Crystals are one of the earth's most beautiful natural substances. Formed hundreds of years ago, each crystal is completely unique and it's believed they hold energy and power. People use and gift crystals for protection, healing and peace. They've been gifted to family and friends as good luck charms since the dawn of time and we think they make thoughtful gifts.


If you're a crystal fan like us then you're going to love this blog post. We've collected over 20 fun and easy crystal crafts for you to make. There's everything from jewellery projects to upcycling hacks and much more. They'll help you display your much-loved crystals prettily around your home. Many of these crafts use just three materials - crystals, wire and some wire cutters. We've included the basic crystal craft supplies below so you can stock up before you start making! For more magical makes check out our how to make geode coasters tutorial and our constellation arts & crafts collection. Now let's go crystal shopping!

Crystal craft supplies

A selection of crystals

Healing Crystals kit

Buy it now from Amazon

The first thing you need for crystal crafts is of course crystals! There's plenty of places you can buy them both online and instore. Amazon sells a huge range of crystals and gemstones like this 17 pieces healing kit. This kit contains a range of gorgeous polished Chakra stones, all completely unique and ready to be used in your crafts.

It's important to think about what crystals you want to craft with and whether you want them to come with predrilled holes. For wire wrapped crafts you won't need a hole but if you want to make jewellery predrilled holes can be useful. If you're looking for specific types of crystals search their names and buy the ones which speak to you.


Jewelry Beading Wire,

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Many crystal crafts are made with wrapping wire around the crystal. If there's are the kind of projects you're looking to make you'll need to purchase some wire. For smaller, more delicate projects (like necklaces, crowns, rings) jewellery wire will work perfectly. If you have bigger crystals that you're hoping to hang or use then you might require stronger wire. 18 gauge wire, this one, is much stronger and better for making crystal photo holders or wall hangings.

Wire cutters

Precision Wire Cutter

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In order to bend your wire into intricate patterns, you'll need a pair of wire cutters. Very thin wire can be bent with your hands but in order to fix it tightly around your crystals, we'd recommend using wire cutters. You'll also find it easier to bend your wire into shapes and cut the excess away. These wire cutters are a great option but there's plenty on the market that will work. Just ensure the blades are small enough for delicate projects or strong enough if you're using thick wire.

More like this

There's a few more supplies you'll need for the following crystal crafts but many of you will already have them! Glue guns are used frequently (head to our best glue guns to pick yourself up a new one) as is macrame rope (we also have a round-up of the best macrame cords). Once you've gathered your supplies it's time to get crafting. Here's our round-up of the best DIY crystal crafts.

21 DIY crystal crafts

1. Crystal candles

The Wooden Wick has created a super easy crystal candle video for you to follow! They show you how to add your crystals to your candles to give them some extra magic. If you'd like to make your own candles head over to our how to make beeswax candles tutorial.

2. Crystal mirror

Crystal mirror

Turn your crystal collection into a beautiful mirror with Design Love Fest's free tutorial. You could use lots of different coloured crystals for a rainbow effect or choose crystals with loving, calming energy to help with self-love.

3. Crystal charging station

crystal charging station

Harness your crystal's true potential with a charging station! You don't need anything fancy to charge crystals, sunlight and moonlight do the job perfectly. But if you want to make your crystals their own protective home then follow The Manifestation Collective's tutorial.

4. DIY crystal bottle stoppers

DIY crystal bottle stoppers

Make your bottles look extra pretty with Camille Styles' free tutorial. You could use any crystals for this DIY and it's super easy to make your own.

5. Macrame wrapped crystals

Macrame wrapped crystals

Golden Age Beads show you how to create this macrame wrap over on their blog. It's really simple to make and is the perfect hanging for displaying or wearing your crystals. Head over to our free macrame patterns for even more projects.

6. Crystal photo holder

Crystal photo holder

Display your photos with A Beautiful Mess' simple DIY crystal craft. All you'll need is wire and crystals!

7. Crystal wall hanging

Crystal wall hanging

Hang your crystal in your windows with Leah Loves' pretty boho tutorial. She shows you how to make these elegant crystal holders which you can use to display your favourite crystals. Hang them near sunlight and watch them sparkle.

8. Crystal infused elixirs


We all know that crystals can help heal and bring peace into our lives. We're all about maximizing their power which is why we love Zenned Out's infused elixir tutorial. They show you how you can combine crystals with water and oils to make a refreshing face mist.

9. Crystal magnets

Crystal magnets

Crystal crafts that display your crystals for everyone to see are our favourites. Almost Makes Perfect shows you how to turn your crystals into useful fridge magnets! These would make lovely gifts too.

10. Crystal curtain holder

Crystal curtain holder

A Beautiful Mess is back with another crystal craft! Hold back your curtains with this customised hook. It's a cheap but super fun project and ideal for hippy homes.

11. Crystal planters

Crystal planters

Combine all the natural elements with Jo Jo Tastic's crystal planters. They look beautiful and will help purify your space.

12. Crystal jewellery box

Crystal jewellery box

Add crystals to every aspect of your home including your storage! Posh in Progress shows you how to make this elegant crystal jewellery box. You could use the box to store tarot cards, incense or your other crystals.

13. Wire wrapped necklaces

Wire wrapped necklaces

Wire wrapping is one of the oldest crystal crafts in the book. With some simply wire you can transform your crystals into wearable pieces. Alice and Lois show you how to make wire wrapped necklaces that you can gift to your fellow crystal lovers.

14. Crystal sun catchers

Crystal sun catchers

Turn your spare beads, crystals and gems into pretty window decor. Suncatchers can transform a room and spread colourful light all over your home. Golden Age Beads show you how to make them.

15. Crystal bookends

Crystal bookends

Keep your books propped up with these crystal bookends. Curbly shows you how to make the most of your big crystals over on thier blog.

16. Crystal paperweights

Crystal paperweights

Crystals make the perfect desk companion! A Beautiful Mess has created another crystal craft we just had to share with you. Turn your crystals into paperweights and make boring desks sparkle.

17. Crystal crown

Crystal crown

Become the goddess you deserve to be with a crystal crown. Threadsense have created a step by step crown tutorial for you. It would make the perfect festival accesory too.

18. Crystal wrapped rings

For a quick crystal craft, learn how to make DIY rings. IndiPendantsJewelry shows you how to make wrapped crystal rings over on their Youtube channel.

19. Crystal mobile

Crystal mobile

A crystal mobile will look lovely in any home or garden. Head over to A Beautiful Mess to learn how to make this mobile.

20. Crystal lamp base

Crystal lamp base

Upcycle a plain lamp base with your crystals. Ehow shows you how to make this funky lamp base that will be a hit in your home. If you love upcycling projects make sure you check out our upcycling clothes ideas.

21. Gemstone bracelets

Gemstone bracelets

Wear your crystals with pride and feel them protecting you. Styled by Light shows you how to make these gorgeous stackable bracelets.

We hope you've enjoyed our crystal crafts round-up. If you liked our crystal crafts you'll love our epoxy resin ideas and our rug making kits for beginners. Check out our candle making kits too.


Looking for more creative projects to make? Take a look at our favourite free macrame patterns.


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