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Star cushion sewing pattern

Make your home into a tranquil space with this lovely star cushion sewing pattern designed by Rebecca Reid

Star cushion sewing pattern

Bring some sparkle into your home by making this star cushion sewing pattern. Adding a scattering of star cushions to your bed will help to make it an inviting place to relax and leave the worries of the day behind.

When it comes to cushions, more is definitely more! Not only are they a simple way to brighten up a room with colour and print, but they also provide us with a comfy spot to take a well-earned rest after a day of sewing. We’ve made our quick- sew star cushions in a calming colour palette of indigo, mint and cream for sweet dreams.

When you’re designing your home, putting three objects together always has a lot of impact so sewing a little trio of cushions will help your bed to look truly stylish.

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Read on to try Rebecca Reid’s star cushion sewing pattern…

Materials used

Print fabric: Mariao for Spoonflower: Map of our Sky. Kona fabric is no longer available, but you could use one of the alternative fabrics listed. If you’d like to try a similar fabric, we like this Twinkle Twinkle furnishing fabric from John Lewis or this Rose and Hubble constellation fabric from Etsy.

Plain fabrics: Spectrum, Ivory. Ref: 2000/Q01. Spectrum, Vintage Blue. Ref: 2000/T64. For stockists visit

Polyester fibrefill: Carded polyester fibrefill.


Download the star cushion templates.


You Will Need

  • Main fabric (50x100cm (20x40in))
  • Polyester fibrefill
  • Basic sewing kit

Cutting out

Step 1

Trace around the star template from the pattern sheet and cut it out.

Step 2

Cut the main fabric into half to make two squares, one for the front and one for the back of the cushion.

Making the star

Step 1

Place the two pieces of fabric wrong sides (WS) together and pin the star pattern centrally on top.

Step 2

Cut around the edge of the pattern to make two star shapes.

Step 3

Remove the pattern then pin the two stars together, keeping them both right sides (RS) out and making sure that their edges line up exactly.

Star cushion sewing pattern step one

Step 4

Stitch together carefully 2cm (¾in) from the raw edges. Start stitching 2cm (¾in) from one point then stitch all the way around. When you reach each point of the star, leave your needle in the fabric, pivot the fabric and stitch carefully along the next edge.

Step 5

Continue stitching all the way around and stop stitching 2cm (¾in) from the inner point below where you started. This will leave a gap in one side of the star for filling.


Step 6

For a more decorative and finished look, work another line of machine stitching all the way around the star just 5mm (¼in) outside the first line. Again, leave a gap in the stitching in the same place as the first line.

Star cushion sewing pattern step two

Filling the star

Step 1

Stuff the star firmly using just small pieces of stuffing at the points to make sure they are filled right up to the top. Use the end of a chopstick or pencil to push the stuffing right to the point.

Star cushion sewing pattern step three

Step 2

Pin the star front and back together along the gap in the inner line of stitching.

Star cushion sewing pattern step four

Step 3

You now need to close the gap by working a line of machine stitching. Start stitching on top of the already worked stitching at one end of the gap and finish on the top of the worked stitching at the end of the gap. You’ll need to push the stuffing out the way whilst you do this so you don’t stitch through it.

Step 4

Repeat this to close the gap in the outer line of stitching.

Finishing off

Step 1

Give your cushion a good pummel and shake to even out the stuffing again. Your finished cushion has a raw edge that will fray a little but this is part of the effect.


You’ve finished! Use your star cushion sewing pattern to whip up a whole constellation for your home.

Star cushion sewing pattern