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DIY lampshade: how to make a lampshade

Learn how to make a beautiful DIY lampshade with this step-by-step tutorial created by Anna Alicia.

How to make a lampshade

Get scrap-happy and mix and match pastel prints for this patchwork shade! Learning how to make a lampshade is a really useful skill to have – a DIY lampshade is a quick way to add some handmade style to any room. It also comes in handy if you’re struggling to find a lampshade that coordinates with your home decor.

If you’re making your own curtains, cushions or bed sheets and you have a bit of fabric left over, you can use it to create this patchwork DIY lampshade design created by Anna Alicia. This is a great project to make if you don’t have quite enough fabric left to cover the whole lampshade.

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This project was first featured in Simply Sewing Magazine. Discover what’s inside the latest issue or see the latest subscription offers. This guide to making a lampshade was created by Anna Alicia, a designer, maker and craft writer based in London. She is passionate about eco-ethical, handmade projects and creating unique makes that you will love forever. Find her latest designs over on Instagram @aalicialondon.

How to make a lampshade: step-by-step tutorial


To make this project you will need to buy a lampshade kit, here’s one that’s the correct size:


You Will Need

  • Lampshade kit (30cm (12in) diameter x 21cm (81/4in) depth)
  • Two cotton print fabrics (24x75cm (91/2x29in))
  • Bias binding (2cm (3/4in) width x 2m (2yd))
  • Strong double-sided tape
  • Matching thread
  • Basic sewing kit

Total time:

Cutting out

Step 1

Draw and cut out a paper template measuring 6x24cm (238x9½in).

Step 2

Use the template to draw out 12 strips on each of the fabrics and cut them out.


Joining the strips

Step 1

Lay two different print strips with right sides (RS) facing and then sew them together along the right-hand long edge. Press the seam open and then to one side.

Step 2

Lay another strip in a different print RS together on top of the right joined strip. Sew together then press the seam as before.

How to make a lampshade step two

Step 3

Repeat with alternating fabrics until all the strips are sewn together to form one panel. If your fabric has a directional pattern, make sure your strips are all facing the same way up.

How to make a lampshade step three

Step 4

Give the panel a thorough press, with all the seams laying in the same direction.

How to make a lampshade step four

Assembling the lampshade

Step 1

Follow the lampshade kit instructions to fix your pieced fabric rectangle to the plastic lampshade panel.

How to make a lampshade step five

Step 2

Trim and attach this to the metal hoops and tuck in the fabric edges.

Binding the edges

Step 1

Stick a strip of double-sided tape around the top outer edge of the shade.

Step 2

Starting and finishing at the seam in your lampshade panel, stick bias binding to the tape all the way around one edge.

Step 3

Stick a strip of double-sided tape all the way around the inside edge of the bias binding, making sure it’s firmly attached.

Step 4

Fold the binding tightly over, sticking it to the inside edge of your shade.

How to make a lampshade step six

Step 5

Repeat this to attach binding on the bottom edge of the lampshade.


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How to make a lampshade