There are many reasons why we love crochet, but one of its most endearing factors is that many small crochet projects can be made quickly. You can even make some projects in just one afternoon or an evening.


But it’s not just about time! Quick crochet projects can be a great way to learn specific techniques, or to give a creative release during a stressful period.

They’re also brilliant for when you’re away from home and want to keep crocheting without needing to take loads of yarn or tools with you. In our opinion there’s nothing better than a bit of holiday crochet!

Small crochet projects to start today

We’ve gathered together some of our favourite go-to crochet projects for when we’re in need of a quick bit of crochet. To make it easier for you to find your next must make project, we’ve separated them into convenient categories.

Read on to have a browse at a range of patterns, or you can use the links below to head straight to the category you’re looking for.

Simple shapes

Even if you’ve only got five minutes, practising with basic crochet shapes is a great way to hone your crochet skills and master specific techniques.

Crochet a triangle


Even if you’ve recently picked up a crochet hook for the very first time and only know a few basic stitches, you’ll easily be able to hook up a quick triangle shape.

It’s a great project for learning how crochet increases work. If you’re feeling confident, you can switch to decreases and turn your triangle into a diamond.

Once you’re done, simply attach your triangles to each other with some lengths of crochet chains and voila – brilliant bunting!

Raise your flag

Free Crochet Rainbow Flag Pencil Topper Pattern

Show your true colours and crochet stripes with our fab little crochet flag pattern. It’s perfect for Pride and uses only the simplest of stitches!

This sweet little make can be hooked up in absolutely no time, and includes some easy little loops so you can use it as a pen or pencil topper in the office.

Show some love


When it comes to quick crochet projects, what could be lovelier than a sweet little heart? You can use them in a range of different ways – decorate cards, use them as embellishment patches, turn them into a brooch, or you could always pop one inside a loved ones drawer or lunchbox! We’ve got three patterns for you to try, so there's plenty of ways to show your love.

More like this

Beautiful butterflies

Free crochet butterfly pattern

If you’re already familiar with most crochet shapes, here’s a unique take that we think you’ll enjoy. These pretty little butterflies may look fancy, but they’re actually just a single motif folded in half!

We’ve stuck them to magnets to attach them to our tins and fridge, but you could use them for all sorts of purposes – butterfly hair clips would look beautiful!

Projects for beginners

If you’re looking for projects for beginners, be they big or small, you can find plenty of inspiration in our list of easy crochet patterns for beginners.


Fabulous flowers

There’s so many amazing botanical inspired patterns to make in crochet, ranging from small crochet projects to incredibly detailed designs.

We’ve picked just a few of our favourites that you can quickly make in your spare time. In fact, there’s so many that you can find even more in our list of the top 50 crochet flower patterns!

Put that glass on a coaster!


Fancy hooking up a quick flower and keeping your surfaces clean at the same time? These super-sweet little crochet coasters are definitely for you! They’re pretty simple to make, however they are one of our quick crochet projects that requires knowing how to crochet in the round.

Make them in lovely cotton yarn and then, when they eventually start to get dirty, you can just pop them in the wash. We think you’ll love making them so much, you’ll end up with more coasters than cups!

Brooches that bloom

Free flower brooch crochet pattern

We love to adorn an outfit with fresh flowers, but unfortunately they never last for long. However, crochet flowers last forever, which is why they make brilliant brooches!

It doesn’t take much to make one, simply sew a brooch pin, or even a safety pin, onto the back of your flower!

Embrace your inner flower child


Are you a hippy at heart? A fan of festivals? Or just love flowers in all their forms? Then travel back in time to the swinging sixties and wear some flowers in your hair with this cool flower crown!

It’s ever so simple to make, consisting of a long green chain with leaves that makes up the headband. The simple crochet flowers are attached afterwards. Just remember to make it in cool cotton so it doesn’t get all sweaty as you enjoy those hot sunny days.

Brighten up your home with flower bunting


Once you start hooking crochet flowers, it can start to get a little bit addictive. If you got a bit carried away making our crochet coasters don’t worry – just keep going and you’ll soon have enough to make this fabulous flower motif bunting!

Using motifs to make bunting means you can take your time and don’t have to construct it all at once. Plus it’s a great way of adding a splash of crochet colour into your home.

Granny Squares

Yes, we’re onto crochet classics! If you’re not familiar with granny squares be prepared to discover a whole world of exciting patterns.

While these motifs are often joined together to create larger projects such as blankets, the actual squares themselves are perhaps the most satisfying quick crochet projects you can make!

Start with a basic granny square

How to crochet a granny square

Before we look at quick crochet projects you can make with granny squares, it’s worth taking the time to hook up a few squares just for fun!

Granny squares come in a huge range of styles, using a massive variety of stitches and fun techniques. They’re so popular that our free granny square patterns archive is one of the most visited posts here on Gathered.

If you’re new to this crochet phenomenon, it’s definitely worth practising the classic granny square first. For those of you thinking that a square would be useless, think again – you can use it as a coaster, washcloth or even a potholder.

Hook yourself a brand new bag!


Practice makes perfect, so once you’ve got to grips with the classic granny square, keep making more and you'll soon have enough for this stylish market bag.

It may look a bit advanced, but it’s actually remarkably simple. Its unique shape is achieved by the clever layout of the joined squares.

Slip into some slippers


So you know how to make a basic granny square – then you know how to make these slippers! Six squares for each foot – that’s all it takes.

This ingenious design by Fran Morgan is all about the clever joining. You achieve this technique with a double crochet seam and there’s even a handy diagram to help you get that slipper shape just right. You’ll have your feet all comfy and cosy in no time at all!

Sitting pretty


Perhaps you're looking for small crochet projects that you can pick up in your spare time (if such a time exists)? Then why not try this super-simple granny square cushion.

It uses some basic 3 round granny squares which you can knock up whenever you have a free minute. Once you’ve made 36 of them (sounds a lot but it really won’t take long), you simply join them together with a crochet join. We’ve even halved the work for you by including how to add a fabric backing… although you could just repeat those squares if you really get into the granny groove!

Grannies galore!

Find even more things to make with the humble granny square in our list of over 40 granny square projects.


Awesome accessories

No matter how advanced you are there’s no way we could really describe any crochet garments as small projects.

However, there are plenty of quick crochet projects for accessories that you can easily make in a weekend.

Stitch a scarf

top crochet scarf patterns

A crochet scarf will be many peoples first proper project. After all it’s just a long rectangle – you can make one even if you’ve just learnt the crochet basics! There’s lots of different ways to make your scarf, from simple stitches and stripes to complicated cables.

Hook a hat


Here at Gathered we love a crochet hat, in fact it’s probably the item most often on our hooks! But don’t think that they’re all woolly bobble hats for winter – we love all sorts of crochet hats. Sun hats, berets, bucket hats, beanies and even cowboy hats can all be made with crochet.

Make some mitts

free fingerless gloves crochet pattern square

We've covered hats and scarves, so logically our next pick has got to be a way of keeping your hands warm too. While making crochet gloves is quite complicated (all those individual fingers can prove fiddly), crochet mitts or wrist warmers make surprisingly simple crochet projects.

We’ve got a super-easy free pattern for you to try, and it even includes instructions for how to add your own hooky cross stitch embroidery onto them too!

Pick a purse

best crochet purse patterns

If you’re after quick crochet projects that will really come in handy, then you can’t beat a purse! They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, from diddy little coin purses, to clutch bags, handbags or even cross body bags.

For those who are after easy crochet projects, we’d recommend trying a rectangular clutch bag. Attaching zips or purse clasps can be a bit tricky… but well worth trying!

Cool crochet jewellery

As well as hooking up your practical and cosy crochet accessories, use your hooky skills to quickly make a bit of bling with these small crochet projects.

Fab friendship bracelets


Everyone loves a friendship bracelet – even more so if it’s gifted! Show your friends how much they mean to you by making them one (or more) of our fabulous friendship bracelet patterns. We’ve got four different styles to choose from which can all be made in a matter of minutes!

Granny Square jewellery set


When it comes to small crochet projects, you can’t get much smaller than using a 1.75mm hook and crochet thread! That’s what you need to make our amazing granny square jewellery set, which includes a super-cool necklace and earrings.

Working with crochet thread and such a small hook is a bit tricky. It requires quite a lot of patience (as well as good eyesight), but you’ll be glad you gave it a go when you can show off these gorgeous pieces!

What a neat necklace!

free crochet necklace pattern

If you’re after an elegant piece of crochet jewellery, then look no further than this lovely lacy crochet necklace. There’s two variations of this pattern to make, one with a scalloped shell trim and another with a more pronounced arch trim.

They may look fancy, but are surprisingly simple to hook up. These will look fabulous when combined with a range of outfits, from casual tees to evening dresses.

Hook a heart brooch

Free crochet heart brooch pattern

Whether you’re a fan of classic tattoo style or just a lover of love, these sweet crochet heart brooches are a fun and fab crochet accessory. Hook up one for you and one for your other half!

They’re made in the round which adds a bit of extra interest to the construction. The banner is made with some simple embroidery on felt, so you can easily customise them with your own message.

Home hooking

There are plenty of small crochet projects that you can hook for your home. Here’s just a few patterns to try.

Whip up a wall hanging

how to crochet a hexagon wall hanging

This wonderful wall hanging combines three of our favourite things – puff stitches, tassels and hexagons! It’s a great stash-buster project as you can use up bits of left-over yarn. It’s also a great excuse to go out foraging for sticks and feathers to incorporate into it.

Marvellous mandalas


Sometimes when you’re working on a big piece of crochet, what you really need is a quick crochet project to give you that satisfying feeling.

Mandala’s are hugely popular with crocheters, as they often involve lots of fun colours and interesting stitches. They also make fantastic coasters or placements, can be used as wall decorations or even transformed into cool cushions.

Stitch some storage jars

crochet jar cover final

We know storage is a boring subject, but there’s nothing boring about these adorable crochet jar covers. These easy crochet projects are a simple way to add a splash of colour to your kitchen containers. You can get creative adding stripes and shell stitch edging for a bit of variation.

Give your mugs a hug

Free DIY mug warmer crochet pattern

There’s nothing better than a hot mug of tea, except for a mug of tea that’s surrounded by some lovely crochet! These mug hugs are so incredibly quick to make, and with three stitch variations to try you can hook up a hug for every cup in your cupboard.

Awesome amigurumi

Amigurumi projects come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and sometimes the construction can be the most time consuming part.

However, there’s plenty of small amigurumi projects that you can quickly make up.

Brilliant bees

free bee crochet pattern

This sweet little bee is perfect for amigurumi beginners or those who just want a super-quick project. Made up solely of simple double crochet stitches, this pretty pollinator is fun to make and is the best spring companion.

Bunny brooch


Here’s a cute little amigurumi project that doubles up as a fantastic crochet accessory. This bunny brooch is another super-simple project that even crochet newbies can try. Hook up your bunny with any bits of leftover dk yarn from your stash – what colour will your bunny be?

Fantastic fruit

Free crochet fruit patterns

Get one (or all) of your 5 a day with these fabulous fruit amigurumi. These tasty treats are all made with simple stitches and basic shapes, all with those adorable amigurumi features.

There’s patterns for a watermelon slice, blueberry, peach, pineapple and strawberry, so you’re bound to find one to suit your tastes.

Wonderful whale


We’ve totally fallen in love with this amigurumi whale, it’s just so cute! With a stripy belly that adds a splash of colour, you’ll love hooking up this marvellous mammal. It’s the perfect size for little ones to cuddle too.

Amigurumi animals

Can’t get enough of cute crochet critters? There’s loads to choose from in our list of amigurumi crochet animal patterns.

amigurumi hedgehog crochet pattern

Enjoy your small crochet projects

We’re big fans of working on epic crochet projects, but we’d always recommend working on some small crochet projects to switch things up.

Try hooking small projects when you’re on a train or away from home. Or have a couple of project bags on the go at once so you can choose to work on a crochet project that suits your mood.


Take a break by learning a new skill

As well as hooking up some quick crochet projects, why not also try expanding your skills with our library of crochet stitches on Gathered?


Matt SpiersDigital Assistant, Gathered

Matt Spiers is a crochet artist and designer who has been overseeing Gathered's crochet articles for over 2 years. He previously worked as Digital Assistant for Simply Crochet magazine and is our in house video editing pro. What started as a hobby a decade ago led to Matt developing a passion (and then a career) with crochet. As well as still regularly writing and designing for Simply Crochet magazine, Matt is a crochet artist in his own right, having displayed and created crochet installations at festivals and fibre events across the UK. You can keep up to date with Matt at @onemancrochet on Instagram.

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