretty much the closest thing you can get to a proper crochet workshop from the comfort of your own home!

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Rainbow decoration crochet kit

When it comes to beginner crochet kits, it's always best to keep it simple. This lovely crochet rainbow decoration is a quick and easy crochet project that will help you get to grips with crocheting in the round and changing colours, and if bright colourful rainbows aren't your style, there's also a cute pastel colour combination too!

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Children's Crochet Starter Kit from Knitting Network

If it's you're looking for a learn to crochet kit for your little one, give them a helping hand with this Children's Crochet Starter Kit from Knitting Network. This crochet beginner kit contains the Sirdar Happy Cotton Book 7 which features patterns to make your own seasonal bunting, plus 7 balls of Sirdar Happy Cotton yarn and a 4mm crochet hook - and even an 'I love crochet' sticker!

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Money Honey Clutch bag crochet kit by Wool and the Gang

Want your stylish accessories to have an eco friendly vibe? Then you'll love this Money Honey Clutch bag kit by Wool and the Gang! Hooked up in Ra-Ra-Raffia, made from pure long wood fibres, it's both vegan friendly and biodegradable, and the crochet kit comes with everything you need to make this gorgeous clutch bag. It only uses simple stitches so is a great crochet kit for beginners too!

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Baby toy crochet kit

This sweet little baby toy is made up of two linked rings, providing a tactile and stimulating toy for babies to play with. Plus it's made from eco-friendly organic cotton, meaning you don't need to worry about baby chewing on it! This kit from Little Conkers includes everything you need to make the rings, and comes with a fully illustrated crochet pattern to help you make your first toy, making it a great beginners crochet kit!

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Peaceful Plant Pots crochet kit by DMC

We all need to start somewhere, and this peaceful plant pots crochet kit from DMC is the perfect way to get to grips with basic crochet stitches as well as crocheting in the round. The kit contains everything you need to make your pot, including 3 balls of their lovely baby cotton yarn, crochet hook, sewing needle and pattern... and if you struggle with the kit at all, there's a handy tutorial video to guide you through it! The style and practicality makes this one of our favourite crochet kits for adults - it would also be a great gift for your houseplant-obsessed friends!

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Elephant keyring crochet kit by PomPomHandmadeCrafts

This elephant keyring crochet kit by PomPomHandmadeCrafts would make a fabulous gift for someone that wants to get started in crochet... although it's so cute we'd probably just hang onto it for ourselves. You get absolutely everything needed to make this keyring/bag charm in the kit (including the beads and clasps), and it's available in 5 different colours. We love it!

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Daydream Blanket by Wool and the Gang

If you've been dreaming of crocheting your own beautiful blanket, then this crochet kit from Wool and the Gang will make all your dreams comes true! The perfect crochet kit for beginners, this kit lets you customise your stripes by picking your favourite colours of their gorgeous Shiny Happy Cotton yarn, made from hand-picked Pima cotton from Peru. It may come with a higher than average price tag compared to other crochet sets, but trust us, the lovely yarn is definitely worth it!

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Think crochet blankets are old-fashioned? Think again! There's loads of fresh and inspiring designs that you can hook up, check out our pick of the Top 20 modern crochet blanket patterns to find your next must-make project!


Give my love heart beginner crochet kit

If you want to make some cute decorations for your first crochet project, then you'll love this Give My Love heart crochet kit from FionaMeadeCrochet. The kit comes with everything included to make this sweet heart decoration, and this beginners crochet kit includes step-by-step photo instructions for some of the more advanced techniques such as the magic ring.

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Bobble hat crochet kit by Stitching me Softly

If you just can't wait to get stuck in with making your own crochet accessories, then this bobble hat crochet kit is perfect for you! As well as including everything you need (including a pompom maker and guide), this beginners crochet kit also comes with a handy 'how to crochet' guide, so you can really get used to your stitches before tackling your first hat!

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Bunny Crochet Kit by TOFT

British brand TOFT have a fantastic range of crochet kits for beginners available, but it's this adorable bunny that really caught our attention. With everything you need inside the kit (including toy stuffing), it's a simple project that both new and experienced crocheters will enjoy... almost as much as you'll enjoy cuddling it!

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Can't get enough of adorable bunnies? Then you'll definitely want to chekc out our pick of the best amigurumi bunny patterns! There's a whole host of super-cute rabbit crochet patterns for you to try, including a few free patterns too!


Hoooked Avila bag crochet kit

If you're looking to make something practical that you can use every day, then how about this Avila bag crochet kit! This sturdy bag made from recycled ribbon yarn (approx 80% recycled cotton) is a great project for beginners that want to try their hand at some super-chunky crochet, and the bag is made up of simple stitches too so isn't too complicated.

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Crochet necklace kit by Stitching Me Softly

Here's another chunky crochet project that is a prefect crochet kit for beginners! This simple yet stylish crochet necklace kit uses cotton cord to create a statement chunky necklace, and the kit includes your choice of 3 colours of cord so you can made a range of necklaces (one to match every outfit). There's also the option to include magnetic cord ends for if you want to make your necklaces look really professional!

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Amigurumi Flamingo crochet kit by Wool Couture

If you want an amigurumi crochet kit that will give beginners a bit of a challenge (but not too much), then how about this April the giant flamingo kit by Wool Couture. Although it looks pretty tricky it only uses the basic crochet stitches, so with a bit of practice most beginners should be able to hook it up with no problems. Being from Wool Couture, the kit includes their gorgeous Cheeky Chunky yarn as well as the pattern and a sewing needle, with extra options for if you want a crochet hook and toy stuffing included too!

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Best crochet kits for more experienced crocheters

If you fancy something that's a bit more of a challenge, then maybe you'll prefer one of these kits for more experienced crocheters - with crochet sets that are either for larger projects, involve multiple or trickier shapes, or require some careful construction

Glow in the Dark Baby Mobile crochet kit by UniqueYarns

If you've got the crochet basics down (such as how to work in the round and change colours), then here's a simple crochet kit that is perfect for your next project. Not only is this baby mobile super-sweet with fun shapes like stars and planets, but as it's from those clever folks at UniqueYarns it even glows in the dark! The kit comes with 4 balls of their amazing glow-in-the-dark Rayon yarn as well as the pattern, toy stuffing and wooden hoop (but you will need your own 3mm hook).

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Giant cushion crochet kit by Wool Couture

For those of you who want to hook up a project that you can display proudly in your home, this giant mandala cushion crochet kit by Wool Couture might just be perfect for you! Working with super-chunky yarn can be a little bit of a challenge for some (it can take a bit of strength and patience so this is probably one of the crochet kits for adults), but equally we think it's a projct that's both fun and stylish that many different crocheters will enjoy! The kit is available with extra options to include a 12mm bamboo crochet hook and pattern insert, and you can take your pick of 24 colours to match your own style!

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Larksfoot blanket crochet kit by HanJanCrochet

We do love a colourful crochet project, and this Larksfoot Blanket certainly fits the bill! This fabulous blanket by Hannah Cross may appear complicated but it's much simpler than it looks! You can order it as a kit containing all the Stylecraft yarn you'll need to make it (you will need your own hook), but if you've already got plenty of DK yarn in your stash you can also download the pattern for free!

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Larksfoot Blanket - Draft Pattern

Rico Crazy Cute Family Girl doll crochet kit

This sweet crochet doll kit from Rico Designs is great for amigurumi fans, and features plenty of fun and interesting techniques thanks to it's unique style. Once you've hooked up this lovely girl, you can also get hold of the Rico Crazy Cute Family pattern booklet, which features patterns for every family member - from adorable amigurumi grandparents to beautiful babies. The kit includes the yarn, hook, pattern and needle, but you will need your own toy stuffing.

Buy it now from Lovecrafts

RIco doll crochet kit

Worn this Way Raffia Hat crochet kit by Wool and the Gang

For a crochet kit to help complete your summer outfit, then this floppy rimmed sun hat is a brilliant crochet kit to try! It's made up of Wool and the Gang's Ra-Ra-Raffia yarn - en eco-friendly tape yarn that is make from wood fibres - essentially the same material as paper. Complete crochet beginners can find using tape and ribbon-style yarns a bit challenging at first, but once you've done a few stitches you'll quickly get the hang of it, plus it's worth it - that raffia is super lightweight and breathable - perfect for when the sun is scorching!

Buy it now from Wool and the Gang


Hello Designer Amigurumi Gift Set from Create and Craft

We're big fans of amigurumi, and if you've well and truly caught the amigurumi bug (or know someone who has), then this Hello Designer Amigurumi Gift Set from Create and Craft is a must-have crochet kit! It comes with a project book with 23 patterns by various designers, plus loads of yarn, crochet hook, toy stuffing, safety eyes, needles, embroidery threads and more - pretty much everything you need to hook up a whole load of super-cute amigurumi characters!

Buy it now from Create and Craft


Lalylala Musical Chameleon Crochet Kit

This awesome musical chameleon crochet kit has got to be one of the most creative crochet sets that we've ever seen! Not only is it an amazing amigurumi project, but when you pull the fly away from the chameleon, it sucks it back it with it's long tongue (much like a real life chameleon) - but that's not all, as the chameleon catches the fly the built-in music box plays The Lion Sleeps Tonight (the Wimoweh song!) This is a kit comes with everything you need (with options to include a hook too), and the included pattern also comes with some step-by-step photos making it suitable for relatively new and more experienced crocheters alike.

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Looking for more incredible amigurumi patterns? Well we've got you covered! Check out our pick of the Top 40 amigurumi patterns - there's everything from badgers to burgers, teddy bears to T-rex's, and so much more! 

Malibu Sweater crochet kit by Wool and the Gang

Think you're ready to tackle your first crochet garment? Well why not treat yourself to something special and try hooking up this Malibu Sweater by Wool and the Gang! With it's funky chevrons and on-trend flared sleeves and cropped fit, hook this up and your friends will be well jealous of your crochet skills! The kit contains everything you need to make it and you can customise the colours of the gorgeous Shiny Happy Cotton yarn in your kit to your own tastes!

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African Flower Duck Crochet Kit by Sarah Barratt

How cute is this crochet duck?!? We love the super-sweet style and clever construction, and the kit comes with everything you need to make your own handsome little mallard (or you can purchase the pdf separately if you already have your own materials). The construction may prove a little tricky for complete novices, but we think intermediate crocheters will go quackers for it!

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Giant Cat bed crochet kit by Cloud Nine Knits

If you fancy giving super-size crochet a go (and want to treat your favourite feline at the same time) then you'll love this giant cat bed crochet kit from Cloud Nine Knits. You can pick your favourite colour of Wool Mahoosive Mammoth yarn to make your cat bed, and the crochet sets also include a huge 25mm hook, the full pattern and access to a video tutorial. The purrr-fect project for cat lovers!

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Snails in a Tin crochet kit by TOFT

Here's a fun little kit from TOFT. Their gourmet crochet collection features the yarn and easy-to-follow recipe-style pattern to make your own amigurumi gourmet snails... all served up in a classic tin can! You will need to have your own crochet hook and stuffing.

Buy it now from John Lewis


Crochet Island Rug kits by Hoooked

If you fancy a super-size challenge as well as expanding your stitch repetoire, then you should definitely give this Crochet Island Rug Kit a go! Designed by Norwegian artist MaritParit and made using Hoooked Recycled Ribbon XL yarn, the kit is available in 3 colour options and comes with 6 bobbins of this fun yarn and a 10mm bamboo hook, as well as the pattern of course! Give it a go and give your floor a crochet makeover!

Buy it now from Lovecrafts


Monkey Mace Amigurumi kit from Hoooked

If the idea of making a massive rug feels a bit ambitious, you can still enjoy using Hoooked's eco-friendly yarn on a smaller scale with this sweet amigurumi monkey crochet kit. HE might be a bit tricky for complete beginners as there's some interesting shaping that you might not be familiar with, but if you've tried making amigurumi before then you should have no problems hooking up this cheeky monkey!

Buy it now from Lovecrafts

Hoooked monkey crochet kit

Love Bird amigurumi crochet kit by Hoooked

This adorable love bird crochet kit uses sustainable Hoooked Eco Barbante recycled cotton, and includes enough yarn to make 3-4 birds, so you can make a whole menagerie of these little cutie-pies!

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Leafy Boughs wrap crochet kit by KCACO.UK

Whatever the season, we love hooking up a nice crochet wrap. This fab kit from Heather of KCACO.UK really shows off the beautiful variegation in the Scheepjes Whirl yarn cakes, plus as well as the yarn and pattern you also get a handy cotton drawstring bag to keep your project in. The wrap may look intricate and lacy, but it's made up of entirely simple stitches so is a great projects for beginners who are ready to take that next step!

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Alpaca yarn socks crochet kit

If you want to really treat yourself, then you can't beat a good pair of snuggly socks! This crochet sock kit from Penrhallt Alpacas uses their own yarn made from the Alpaca's reared on their small farm in the Gower in Wales, and is a great option for if you want to treat your feet to some unbelievably soft socks!

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Toto the Racoon amigurumi crochet kit by Knitty Critters

We've got one more crochet kit for all you amigurumi fans! This super-cute amigurumi racoon by Knitty Critters is relatively simple and the perfect project for those wanted to expand their amigurumi skills with some interesting challenges such as doing colourwork stitches.

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We hope you’ve enjoyed our pick of the best crochet kits for 2021, don’t forget if you need any help with your crochet stitches you can always check out our crochet for beginners guide. And if you’re looking to treat yourself, check out our list of the best crochet hooks, the best luxury crochet hooks and the best crochet kits for beginners.


To create your perfect workstation set-up, why not invest in a daylight craft lamp too?


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