The nights are darker, the weather chillier and the leaves have fallen in their oranges, reds, and yellows. Do you know what that means? It's fall! There's so many things we love about fall – pumpkin carving, spiced cookies, Halloween... but our favourite thing has to be fall decor. There's nothing quite like introducing the colours of the season into your home. Whether it's through a chunky knit blanket or a tartan duvet cover, the colours of autumn bring cosiness to an otherwise dark month. To help you get as excited as we are about fall decor we have uploaded loads of seasonal decor projects to Gathered which cover everything from Halloween wreath ideas to autumn cross stitch charts. But today we're covering fall wreath ideas!


Fall wreaths are an absolute staple for autumn and they come in all sorts of shapes, styles and colours. The first thing to consider when choosing a fall wreath to buy or make is whether you need it to be waterproof. Traditional wreaths are hung on the front door and even if you have a porch, are still exposed to the elements. Foliage fall wreaths are the most naturally weatherproof but you can hang other types outside as long as you finish them with a varnish. For a more natural foliage fall wreath head to the woods and pick up leaves, pinecones, conkers and holly to decorate with. If you want a more floral wreath then we'd recommend saving a photo of the wreath you want to make and take it to your local florist (head to our floristry supplies guide to pick tools you'll need to craft your wreath). However, if you're looking for an indoor fall wreath (they can be hung from inside doors, in windows or on walls) you can be more flexible with your materials. You can make fall wreaths from yarn, paper, felt, anything you can get your hands on!

We've included a huge range of fall wreath ideas in this blog so you're bound to fit one that suits your skills and home decor. Pre-bought fall wreaths can be really expensive and often making your own is a more affordable option. Plus handmade always looks better in our opinion! We've selected a range of DIY's at different price points to help you make a fall wreath that doesn't break your budget. Raid your stash, upcycle some old embroidery hoops or head to the charity shops to collect your fall wreath materials then follow these tutorials to make your own. Before we show you our fall wreath ideas we're going to run you through some of the essentials you'll need!

Fall wreath supplies

Wire frame

Fall wreath supplies wire frame

Buy it now from Amazon

For most of the fall wreath ideas in our round-up, you will need a sturdy wireframe to create your design. This two-pack of wireframes is perfect (you could use the other to make a DIY winter wreath) for attaching foliage and it's affordable too. The separate sections of the frame make it easy to space out your design and plan where you want each piece of your foliage. The wireframe is heavy and stable enough to hold heavier/more foliage allowing you to create a fuller, more intricate fall wreath. For lighter materials like crochet or paper, you can use foam frames however wireframes are also weatherproof making them ideal for your front door. Plus you can reuse them! When you decided to take down your fall wreath simply pop your foliage in the compost bin, give the wireframe a rinse and store ready for next year's design.

Green florists wire

Green florists wire fall wreath ideas

Buy it now from Amazon

The second essential item you need for fall wreath making is wire. There's a huge range of coloured wire on the market so you can choose a colour that blends best with your design but if you're making a traditional foliage wreath then this green is a great option. Like your wireframe, this florist wire is waterproof and durable so as long as you keep the wire tight around your foliage and frame it should withstand windy weather. This reel of wire is 35 meters worth of materials which is more than enough to make a fall wreath. You'll probably even have some leftovers for next year! This wire is not only useful for foliage designs but for crochet/knitting too. Slip a little into your designs and attach to your foam or wireframe for a more sturdy hold.

Florist shears

Florist shears fall wreath ideas

Buy it now from Amazon

A good pair of shears should be a staple in everyone's gardening and craft kit. These sharp, rust-resistant, stainless steel shears are perfect for fall wreath making and the bright yellow handles mean you won't lose them! You'll need shears to cut flower stems, branches and other foliage down to your wireframes size. Kitchen scissors simply won't do the job and shears will give you a cleaner, more even cut making your wreath look much neater. You can also use your shears to cut the pieces of wire you'll need to wrap around your foliage. We'd also recommend buying a thick pair of gardening gloves as spiky holly leaves and rough branches can be tough on soft hands.


fall wreath decorations

Buy it now from Amazon

And now for the fun bit, decorations! Amazon has a huge range of fall-themed items that will give your foliage base an extra edge. We love this pack which comes with everything from cinnamon sticks to mini acorns. They're also much easier to use than natural acorns thanks to the wire attachments which allow you to easily attach them to your wire base. You can use the twine to hang your wreath or to cover any wire that peeks through and the oranges give a real autumnal edge to even the most basic designs. Amazon also sells some really sweet mini pumpkin decorations and artificial leaves which will be much more long-lasting than their natural counterparts.

43 Fall wreath ideas

1. Autumnal leaf wreath

How to make a autumn wreath - landscape

Represent all the fallen leaves in all their shapes and sizes with Holly Spanner's autumn wreath. We have loads of fall wreath ideas here on Gathered including the tutorial for Holly's wreath!

2. Rustic Woven Fall Wreath

Rustic Woven Fall Wreath ideas

Just That Perfect Piece has some great rustic fall wreath ideas on their blog. We especially love this woven wreath that's made from thin manila rope.

3. Simple fall wreath

DIY Fall wreath

Becki Clark is the queen of fall wreath ideas and this one is just as beautiful as the rest. Make her DIY fall wreath from foraged finds and hang it proudly on your door.

4. Ombre fall wreaths

Ombre fall wreath ideas

Fall wreaths don't have to follow the traditional palette. Damask Love shows you how to incorporate modern pops of colour in her ombre wreath tutorial.

5. Natural pinecone fall wreath

Natural pinecone fall wreath ideas

Use the natural world to create your fall wreath. The Inspirational Board has some great eco-friendly fall wreath ideas like this easy pinecone one.

6. Embroidery hoop fall wreath

Embroidery hoop fall wreath ideas

Upcycle old embroidery hoops into fall wreaths with Love Create Celebrate's free tutorial.

7. Paper fall wreath

How to make a thanksgiving wreath

With all the yellow tones of autumn, Becki Clark's Thanksgiving wreath is a beautiful addition to your fall decor. Just make sure this one stays hanging inside!

8. Wooden bead fall wreath

Wooden bead fall wreath ideas

Lolly Jane's supersized fall wreath is a thing of beauty! Hang her wreath on your porch to wow your guests.

9. Apple spiced fall wreath

diy-apple-spice-fall wreath ideas

Bring the scent of fall into your autumnal decor with Home Talk's spiced apple wreath tutorial. Fall wreaths have never smelt so good.

10. Burlap fall wreath

Burlap fall wreath ideas

Grillo Designs is the home of affordable fall wreath ideas. This burlap version by Laurar from OHANALEE is super simple to recreate and obly uses a few materials.

11. Orange and red berry fall wreath

Easy DIY Fall Wreath ideas

Another super simple fall wreath for you! To Simply Inspire uses a mix of orange and red berries to achieve this natural looking wreath.

12. Felt leaves fall wreath

Felt leaves fall wreath ideas

Fall wreath ideas that are also stash busters? Yes please! Craft Dreaming in DIY's felt wreath for a modern take on a classic wreath.

13. Pumpkin fall wreath

pumpkin fall wreath ideas

Combine your love of pumpkins and fall wreaths with On Sutton Place's tutorial. The fake pumpkins will last forever and allow you to hang this from your door year after year. If you're interested in making and decorating your own pumpkins then check out our pumpkin painting ideas.

14. Reclaimed wood fall wreath

Reclaimed wood fall wreath ideas

For the more minimalist crafters, Lovely Etc has the fall wreath for you. She shows you how to turn old wood into this sleek wreath that can withstand all weather.

15. 15 minute fall wreath

leave fall wreath

Design Improvised boasts of being the go-to place for quick fall wreath ideas and they're completely right! Their tutorial for this fall leaf wreath takes 15 minutes to assemble and all the materials needed can be bought from the craft store.

16. Crescent moon fall wreath

Crescent moon fall wreath ideas

Hunker is the place to go for more unique fall wreath ideas and this tutorial is no exception. Follow their tutorial for this cool crescent moon wreath and make your own!

17. Crochet pumpkin wreath

Use your crochet skills to make MJs Off The Hook's fall wreath. Use our free crochet pumpkin pattern to make your pumpkins then turn them into a wreath using MJ's Youtube video.

18. Woodland fall wreath

Woodland fall wreath ideas

Represent all creatures great and small with Sand & Sisal's elegant fall wreath. How cute is that little squirrel!

19. Cornhusk fall wreath

Corn husk fall wreath ideas

Designed Improvised is back with more fall wreath ideas! Make their corn husk fall wreath if you're aiming for more neutral autumn decor.

20. Mini pumpkin fall wreath

Mini pumpkin fall wreath ideas

More felt wreath ideas for those of you that love to have fun with felts. Lia Griffith shows you how to make this very sweet mini fall wreath that's complete with tiny pumpkins.

21. Acorn fall wreath

Acorn and pinecone fall wreath ideas

Gather up the acorns, pinecones, and conkers and use them to make Craft Invaders a sustainable fall wreath.

22. Felt mushroom fall wreath

Mushroom fall wreath ideas

Everyone needs a mushroom, cottagecore style fall wreath in their lives! Bugs and Fishes free templates to sew your own autumnal toadstools.

23. Dried fruit fall wreath

Dried fruit fall wreath ideas

You can almost smell the spices and scents of this fall wreath through the screen! Hearth and Vine show you how to construct this dried fruit wreath.

24. Rag fall wreath

Rag fall wreath ideas

Raid your fabric stash and make House of Hawthornes rag wreath. We love the homemade, country cottage feel it has.

25. 3D mushroom fall wreath

3D mushroom fall wreath ideas

Jamie Photo's Animal Crossing inspired fall wreath is so cute you'll want to keep it out all year round. Head over to their Youtube channel for the tutorial and for more fall wreath ideas.

26. Modern fall wreath

Modern fall wreath ideas

Go modern with Love Create Celebrate's fall wreath. This understated wreath could be kept up all autumn and winter so is a great project to start this weekend.

27. Wheat fall wreath

Wheat fall wreath ideas

Three materials, one fall wreath. Wheat, wire, a frame, and The Art of Doing Stuff's simple tutorial are all you need to make this elegant wreath.

28. Photo frame fall wreath

Frame fall wreath ideas

Upcycle an old photo frame or picture into this vintage fall wreath with Confessions of a Serial DIYer's tutorial.

29. Dried hydrangea fall wreath

Dried Hydrangea fall Wreath ideas

Don't chuck away your old flowers, dry them out and turn them into a fall wreath instead! Better Homes & Gardens shows you how.

30. Colourful crochet fall wreath

Crochet fall wreath ideas

Yarnspirations have loads of crochet fall wreath ideas on their blog and this gorgeous pattern is free! Download the pattern and crochet yourself a new wreath.

31. Floral fall wreath

Floral Fall wreath ideas

Daisy Mae Belle's pretty fall wreath is packed with flowers and will suit any country home. Made from fake flowers it's suitable for hanging on your door all season long.

32. Loop yarn fall wreath

Loop yarn fall wreath ideas

Textured fall wreath ideas are one of our favourites because they bring an extra, cosy dimension to your autumnal decor. The Navage Patch shows you how to make this rich orange fall wreath on their blog.

33. Needle felt fall wreath

needle felt fall wreath ideas

If you're a lover of needle felting then this is the tutorial for you. Make The Magic Onions fall wreath from needle felted balls for a quick and easy DIY. Head over to our other needle felting projects for beginners for more fun DIYs.

34. Petal fall wreath

Petal fall wreath ideas

How gorgeous is this petal fall wreath from Hobbycraft? It's a fab transitional decoration made from a summer flower but in fall colours!

35. Macrame fall wreath

Macrame fall wreath ideas

Free macrame patterns that are also fall wreath ideas? Yes please! Marching North shows you how to make this boho wreath using a mixture of macrame and yarn. Head over to our basic macrame knots guide for help making the knots included in this project.

36. Pom pom fall wreath

pom pom fall wreath ideas

Buy it now on Etsy

We just love pom poms, they're so versatile. Boomade UK is selling this pom pom wreath over on their Etsy and we just love the autumnal colour palette.

37. Dollar Tree fall wreath

Dollar Tree fall wreath ideas

The Navage Patch is back again with another fun and affordable fall wreath idea. All the materials for this wreath can be found in the Dollar Store so it won't break the bank!

38. Berry fall wreath ideas

berry fall wreath ideas

This paired back fall wreath will look great both in and out of your home. Hobbycraft show you how to make this fall wreath over on their blog.

39. Purple and yellow fall wreath

Purple and yellow fall wreath ideas

We love the witchy colour palette of Darby Creek Trading's fall wreath. It gives Halloween vibes without being too obvious!

40. Peony fall wreath

Coffee & Cream Fall Peony Fall Wreath ideas

An easy way of making a fall wreath is by choosing a traditional wreath in an autumnal colour palette. Driven by Decor's cream and coffee coloured peonies give an understated fall vibe.

41. Paper flower fall wreath

Paper Flower Fall Wreath

Pretty Life Girls show you how to turn plain paper into a beautiful fall wreath! If you need some autumnal papers to make your wreath from then check out our free autumn scrapbook papers.

42. Apple embroidery hoop fall wreath

apple embroidery hoop fall wreath ideas

Fall wreath ideas that use household items are great for those of us with a tight budget. Instead of buying a wireframe why not use an embroidery hoop like Home Talk has?

43. Orange fall wreath

Orange fall wreath ideas

Autumn dried flower wreath kit

Even when the nights draw in and the weather gets colder, there's no reason you can't still enjoy a splash of colour! Which is why we love this gorgeous dried flower wreath kit which comes in gorgeous autumnal colours. The kit comes with full instructions and everything you need to make the wreath, including a wide variety of dried flowers and foliage so that you have a wreath that's full of interest and texture!

Buy the Autumn dried flower wreath kit on Etsy

autumn dried flower wreath kit

Upcycled Aluminium can leaf wreath tutorial

This is one of the winter wreath ideas that does require a bit of additional craft kit as it uses a Sizzix die cutting machine, but if you're really determined (and with a bit of patience) we think you could still make this Upcycled Aluminium can leaf wreath by using a leaf template and some metal snips. What really caught our eye was the use of alcohol inks on the aluminium cans, which creates an amazing effect.

Check out the Upcycled Aluminium can leaf wreath tutorial here

Aluminum Can Leaf Wreath Tutorial

The final wreath in our fall wreath ideas round up is this bold orange one! 2 Bees in a Pod show you how to make this amazing wreath over on their blog.


We hope you enjoyed our fall wreath ideas! For more fun, autumnal projects head to our free autumn crochet patterns and our 30 Halloween sewing projects to make this autumn.


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