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34 constellation arts & crafts

Inspired by the night sky? Here's 34 constellation arts and crafts to bring the galaxy into your home.

constellation craft kits
Bring the galaxy into your home with these crafty constellation arts and crafts projects! There’s everything from zodiac embroidery to starry night clay DIYs so no matter your discipline you’ll find a project that suits you. We’ve also included some constellation art ideas that you can do with kids, keeping them entertained throughout the summer holidays. Plus all these crafts would make great gifts for the space-lover in your life.
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Your 34 constellation crafts


Starry night embroidery patterns

constellation embroidery

Light up your home with Mollie Makes’ free constellation embroidery patterns. Embroidery makes for an amazing constellation art project and it’ll give you a weekend craft to work on!


Constellation art diamond painting

Constellation art diamond painting

Amazon, £17.68

Diamond painting is all the rage and we just had to include this intricate, constellation themed 5D kit. Once you’ve started diamond painting you’ll never stop. We’ve got a whole round up of the best diamond painting kits, accessories and supplies here on Gathered if you catch the bug after this project!


Constellation banners

how to sew four legged knots for a garland_done2

Learn how to sew 4 Legged Knots into an embroidered garland with Mollie Johnson’s tutorial. You’ll learn a new embroidery stitch and create some starry night bunting, it’s a win-win!


Zodiac colouring book

constellation crafts 3

Etsy, £19.36

Zodiac gifts don’t get better than Lenka Filonenko’s astrology colouring book. It’s full of gorgeous constellation art for you to admire and colour. Pick up this book or check out our 42 colouring books for adults for more options!


Clay star banner

scandinavian christmas star step 8

Make your own clay star bunting with Mollie Makes’ Scandi star garland tutorial. There are all sorts of incredible constellation art you can create from clay including trinket dishes, pots and jewellery.


Constellation stencils

constellation crafts 4

Amazon, £29.40

Give boring bedrooms a starry makeover with these constellation templates. Constellation art on the walls, on your clothes and even in your ears – let your obsession take over!


DIY constellation coasters

constellation crafts 6

Almost Makes Perfect shows you how to make your own constellations coasters over on her blog. It’s super easy and only uses a few household items!


Constellation resin moulds

constellation 5

Amazon, £7.29

Fancy giving resin crafts a go? Or concrete? Pick up this resin mould of all the star signs and make your own constellation art charms. We’ve got a whole guide to resin art and some of the best resin moulds on Gathered if you’re new to the craft.


DIY constellation runner

constellation crafts 7

Jessica Marquez’s gorgeous french dot constellation runner will be the talk of all your dinner parties. Find her free how-to tutorial here. If you’re after more crafty projects? Check out our top craft subscription box UK round-up and discover the best punch needle kits in our blog post.


Constellation trinket dish

constellation crafts 8

Whip up these super cute trinket dishes and add your own star sign to the bottom. Ink Struck shows you how here. Head over to our complete guide to polymer clay too for some clay tips.


Origami stars

constellation crafts 20

Amazon, Paper stars, £8.89

Amazon, John Montroll’s book, £9.30

Origami is a great project to while away the hours on. Pick up these starry night papers and John Montroll’s Galaxy of Origami Stars book for the ultimate constellation duo. They’d make fab gifts too!

constellation crafts 18
After more papercraft projects? Check out our origami section here on Gathered.

DIY constellation notebook

Constellation crafts 9

Give plain notepads a night-time makeover with The Things She Makes’ free DIY. Add some constellation art to your stationary and you’ll be star-gazing all day long.


Constellation string art

DIY string art

This constellation art DIY is a great one to do with kids. Head to Lucy Crick’s DIY constellation string art and get the kids to thread their own star signs.


Constellation quilt

constellation craft 11

Haptic Lab, $20

Haptic Lab have this beautiful constellation quilt pattern over in their shop. You can choose between the northern hemisphere or the southern and make your quilt completely personalised with different embroidery stitches. Purchase the pattern and start stitching the stars.


DIY star cake toppers

constellation crafts 15

The night sky is the perfect theme for a party and these cake toppers will be a fab DIY addition to your party. Bring the stars back down to earth with Ruffled’s DIY 3D cake toppers.


Constellation jars

constellation crafts 17

These super-simple constellation jars only take a few materials but look really effective. Follow Craft Ideas tutorial and bring the stars into your bedroom.


Galaxy inspired glass kits

constellation crafts 22

Etsy, £21.95


DIY stary ceiling

constellation crafts 19

Give your ceilings some extra sparkle with Style Me Pretty’s constellation art tutorial.


Constellation candles

Constellation crafts 120

These star sign candles by Elle Sees would make great zodiac gifts. Head to her blog post for the free tutorial and give plain candles a constellation art makeover.


Constellation light up wall hanging

Follow Makeful’s video to create your own light up wall piece.


Constellation cross stitch

constellation crafts21

Etsy, £2.40

‘s has a whole host of constellation cross stitch patterns that are waiting for you to download and stitch. For even more wintery cross stitch check out our 47 winter cross stitch patterns.


DIY constellation mugs

constellation crafts 23

Embrace constellation art into every aspect of your home! Customize plain mugs with Squirrelly Mind’s cosmo tutorial.


Constellation wax seal kit

constellation crafts

Etsy, £20.37

This wax seal kit by Sarina Craft Suppliers gets our stamp of approval. Choose your star sign, purchase and start stamping your star sign everywhere you go. This would be a great zodiac gift for a craft-lover!


Night Sky napkin holders

constellation crafts 26

Make your own constellation napkin holders and tea light holders with Brit Co’s free tutorial.


Constellation felt animals

constellation crafts 35

Etsy, £5.86

Make these adorable felt constellations with Little Dear’s PDF pattern download. Both the templates and instructions are included in both!


Knit the phases of the moon

constellation crafts 33

Etsy, £2.90

We truly have a constellation art project in every craft! Knit up the phases of the moon using Odd Knots and Threads pattern. It’s a great beginner project but if you need a little help getting the knitting techniques down head to our knitting for beginners guide. 


Constellation scarf

constellation crafts 25

Transform an old scarf with Rising Baity’s star stamping tutorial.


Macrame moon wall hanging

Macrame moon wall hanging constellation art

Amazon, £9.98

Create your own macrame moons with By Bella Design’s macrame frame. If you’re new to macrame check out our library of basic macrame knots for a free guide and learn how to make a macrame plant hanger with our simple tutorial.


Galaxy face art

constellation crafts 30

Turn your face into constellation art with A Beautiful Mess’ galaxy tutorial.


Zodiac animals crochet pattern bundle

constellation crafts 31

Etsy, £11.39

Crochet up the Chinese zodiac animals with All About Ami’s adorable amigurumi bundle. If you enjoy crocheting these cuties then head to our free amigurumi crochet patterns after. 


DIY galaxy mirror

constellation crafts 27

Kailo Chic shows you how to upcycle an old mirror with this funky galaxy print.


Make your own constellation art

Make Your Own Constellation Art

Can Can Dancer shows you how to make your own constellation art with some string and studs!


Phases of the moon screen print

diy lino printing phases of the moon wall hanging

We hope you enjoyed our constellation art round up! Whether you’re making them for yourself or as a zodiac gift for a friend we hope you have fun bring the night sky into your home. For more funky craft projects check out our DIY coasters and 33 five minutes crafts.