It’s annoying running out of ideas for things to draw when you’re in a creative mood. You end up scrolling through Pinterest or Instagram, unable to pick a subject to sketch.


Sometimes the best way to get rid of creative block is to pick a simple drawing idea and get stuck in.

We’ve found lots of brilliant things to draw to spark your creativity, from cute animals to flowers and trees. There’s even a few Christmas projects to help you feel festive!

Find a range of easy drawings for you to try in this round-up. Many are suitable for kids and absolute beginners, while others require a little more skill.

All of the easy things to draw in this article include steps to guide you through the sketching process, so don’t be afraid to have a go even if you think it looks tricky!

Essential drawing materials

Before you start your drawing, stock up on essential sketching supplies.

Derwent Academy drawing pencils

It’s good to have a set of high-quality drawing pencils in your art stash. When it comes to drawing, the pencils you use can make all the difference.

Buy your pencils from a well-known brand such as Derwent, because they have a great reputation and are guaranteed to last for a long time.

This set contains a combination of pencils with hard and soft leads. Use H pencils for outlining and sketching or B pencils for shading and blending.

Derwent Academy colouring pencils

Adding colour brings your drawings to life! We love this Derwent Academy pencil set, which has a good selection of shades to choose from.

Their soft leads blend smoothly, letting you create beautiful gradients on your drawings.

Cartridge or mixed media paper

This thick cartridge paper works with drawing pencils or colouring pencils. It has an even surface that’s perfect for colouring and shading.

It’s a mixed media paper, so you can also use it with charcoal, pastels and watercolour paints.

Winsor & Newton putty rubber

Putty rubbers (sometimes called mouldable erasers) are really handy. They’re more effective at removing pencil marks than your average eraser.

As a bonus, they’re soft and can be shaped into a point for precision. You’ll wonder what you ever did without one!

Ready to start drawing? Read on to discover your next art project…

25 things to draw today

1. Make a magical mushroom drawing

Mushroom drawing

Nothing says autumn like a mushroom drawing! This iconic Fly Agaric mushroom looks amazing as part of a colourful woodland scene.

2. How to draw a rose

How to draw a rose

Roses look impressive and they’re a lot easier to draw than you think. In this rose drawing tutorial, we’ll show you how to build up layers of petals to create a stunning flower.

There’s a video tutorial packed with expert tips and tricks too!

3. Sketch your own spooky pumpkin drawing

How to draw a pumpkin

Get ready for spooky season by learning how to draw a pumpkin. Add your own creepy carved face or leave it blank if you want a classic autumnal pumpkin.

4. Draw your dog

How to draw a dog

Sometimes inspiration is right in front of you in the form of a beloved pet. Our how to draw a dog tutorial covers the basic techniques you’ll need to sketch your four-legged friend.

5. Get into out nature with a tree drawing tutorial

How to draw a tree

Practise your pencil shading skills and learn how to draw a tree. This easy project will help you to improve your blending and create a beautiful drawing at the same time.

6. Keep your pencil on the page

Continuous line drawing

If you want a quick exercise, try a continuous line drawing. There’s only one rule here: you can’t lift your pencil off the paper. Sounds easy? It’s harder than you think!

This is a fun activity to do with kids or as a warm-up exercise at the start of a drawing session. Learn more about continuous line drawing with Fine Art Tutorials.

7. Use pastels to produce an atmospheric landscape

Atmospheric pastel drawing
Creative Bloq

Landscapes are a great source of inspiration because they are ever-changing. You can draw or paint the same scene over and over again and make it different each time.

Pastels are perfect for landscapes, because you can sketch a scene very quickly and add blocks of colour with ease. Learn how to draw an atmospheric landscape with this Creative Bloq guide.

8. Draw a vibrant butterfly

Butterfly drawing

Butterflies are a lot of fun to draw! There are hundreds of different species to inspire your art, so you could draw a different one each time.

In this butterfly drawing guide, illustrator Jesse Hodgson will show you how to build up rich shades using coloured pencils.

9. Calling all cat lovers

How to draw a cat

If you’re a cat lover, this how to draw a cat guide is made for you! Learn the basic techniques of cat drawing and have a go at creating a picture of your favourite feline.

10. Try your hand at stippling


Stippling is the art of creating drawings using tiny dots. It’s a relaxing technique that will give you a better understanding of how to use light and shade in your art.

Get into stippling with Matt Breen’s beginner’s guide and create your own stylish apple drawing.

11. Let it snow

Snowflake drawing

Every snowflake is unique, so you can easily add your own twist to this frosty snowflake drawing tutorial. Enjoy filling a page with every snowflake shape you can imagine.

12. How to draw a marble

How to draw a marble
Art is Fun

This how to draw a marble tutorial from Art is Fun is a real masterclass. By the end of the tutorial, you’ll be able to draw a realistic marble that stands out from the page.

13. Get messy with charcoal

Charcoal drawing

Charcoal has a reputation for being messy (and it can be!), but charcoal drawing is lots of fun if you want a break from pencil drawing.

Prevent smudging by working from the top of your page to the bottom and use fixative spray to seal the drawing when you’re done.

Stock up on art supplies

If you love drawing and painting, watercolor pencils allow you to enjoy the best of both worlds. Give it a go with our watercolor pencils for beginners guide.

14. Invent your own cartoon characters

Cartoon drawing

If you’ve ever wanted to create your own cartoon characters, animals are a good starting point. They can be expressive and full of personality!

Dream up your own cast of creatures with these creature art tips from Creative Bloq.

15. Sketch a retro Christmas tree

How to draw a Christmas tree

This festive project by Charlotte Kinson is full of nostalgic charm and would look brilliant on a Christmas card.

In this how to draw a Christmas tree lesson, you’ll be shown how to construct the shape of the tree and cover it with decorations.

16. Take flight with a bird drawing

How to draw a bird

Looking for more challenging things to draw? This bird drawing tutorial will show off your drawing skills.

All of the steps are clear and easy to follow, making it simple to produce an impressive drawing.

17. Create textures with cross hatching

Cross hatching
Fine Art Tutorials

Cross hatching involves overlapping shading in different directions. This pencil shading technique can create wonderful textures. It’s a good method to use for rustic drawings with lots of character.

Explore the art of cross hatching with Fine Art Tutorials.

18. Get festive with a cute Santa drawing

How to draw Santa

This adorable Santa drawing is easy enough for beginners to attempt. He’s designed by illustrator Esther Curtis, who shares helpful tips to guide you.

19. Discover how to draw a horse

How to draw a horse

Create your own majestic horse drawing with Holly Spanner’s step-by-step tutorial. Learn how to build up the horse’s body and how to get the proportions right.

20. Draw a terrific tiger

How to draw a tiger

This one’s for more experienced artists or anyone looking for an intricate drawing project. This how to draw a tiger lesson goes into incredible detail, but the finished drawing is truly striking.

21. Reach for the fruit bowl

Pineapple drawing
Fine Art Tutorials

You don’t need to look far for inspiration! Sometimes the fruit bowl is far enough. In this clever pineapple drawing workshop from Fine Art Tutorials, you’ll learn how to sketch the spiky fruit in five easy steps.

22. Find inky inspiration

Ink drawing

Inks are very popular with illustrators for their bold, luminous colours. They can be used to produce free-flowing drawings that are full of life. As a bonus, you can also paint using inks.

Take a look at our ink drawing for beginners guide to explore this expressive medium for yourself.

23. Pick up a pen and doodle

Pexels/Alena Koval

Most people have absent-mindedly doodled at some point in their lives, usually during a boring class or work meeting. Doodling is a great way to get into a creative state of mind and let your imagination run wild.

Take a pen and fill up your page with hearts, swirls and random patterns.

24. Experiment with patterns

Repeating pattern
Design Sponge

Ever wondered how to create a repeating pattern? This is a useful skill if you’ve ever wanted to design your own wallpaper or textiles. You don’t even need a computer to try this technique!

Find out how to make a repeating pattern with Julia Rothman.

25. Sketch fantastic foliage

Leaf drawing
Eugenia Hauss

Leaves are very enjoyable to draw, especially in the autumn when you can add lots of fiery tones. Once you’ve learnt the basic technique, you can draw any leaf with confidence.

Discover how to make your own beautiful leaf drawing with Eugenia Hauss.

Easy things to draw when you’re feeling uninspired

Breaking out of your creative block can be a struggle, especially when you can’t decide what to draw. Trying something new can help you to get a fresh perspective and rediscover your passion for drawing.

The good news is that there are lots of brilliant ideas to try, from our cute dog drawing tutorials to our stunning rose drawing project. You’ll soon have your artistic mojo back!

Beat boredom with a new watercolor painting project

If you’re not in the mood for drawing, a painting session could be just what you need. Watercolors are incredibly versatile and can be used to create amazing art very quickly.


Pick up your brush and start painting with Gathered’s best watercolor painting ideas.


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