What's the one craft staple everyone needs in their stash? Mod Podge! Recently Mod Podge has been getting all the love it deserves and we're seeing some brilliant projects being made with it. You can make, upcycle and refashion almost anything with Mod Podge and it's quickly become an essential for us. If you're new to the world of Mod Podge and decoupage then we're here to help. We've created a mini-guide to explain what it is, why it's great and where you can buy it. We've also included a step by step tutorial on how to use your Mod Podge to help you master this new medium.


Once you've got to grips with your Mod Podge it's time to craft. We've collected over 20 free creative tutorials so you can experiment and create something amazing. Keep scrolling to learn all you need to know about Mod Podge...

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What is Mod Podge?

Mod Podge is a type of glue which includes a sealer and finish in its formula. The three in one product is a decoupage medium that's stronger than your typical PVA glue. This makes it perfect for sealing designs and ensuring they don't fade with time or become damaged. Due to its strength and inclusion of sealer and finish, you can use it on a huge range of surfaces including wood, glass, ceramics and more.

We love Mod Podge because it can be used for so many different craft projects. No longer do you need glue, varnish and sealant bottles when crafting, you just need your Mod Podge! We've used Mod Podge for projects such as our decoupage a tin and découpage box.

Where to buy Mod Podge and other materials

Mod Podge

modge podge glue

First off you'll need your Mod Podge. You can buy Mod Poge from a range of stores both online and on the high street. Hobbycraft and many local craft stores will stock it as well as Amazon, eBay and Plaid.

More like this

There's so many different types on the market so it's important to plan your projects before you buy. There's eight Mod Podges with different finishes – matte, antique matte, gloss, sparkle and more. You can also choose Mod Podge which is designed for outdoor projects and Mod Podge that's dishwasher safe. If you're working on large projects like furniture you can buy 1 gallon of Mod Podge! Since it's an all in one sealer, glue and finisher you won't need any other liquids just your materials to decorate with and some brushes.

Mod Podge starter set

Modge Podge starter set

If you're unsure what projects you want to work on then this starter kit is a great option. It comes with six small Mod Podges in sparkle, paper matte, original gloss, original matte and outdoor.

Mod Podge brush

Modge Podge brushes

Once you've got your Mod Podge you need some tools to apply it. You can use any kind of paintbrush for this but Mod Podge does sell its own range of brushes and sponges. These sponge brushes are great because they're gentle and won't damage your design as you apply the Mod Podge on top.

Materials for decorating!

Decopatch papers

There's plenty of different materials you can use with your Mod Podge. One of the most popular is decoupage paper as it's light, pretty and great for layering. We have a complete découpage for beginners guide here on Gathered which includes where to buy decoupage paper if you want to choose that route. Mod Podge can also be used with wallpaper, normal paper, card, fabrics, photos and more. Or you could simply use paint and use your Mod Podge to seal the design.

How to use Mod Podge

One of the reasons we love Mod Podge is because it's so easy to use. Here's a little step by step guide on how to use your Mod Podge.

Step 1. Gather your materials:

    • Mod Podge
    • Decorating materials (fabric, papers, card)
    • Paintbrushes
    • Acrylic paint of your choice
    • The item you want to cover

Step 2. Prep your item by cleaning it and giving it a base coat of acrylic paint (in whatever colour you choose)

Step 3. Cut your decorating materials into whatever shapes or designs you like.

Step 4. Add a thin layer of Mod Podge to your item and place your material on top. Make you smooth out any bubbles.

Step 5. Add another thin layer on top and wait for it to dry

Step 6. Work your way around your item with the same method until you're happy with the finished design

Step 7. Once you've finished and ensured there are no bubbles finish with another thin layer of Mod Podge

21 Mod Podge ideas

Now you've got your materials and know the Mod Podge techniques it's time to make it! Here's over 20 fun Mod Podge ideas for you to make. We've also got some easy découpage ideas which you can use your Mod Podge with. They include a decoupage tray DIY and DIY tile coasters.

1. DIY Reusable water bottles

Water being poured into a reusable waterbottles which are decorated with colourful stickers

Customise plain water bottles with Handmade Charlotte's Mod Podge DIY. She shows you how to make these cute designs and seal them onto your bottles with Mod Podge. They're dishwasher safe too!

2. Upcycled jewellery box

A gold glass jewellery box with a marbled effect next to modge podge

How pretty is this upcycled jewellery box by Jessie Pniewski? They show you how to turn a napkin and some Mod Podge to make this pretty marbled box. Plaid has tons of Mod Podge ideas on their blog to head over for even more projects.

3. DIY lampshade

DIY lampshade

Give plain old lampshades a new lease of life with Better Homes & Gardens. They show you how to turn flowery fabric into a bespoke lampshade.

4. Flower pressing

pressed flower DIY with Modge Podge

Preserve your spring blooms with Mod Podge. Instructables show you how to make these sweet paperweights but you could use Mod Podge to attach your flowers to any surface. You can learn how to press flowers here on Gathered.

5. Upcycle trays

Two trays with colourful flowery fabric inside them

Doddle Craft Blog has some brilliant Mod Podge ideas. We especially love the use of old fabric to upcycle these stacking trays! How fun would these be to serve garden drinks on?

6. Transfer photos with Modge Podge!

Transfer your favourite photos onto wood, plastic and other materials using your Mod Podge. It's a wonderfully easy method of photo transferring and The Crazy Craft Lady shows you just how to do it. She shows you how to transfer photos on wood in her Youtube video. You really can do anything with Mod Podge.

7. DIY plant pots

Modge Podge plant pots with striped pots and cactuses inside

Turn plain plant pots into colourful beauties with Tell Love and Party's free tutorial. You can use spare tissue paper, fabrics or decoupage paper for this DIY. Check out our other upcycled plant pot project too.

Pet Silhouette Gallery Wall with mod podge

Capture your pet's glory with Plaid and Mod Podge! They show you how to make these cool silhouettes from paper and Mod Podge. Looking for some pretty papers to make your pet silhouette with, use our patterned papers.

9. Watercolour mug upcycle

a hand holding a watercolour mug

We love I Spy DIYs pretty watercolour mug project. They use the dishwasher safe Mod Podge too so these are safe for use.

10. Upgrade your keys

Four keys with different coloured tops

Creme De Le Craft shows you how to use your Mod Podge to make your keys prettier. It's a brilliant stash buster project allowing you to use up tiny scraps of paper and fabric.

11. Draw handle update

Colourful draw knobs

This project by A Piece of Rainbow will give your home an expensive-looking update at a budget price. Choose some beautiful papers (like our free Moroccan tile papers) and use your Mod Podge to finish them off.

12. Colourful alphabet letters

mod podge colourful alphabet letters

Easy and quick bedroom decor, these giant alphabet letters are super easy to make. Use Mod Podge Rocks' tutorial and make your own.

13. DIY Mod Podge sneakers

DIY Mod Podge Sneakers

Mod Podge on clothing? Yes, please! The Shabby Tree has a sneaker tutorial that you're going to love. The possibilities are endless when it comes to Mod Podge. For more refashion projects head over to our upcycle clothes ideas round-up.

14. Alcohol vase

Purple watercolour style glass Vase

Did you know you can use your Mod Podge with alcohol ink? After mixing them together you'll get a beautiful marbled effect. Plaid's blog shows you how to do this and how to make this pretty vase.

15. Confetti tray

Confetti tray

Serve guests with this fun confetti tray and add a pop of colour to your party. Mod Podge Rocks is a blog full of Mod Podge ideas including this confetti tray DIY.

16. Halloween puppy bandana

Halloween Puppy Bandana Mod Podge ideas

Give your pup a spooktacular makeover with Plaid's free tutorial. You could use this tutorial to make a whole bunch of seasonal bandanas for your pup; Christmas, Easter, you name it you can make a bandana for it. Mod Podge ideas for dogs are the best! Why not make a matching dog bow tie or dog coat?

17. Fabric accented spoons

Fabric accented spoons project mod podge ideas

Add a touch of pizzaz to your serving spoons with Momtastics free tutorial.

18. Mosaic art

Circular Mosaic art

Make your own mosaics with Mod Podge. Mod Podge Rocks have an in-depth tutorial which features several different mosaic designs for you to make.

19. DIY drink coasters

Four drink coasters

Spoon Flower has a DIY coaster tutorial that's perfect for drink lovers. These fun cocktail coasters would make great gifts.

20. Autumn jar DIY

Orange autumn leaves on glowing mason jars

Use your Mod Podge to make some autumnal decor. Gather up the falling leaves and turn them into glowing tea light jars with Cuz I Use Pinterest's tutorial. If you enjoy this project check out our mason jar crafts and autumn craft ideas.

21. Christmas Eve box project

Christmas eve box mod podge ideas

Give your Christmas Eve box an update with Plaid's Mod Podge tutorial. Add names, photos and decorative extras to give it a special personalised touch. Read our Christmas Eve box ideas to discover some fun bits and bobs.


We hope you've found some inspiration with our Mod Podge ideas! For more fun and free projects head over to our crystal crafts round-up and our free macrame patterns.


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